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  • Hi Fiona,

    i came across your blog for this coming staff sales estee lauder. And i dont have tickets at this moment. Was wondering if you happen to have extra tickets? As i would like drop in and have a look see what is on sale this year 2016.

    Thanks alot and your blog is very informative. keep up the good work and i enjoy reading your blog!

    have a good week ahead.


    • HI Alina,

      I’ve no information of this year’s sale yet. Not even sure if I’ll be getting tickets.

      Note: I’ve edited out your phone number as it is dangerous to have it displayed 🙂

  • Hi Fiona:

    I have a friend who is interested in Crystal Tomato product line ( cream and pills ), do you have any idea where in USA ( SF area ) can I get the product.


    • Hi Bill,

      I have no idea at all. Please contact Crystal Tomato directly on this.

  • Hi,
    It says on your website that the ‘I will be okay metafit’ program registration ends yesterday. I was wondering if the registration may be extended? Pls do let me know before I make my payment pls. Thank you.

    • Hi Elina,

      Yes it is still open. I’ve replied your email as well. Thanks.

      • Thank you, Fiona!!


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