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Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Sunblock/Sunscreen Yadah

Review: Yadah Oh My Sun Block SPF35 PA++, Decent UV Ray Protection yet Light-Weight and Non-Greasy Finishing

I’m sure you are well aware of the brand Yadah by now. How can we miss it with the cute and catchy theme right? 🙂 Perhaps due to the cartoony character mascot, many are not aware that Yadah’s range of beauty products is actually for teens and young adults. That means you and I are the target user for Yadah.

So who exactly is the red hair girl that is always associated with the brand Yadah? Her name is none other than Yadah! Yadah was created as a brilliant girl, witty and optimistic, strong and loyal and she’s often seen with her pet alien Yom Yom. Yadah also have a birth date. Do look out for special promotion somewhere in the month of May because Yadah’s birthday falls on the 3rd of May 🙂 . Now the pet alien. Yom Yom is actually bigger than Yadah in size although he’s a pet. He’s an alien with super high IQ, extremely loves to eat (which pet doesn’t?), sticks to Yadah like a glue and he’s actually forced to land on earth due to space travel mishap LOL.

There you have it. A short but interesting story on Yadah and her pet alien Yom Yom. My first encounter with Yadah was last year when Yadah invited me over for an exclusive preview on Anti-Trouble Series, Lip Tint Balm and Lovely Lip Gloss, which you can read about it at this link. This year Yadah added a few new makeup products into their existing range but the most recent new product would be this Oh My Sun Block.

Yadah Oh My Sun Block 1
No price for guessing what does this product do. Based on the straightforward product name, you’ve guessed it right. It’s a sun block. Currently Yadah only have one sun block under their belt which is the Sun Cream SPF40 PA++. I’m not a fan of that because of the scent and also the stickiness thereafter so I’m quite glad when Yadah came out with Oh My Sun Block.

Event Yadah

Yadah Exclusive Preview on Anti-Trouble Series, Lip Tint Balm & Lovely Lip Gloss

Most people when they see Yadah they would mistaken Yadah for younger age. But did you know that’s not true? I’m guilty too cause I’m one of the most people. I knew about Yadah since last year when they were launched in Malaysia. I sucks at cute packaging. It’s like a magnet pulling you over but because I had mistaken the brand for younger generation and that it’s not suitable for my skin, I stay away from the brand.

Last week I had the opportunity to get to know more about Yadah. You bet I jumped right in. Together with SaSa, Yadah gave us an exclusive preview of their 2 new range; Anti-Trouble Series and Lip Series that consist of lip balm – Lip Tint Balm and lip gloss – Lovely Lip Gloss.

The preview is held at SaSa Bangsar Shopping Centre outlet. When I reached the outlet main entrance I was greeted with these cute and striking standees. Make me feel like I’m 10 years younger 🙂