#IWillBeOkay Beauty Fund Raising 1

#IWillBeOkay Beauty Fund Raising: Decluttering & Raising Fund For Fight Against Depression Awareness Campaign

This is a whirlwind idea I had last week as I was raising fund for #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign through the sale of excess #IWillBeOkay Trail Hike T-shirt and PUMA goodie bag (read here). In between my quarterly campaign, I thought why not slot in some ad hoc out of the blue fund raising initiative and at the same time make more space for my future shopping 🙂 . I may not have the money but I do have a lot of beauty products. My mini Sephora at home is getting out of hand and I am having a break down looking at it. I love my home Sephora and I also find it hard for me to part ways with them. Rather than giving it away randomly to friends and family who do not appreciate it as much as I do, I do hope I can sell it off and raise fund for my #IWillBeOkay campaign. Each bag is accompanied by my Limited Edition #IWillBeOkay jute bag, which I had it printed exclusively for my #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag. These are the last few bags I have. As usual, all profit goes to #IWillBeOkay fund which will help with future campaign and events. My lost is your gain!

Bag 1 – RM200 (worth RM966.50)

#IWillBeOkay Beauty Fund Raising 1

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#IWillBeOkay Fund Raising

#IWillBeOkay T-Shirt and PUMA Merchandize for Fund Raising

#IWillBeOkay Fund Raising
Last Saturday, 11th March I had my 3rd campaign #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign and it is a super fun trail run and hike at Bukit Kiara. More on that soon. I am still waiting for all the photos from two separate photographers.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike event was a success. I received nothing but encouragement, praises and positive feedback that it is a well-organized, fun and meaningful event. Everyone told me I should do more! I hope so too 🙂 . Despite five participants that could not make it, the turnout rate was good overall. So, I have some leftover T-shirt and merchandize to clear. All donations will go into existing #IWillBeOkay fund which will help with future campaigns and events.

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#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike : FREE Registration – 11 March 2017, TTDI Park at 7.30am

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike
#IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign is entering its third campaign and thanks to everyone’s support and feedback, I am finally going to have an event. As requested by you 🙂 .

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike is the first and probably the only event I am going to held for 2017, however the campaign, the awareness initiatives and fundraising will still continues with the usual online engagements. The reason why I wanted to have an actual event is because I want everyone who is battling with depression to know that you have the ability to get better and that you are not alone. I find sweaty, mind and physically challenging event like running, HIIT, hiking etc helped me tremendously. And so I want you to have or at least try the same experience as I had. It will be a morning of activities, fun and also to talk more on why engaging activities like this is important for those who are suffering from depression.

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A Year Ago 1

A Year Ago

A Year Ago 1
Here I am, feeling so much better from a week of viral fever and bronchitis, planning on doing nothing but just catch up with the news on the internet, go for a little bit of Boxing Day shopping as I have not been out of the house for days or even for coffee. I have not been writing for a few days and I kinda missed it. Since I have a bit of time to kill before I head out to deliver some #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag, immediately I knew what I want to update you with. Update on my battle with depression.

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#IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag 1

#IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign Beauty Bag: Now Open For Subscription

#IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag 1
I know what you are thinking. You must be thinking…the same park again Fiona? That’s right! #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag went for some sun bathing yesterday afternoon at the same park I run. I love the sun. Don’t you? 🙂

After months and months of preparing, I had a bitter sweet moment when I finally had #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag ready. It was supposed to be launched in August, then dragged to September, to October and November. Many have told me to just give up and that no sponsors will be supporting this but I proved them wrong. Despite the bad economy and how bad the retail economy has gone, there are still a handful of wonderful, caring, supportive, absolutely are warm-hearted about charity and generous people out there. #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag are made possible thanks to these amazing proud sponsors – Murad Malaysia, Physicians Formula Malaysia, TNS Skin Lab, Breena Beauty, Mini Mini Cafe, Clinivita, Parkson, Batiste Malaysia, and Watsons Malaysia.

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IWillBeOkay 3

#IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign

IWillBeOkay 3
#IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign is a non-profit project that I have been working on lately. After weeks of planning, preparation, and stress, it is finally launched 🙂

IWillBeOkay 4
I am not your conventional girl. I do not believe that it is a stigma to admit that you have depression. Last year when I came out openly talking about my depression, I gave a shock to everyone I know. To my friends, clients, readers or even family members, I am a cheerful, talkative, strong-will, fierce lady. “How is it possible you have depression? You are always cheerful!”, friends said. But often it is also this type of personality that depression like to creep into. I found out late. I know something is wrong with me but I did not know what. Until one day, where I wanted to end my life there and then, that a friend called me on the phone sensing I might be in trouble, telling me I have a serious problem. That I have depression. I told myself if I ever survive this I will not be any other person that do not talk about it. I always believe that being a blogger is not about how famous I can get or how many products I was sent and even how many event I go to. It is about changing other people’s life, it is about inspiring others and empowering them in a way. That is me. That is what I believe and has been doing. Thus Modern Mavens was born. People told me I should keep the whole depression thingy to myself only. I do not understand why I would want to do that IF I knew I can help others by speaking out about it. The issue I had was I did not even know I have depression because I did not know anything as no one talks about it. When I found out I have depression it was a tad bit too late. I did not want others to go through what I went through – not knowing you had depression due to lack of knowledge and understanding.

A month ago out of the blue I wanted to come out with my own T-shirt line. I did not know how to or what I am going to do about it. I just knew I have to do it. I wanted to give back to the community. Charity has been something I want to do more and focus on for 2016 onwards. Fast forward to today. #IWillBeOkay was born.

I believe it is important to educate and create an awareness on depression as well as to encourage those who are suffering from depression to seek the help they need. Through #IWillBeOkay campaign, I have created this T-shirt and all proceeds will go to All Women’s Action Society (also known as AWAM), an independent feminist organisation committed to end gender-based violence and upholding equality and rights for all.

IWillBeOkay 1
Sephora scene photoshoot was the hardest due to the crowd in the mall. I was not allowed to shoot a scene of me “browsing” in Sephora.


There are two T-shirt design up for sale for #IWillBeOkay campaign. The Black version with the quote “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness” (as you can see from the top) and a White version with the quote “Nothing Can Dim The Light That Shines From Within”. Both shirt will be selling for RM39.90 (worldwide shipping offered) and it comes in two different cutting – ladies slim fit cutting and unisex cutting. 100% of the proceeds goes to All Women’s Action Society (also known as AWAM), an independent feminist organisation committed to end gender-based violence and upholding equality and rights for all, an NGO which I have work with before for White Ribbon Run 2015.

IWillBeOkay 2
I am wearing ‘Nothing Can Dim The Light That Shines From Within’ in size S ladies cutting.


The whole photoshoot was not necessary but since it is afterall the launch of a life-long awareness campaign for something close to my heart, why not! The idea was to capture my everyday lifestyle. You know…beauty, coffee and of course running!

IWillBeOkay 6
Unisex cutting in Size SS


Both #IWillBeOkay T-shirt sale will be available for 2 weeks only – from 15th to 30th May 2016 at this link. It is at an affordable RM39.90 where 100% of the profits will be donated to AWAM. This launch will not be possible without the help from everyone at Teeyoot, from the Co-Founder, Business Development, Operations and many more. So let’s make this campaign a success and remove the stigma as well as to encourage those who are suffering from depression to seek all the support and treatment they need. Remember, it is OK not to feel OK. Recovery is not easy, I can tell you that. I slipped back into depression 2 weeks ago while planning for this campaign. But it is okay. As long as you take some time off from everything else and focus on yourself. I know talking is easy, trust me. I have been there and done that. I have chased so many people away when depression creeps in. After some time you will know what works and what’s not. If you need help, I am always an email away.

IWillBeOkay 5


#IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ T-shirt is available for a limited 2 weeks time only from 15th to 30th May 2016.

To Purchase:
https://www.teeyoot.com/iwillbeokay (unisex cutting), https://www.teeyoot.com/Iwillbeokay4 (ladies cutting).
https://www.teeyoot.com/Iwillbeokay2 (unisex cutting), https://www.teeyoot.com/Iwillbeokay3 (ladies cutting).

Price: RM39.90, worldwide shipping available as well