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Beauty News: SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand, works in tandem with SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream to deliver 3x more benefits

YAY! It’s finally here!

I first found out about the SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand after watching RAEview YouTube video where she went to Beijing for the launch / product discovery. She did mention that she have no idea when it will be launch in the US but it is launching very soon in the Asia. And now we have it already 😀

SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand v2
SK-II has discovered that consumers are concerned about eye aging as it shows the earliest and influenced their overall youthful look. Due to this fear, they turn to eye creams but do not experience much visible improvements in their skin. Now, the New SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand works in tandem with SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream to deliver 3x more benefits. The Magnetic Eye Wand that features first in-the-world magnetic eye care technology is said to boost penetration of ingredients in the SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream into skin for faster, greater and more controlled ingredient absorption.


Difference between applying STEMPOWER Eye Cream using Magnetic Eye Wand and fingers

SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand Demo
Can you see on the left the STEMPOWER Eye Cream is attracted to the magnetic wand?

In an experiment conducted, it is said that by using the SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand together with STEMPOWER Eye Cream, the tool is able to deliver 3x more Niacinamide (the key ingredient in STEMPOWER Eye Cream) into skin as compared to applying on skin using only fingers, firming up three critical areas around the eye. By using both the SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream and SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand together, it works by firming up the eye lid, eye corner and under eye, three critical areas to target for bigger, sharper and younger looking eyes and a younger looking face. Visible reduction of fine lines around the eye due to dryness can be seen after 10 days of usage. The Magnetic Eye Wand has also been stringently clinically-tested by the P&G Research & Development team to be safe for use. With its tri-magnetic technology, the Magnetic Eye Wand when moved over the face, induces a micro-electromagnetic field that further enhances the absorption of skincare ingredients.


Achieving 3-point eye firm-up with SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream

SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream was launched back in August 2014 and you can read all about the new eye cream at this link.

In a nutshell, SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream works to smoothen the appearance of wrinkles and even out the texture around the entire eye area. It helps to combat the signs of damage due to external factors such as UV, dryness and dust, and creates a bright-eyed looks that lasts for the entire day. I’ve learnt that it is a lighter version of eye cream as to compare with Skin Signature Eye Cream but slightly thicker than Facial Treatment Essence Eye. This makes the eye cream perfect for day and night use, better if paired with STEMPOWER Essence and STEMPOWER Cream 😀

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream
The STEMPOWER Eye Cream addresses each of these areas with the Stem-Acanax Eye Complex which comprises three potent ingredients:

  • STEMPOWER TRIO Active: A combination of Concentrated Pitera™, Stem Acanax and Artichoke Extract, this cocktail improves skin’s plumpness and boosts radical firmness and inner resilience.
  • PAL-VB Complex: This specially formulated ingredient promotes production of skin’s structural protein that is important for skin’s elasticity and wrinkle resilience.
  • Lupine-Alfalfa Extract: This aids in preventing sagging of eye-bags.


How To Use

Some of you might be worried that an extra tool means extra work. Actually no. It’s the same as applying with fingers. Just that you substitute your fingers with the Magnetic Eye Wand 🙂

SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand Application Steps v2

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit

The new SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand comes free with purchase of SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream (15g @ RM367) from 1st January – 15th February 2015. From 16th February onwards to June 2015, the Magnetic Eye Care kit comprising the Magnetic Eye Wand and STEMPOWER Eye Cream (15g) is available at RM449.

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