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Nu Skin ageLOC Me – The Future of Skin Care? My Brutally Honest Point-of-View

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I don’t normally go MLM product launch but this Nu Skin ageLOC Me got my beauty radar beeping like crazy. I went, hoping they would give me one but nah, no luck this time LOL 😛 . This is the one launch that does not give what they launched. Then I found out why. *psstt* It’s too expensive to give (said in sexy whisper voice).

Okay so why am I sooooooo intrigued with this Nu Skin ageLOC Me? At one glance, this is a machine that automatically dispenses your skincare! Not just that. It does a whole lot more. Interestingly, I learnt at the event that the ageLOC Me was launched a few years ago and until today, no one I repeat NO ONE copied and launch it. What happen to China?? It is either the machine is too hard to be copied or it is just too costly for the mortal market. I mean, a few thousands for a machine that customize and dispenses your skincare? Would you buy?