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LipIce Disney Tinted Lipbalm, Aren’t These Adorable?!

LipIce Disney Tinted Lipbalm 1
Urrgghh! Girls, they suck for pretty packaging and cute stuff. I am not exceptional either 😛 . When these LipIce Disney Tinted Lipbalm landed on my desk, I screamed just a little bit as I was unboxing the bubble wrapping. Sorry, too cute.

Now, I am not reviewing these cuties in the post as I need to finish up my billions of opened lip balm scattering all over my table, my bags, my cars, everywhere! So instead I am just going to tell you what these are and the price of them, aight? Who knows, you might see a review on this one day 😛

Beauty News: ShiKai from USA, The Latest Addition to TNS Skin Lab’s Natural Personal Care Selection

SHIKAI Products
I have been using ShiKai Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion for the past one week, which I’ll review that on later date but now, I’m going to tell you a little bit about ShiKai products from USA, which is the latest addition to TNS’s Lab’s selection of quality natural care products 😀

ShiKai, an American brand leader in natural body and hair care products since 1970 is know to be using natural ingredients combined with scientific knowledge to produce truly effective products that work as they claim. That is what sets them apart from every other competitor available. From the re-creation of possibly the world’s oldest shampoo (shikakai) to the cutting edge use of the omega-6 fatty acid, GLA, in its best selling Borage Therapy line. ShiKai has developed creative uses from nature for more effective natural solutions and products not found anywhere else, at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at what ShiKai has to offer.

The Body Shop New Firming Ritual with French Grape Seed Scrub and Indian Turtle Massager

The Body Shop French Grape Seed Scrub 1
Everyone loveeee a good pampering session. Some like the spa, I can’t do spa as I’m scared of being tickled. Everyone who touches me feels ticklish. No kidding! So I’m not able to enjoy spa like everyone else. But, I do like to have my own spa at home. With summer right around the corner, I am excited to know that The Body Shop introduced a fourth regime to their Spa of the World™ range, known as The New Firming Ritual. This one brings you back to the nature with its fruit extracts from forests and vines blend. Refined texture, invigorating fragrances and with uplifting regime to empower skin, body and mind.

Highly Anticipated H&M Beauty is Coming to Malaysia!

H&M Beauty Malaysia 1
You know what?

H&M Beauty is FINALLY coming to Malaysia this Fall 2017!

Last year I went to Singapore for Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence media launch and the one thing I have got to do is to check out the H&M Beauty over there. Paris B and I have been talking about going to our nearest H&M to take a look at this makeup line and we did! A few of us walked from our hotel St Regis all the way to Orchard to the largest H&M store (I think) lol. I can’t remember as it has been a year!

H&M Beauty covers a range of cosmetics, body and hair products. They do have EVERYTHING under the moon but what got us excited is none other than the makeup products. Of course. We are a beauty blogger. What else could get us all excited but makeup 😛 . It is said that there will be over 1,000 makeup, body and hair products within the range. Packaging remains the same signature base colours of ivory, black and gold. Previously H&M makeup brushes has its own space and now the beauty line will have a new space on its own in H&M stores. What about limited edition collections? Well, it will be launched from time to time too! Here’s what to expect from H&M Beauty Malaysia. Please take note that all the photos are taken under dim lighting so bear with me 😛

Clarins 5th Generation Multi-Active Skin Care Duo Target Non-Stop Skin Aging

Clarins Multi-Active Duo 2017
Anti-aging skincare has got to be my favourite topic, well besides brightening/whitening of course 😀 . If you’re in your 20s and you think “I’m too early to read all that”, think again. When you’re in your 20s, you should already be on the anti-aging bandwagon. You start young, you look even younger as you age. It’s proven. I’m not even kidding!

Ahhh Clarins. If you’ve been following me since day 1 you already know Clarins is how I started beauty blogging. I bought and used too much Clarins product that I started talking about it. It wasn’t long after I started using Clarins products that I was introduced to Multi-Active. At that point of time Multi-Active was my anti-aging skincare regimen. Within a blink of an eye, Clarins Multi-Active today is now on its 5th generation. Clarins has always been the brand that conduct a lot of research on how the skin work deep inside and what plant extract that are the best to target the issue. These days we talk about the millenial and it is all about stressful lifestyle that surrounded us. And Clarins Research team discovered that these stressful lifestyle actually affected the key cell responsible for youthful skin named the Fibroblast – a cell that ensure that our skin stays smooth and toned. The solution? An amazing Teasel plant extract combined with cutting-edge technology to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, to boost radiance overall and to promote youthful-looking skin.

KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian West – Hot Or Not?

KKW Beauty
Kim Kardashian West surprised us with the launch of her own beauty line – KKW Beauty just a few weeks ago. She had a big launch at her LA home where all beauty influencers in the industry were invited, which was to everyone’s surprise as Kim has been keeping her life more private after Paris robbery. The question is, is KKW Beauty hot or not?

I am a fan of Kim. Comparing now with her previous heavy makeup days, she is more focusing on healthy, beautiful skin. And I have been watching her videos on her putting on makeup. Her first product for KKW Beauty is Créme Contour and Highlight Kit, which reportedly 300,000 kits were sold out within a few hours. These products are made with one thing in mind; quick and easy makeup do.