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Modern Mavens Founder Fiona Loh
I’m just a simple girl from Malaysia who like everything to be the simplest possible but I have big ambition in life. I spent the first few years learning and working in Corporate Finance until a good friend of mine offered me a different career path that changed my whole life. Five years ago I found my career path in publishing specializing in automotive and I’m living it now with no regrets and turning back.

Being in a publishing line exposed me to great chances of meeting lots of extraordinary people in the industry. I’ve always love cars. But I also have huge interest in the girly girl world; beauty and fashion. That’s when I started blogging. Blogging about beauty keeps me sane and balance from my Monday to Friday job. Now my life is perfect.

Beside the love for cars and beauty related. I get myself involve in charity whenever I’m can. When I retire in the future I wanted to help Jill Robinson of ANIMALS ASIA to save the Moon Bears. But now I have my own charity – #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign.

I started blogging as a diary not expecting anyone would have interest to know what I buy, why I buy it or how do I feel about the product. As everyone is doing a haul review, I thought I can do that too. Then I started to review japanese magazine freebies which was so in trend in 2010. Slowly I moved to beauty haul and review. Voilà. This is where I am now.


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  • I’m so happy for you, you already on the right career path. you are so lucky !!

    Today i was so moody when i sitting in the office thinking of my “career” path. Im a fresh grad, and standing at the T junction, “where should i go?” 🙁 While day-dreaming, thought of my sunblock is finishing soon, wanted to do on a research on what sunblock should i re-stock later during my lunch time. accidentally, i dropped at your blog. thanks for the good sharing. xoxo

    • Hi winniequeennie,
      I was lost choosing career path for the first 10 years of my working life. I didn’t know what I want or rather which job fits me. I’m that type that keep on getting either (1) evil bosses, (2) bad company, (3) nasty colleagues and so on. It was an unplanned and sudden decision to go for an interview for an unexpected job that met me with my real passion, what I’m good with and what I can do best. So don’t plan or think too much. There’s so much we can plan but everything will be laid out once we taken the steps 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed reading all the reviews and random sharing hehe <3

  • Dear Miss Enthusiast,
    Sorry, I didn’t get your name. I wish you a prosperous future in whatever or all the fields that you seem to have interest in.
    It is a pity no one is doing Dermablend for Malaysia. The one who did earlier, in KL, is doing some other cosmetics now.
    I use this for some friends.
    Is it possible for you to give me instructions as to how I may order the cover creams?
    I need Chroma 7 (Deep Brown) and chroma 1 3 /4 (sand beige).(28 Gm jars)
    Hope you can respond soonest.
    Dr. Jinnah

    • The distributor in Malaysia does have other businesses, not just Dermablend. Everyone does. So it is normal. Perhaps you can drop by their Facebook page and drop them a message on this?


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