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Sampling Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013

Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013_5
Somewhere early or middle this year I redeemed a Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013 from Isetan KLCC counter but I couldn’t recall where I get the info from. The only thing I remember is being excited about it and rushed to redeem the sample kit mainly because I was interested with the serum+ and of course the mask as well.

The Perfect Whitening Kit has been sitting in my stash drawer comfortably, up until a few days ago where I took it out while cleaning the drawer. I’ve ran out of whitening serum and this sample kit is just perfect :D. I give credit to counter brands that came out with such a nicely done and complete sample kit. This Shiseido one although comes in a simple cardboard leaftlet-like, at least they put in effort and not just giving the sample out as it is. I also managed to get this sample kit without any issue or whatsoever from the friendly BA. They are well aware of the sampling exercise and I was not badly treated at all eventhough I wasn’t buying anything.