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“Songs To Play When You’re Down and Out” – A Clozette Feature

Clozette Tune Out Songs To Play When You're Down and Out
If you ever get into my car, you will hear me apologizing the minute you get in all the way till we reach the destination. That is because my choice of music genre is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, not everyone’s cup of tea to be precise.  I was friends with Slyde of Poetic Ammo back then (he has since formed Dragon Red) since I was 14. I remember I asked him about rap music, as he’s a rapper who had won several music awards ICYMI. He told me about a genre called black rap. It’s a rap that swears from top to bottom lol. I find it amusing but I could never understand a word. Then I found the music genre that I like, and that is hip hop as well as R&B.

When Clozette approached me for my playlist. I panicked. How do I put out my playlist when there’s too many mention of F, P, D, C and so on? Lucky for me, I have another playlist which consists of songs I listen to when I run. Funny enough, I run with more mellow songs. Chill R&B as I called it. Some songs are not even R&B at all. They’re just songs I discovered on Spotify and I totally love it. I bet you wouldn’t have figure out that I like Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft, eh? 😀

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In The Media: Malay Mail 26th March 2016 Interview on Selfie

Malay Mail No Pain No Gain Selfie Interview March 2016
Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies

A few days ago Sabrina B from Malay Mail asked if she could interview me for her special report on selfies. She said it is one of my forte. And I’m like…me? Selfie? My forte? *shock face*. It has been a while since I appeared in any media coverage 😛 . Today, I am on Malay Mail page 7! A half page mention with a full blown photo of me doing the jumping-for-joy shot. Ohhh that is what they called, eh? It is a part of Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies.

About Me In The Media Special Feature Feature – We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

Sometime end of January, I was approached by, a financial comparison website in Malaysia on contributing my thoughts to their upcoming Valentine’s Day article. Now, usually I do not do this but this time round I agreed with no promises as I wanted to see the questions in advance. You know, just in case I have agreed and I was not able to answer the questions properly? lol

So the article was out a few days ago 🙂

We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

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In The Media: DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 2013

Remember the review I did for DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap back in July 2013? The story on how this mini appearance in the product booklet begin when I met up with the brand people from Watsons (exclusive retailer for DHC in Malaysia), where she handed me a bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil and a bar of Mild Soap to try and for review. Then came a small request to provide a testimonial for their upcoming DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet.

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 1
It was a rush project. Initially the brand people requested for one liner testimonial but she also told me I can do a longer one if I wanted to. Being a thorough product reviewer all these while, you bet I gave her a longer testimonial 😀

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In The Media: Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012)

Red Tomato 1
I couldn’t fit the whole page on to the scanner, so please bear with half of the cover page ya


I’m a little late in documenting the milestone that I have make in blogging for Street Love but it’s never too late to start one 😀
Thanks to Talika Malaysia, I have a a brief fame in Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012) on Lipocils Experts. Just in case you didn’t know, Red Tomato is the largest circulated free Chinese weekly newspaper. Prior before that, I was ask to participate in a 28-days challenge for Lipocils & Black launch and my result is one of the most visible one. So myself and another blogger get to put up a short testimonial on our personal experience in the newspaper.

Red Tomato 2

It’s in Chinese, I myself can’t read Chinese at all lol so here’s the English version which I provide for Red Tomato translation.

I have short and sparse eyelashes before being introduced to Talika Lipocils Expert. After using the product diligently day and night for 28-days I notice a drastic changes. My eyelashes are longer, thicker, stronger, darker and more curl. New eyelashes grew filling the empty space instead of falling out. The best part is I can still apply mascara like normal even after applying Talika Lipocils Expert. Now I have no more broken eye lashes and fall out everytime I removed my eye makeup. Talika Lipocils Expert really works.

More to come (I hope) 😀