The One Time I was Sucked Into Naka Kirei Enzyme Hype

Naka Kirei Enzyme 1
Are you one of the people who got sucked in with Facebook ads? I never do until the Naka Kirei Enzyme ad came out and it created lots of hype around it. So I did a little digging on my own because I was super curious with the whole enzyme thing and how it can help with the wellness on the inside. As you know I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle and I’m wondering if my body is really lack of enzymes to help with whatever it is. I placed my order with one eye closed because of the price, which I’ll explain in a bit. When I talk about Naka Kirei Enzyme with my friends, I had a hard time explaining what it is. So I tell my friends that it’s something you pop half an hour before meal so that you don’t gain weight LOL. In a way it is what was claimed but the real fact is that it has more than just that.

What I Wore Vol. 6

H&M Polka Dot Dress
I went to a Guardian event recently dressed casually as it was a dull week and the event I assumed will going to be a quick one. I knew there will be lunch served after the event and this dress from H&M is a tight one but since I don’t eat that much, it doesn’t bother me. I thought I was dressed too casual until a few ladies told me I look pretty as soon as I reached the venue. I guess it’s a nice dress afterall, eh?

Here’s a funny story. I had a discount voucher from H&M for registering for their newsletter way before H&M Online came about. They gave me a 20% OFF voucher and it is only to be used for store purchase only. I went to H&M with an intention of picking up a dress, saw this polka dot wrap dress, tried it and I couldn’t decide if I want to get this particular size or one size larger. Reason is, this dress is not stretchable and the only way to get into the dress is from the bottom. My size (the one I’m wearing) looked way nicer but a size larger is more comfortable and easier to get in. I left the store without this dress as I couldn’t decide. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, I found this dress on sale but one size larger. After a few stores visit, I accidentally stumbled upon this dress again. I bought it without much thinking. It’s half the price and it’s my size 😛

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not 6
The basics in beauty such as facial cotton and cotton tips are never a topic or rather not spoken at all because it was often forgotten. Yes the products are the star of a show but I also believe the tools are equally important as well. I always stock up on facial cottons and makeup cotton tips whenever I see a deal at Guardian. Why Guardian? Because they happen to carry all three of my most used and favourite tool of all time! And no, this post is not sponsored by Guardian by the way LOL.

We often thought that in-house brands are not the best and so we like to avoid buying them and go for a more known brand instead. This is true to an extend and I do prefer to go for known brand most of the time, however I find it to be a different story when it comes to these facial cotton and cotton tips.

Clarins Opens World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 1
You girls know I have a soft spot for Clarins. I have seen Clarins’ evolvement over the years from their packaging revolution to reformulation of their best products turning into great products, new technology and science, and now evolving from departmental store beauty counter to standalone retail kiosk. And you know what? Clarins World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall is only 5-minutes away from me. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me 😀

I visit IOI City Mall almost every other day and I walk pass their newly opened retail kiosk all the time. They are strategically located in front of H&M. You won’t miss this bright kiosk in the middle of the walk way on the Ground Floor. They are on the same floor as every other beauty brand, which is a level where I named as the “beauty floor”.

Etude House Sunway Pyramid Flagship Store Opening + A Virtual Store Tour

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 1
Etude House is FINALLY here!

Wait a minute. *hand brake sound*. Hang on. Hold the horses. Isn’t Etude House been in Malaysia for years?!

Yes they are. In fact, Etude House in Korea is under Amore Pacific, the same company that has Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde and so on under the same umbrella. Over here in Malaysia, Etude House was under a different company. The suspicion of the fallout began when Etude House Facebook page name was changed to something else and it sent a notification to all their fans. Then rumours started to go around saying Amore Pacific actually took back Etude House. And then the massive clearance sale happened and fast forward to last month, the new Etude House was launched – grandly and successfully.