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In The Media: Malay Mail 26th March 2016 Interview on Selfie

Malay Mail No Pain No Gain Selfie Interview March 2016
Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies

A few days ago Sabrina B from Malay Mail asked if she could interview me for her special report on selfies. She said it is one of my forte. And I’m like…me? Selfie? My forte? *shock face*. It has been a while since I appeared in any media coverage 😛 . Today, I am on Malay Mail page 7! A half page mention with a full blown photo of me doing the jumping-for-joy shot. Ohhh that is what they called, eh? It is a part of Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies. Feature – We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

Sometime end of January, I was approached by, a financial comparison website in Malaysia on contributing my thoughts to their upcoming Valentine’s Day article. Now, usually I do not do this but this time round I agreed with no promises as I wanted to see the questions in advance. You know, just in case I have agreed and I was not able to answer the questions properly? lol

So the article was out a few days ago 🙂

We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

In The Media: DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 2013

Remember the review I did for DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap back in July 2013? The story on how this mini appearance in the product booklet begin when I met up with the brand people from Watsons (exclusive retailer for DHC in Malaysia), where she handed me a bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil and a bar of Mild Soap to try and for review. Then came a small request to provide a testimonial for their upcoming DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet.

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 1
It was a rush project. Initially the brand people requested for one liner testimonial but she also told me I can do a longer one if I wanted to. Being a thorough product reviewer all these while, you bet I gave her a longer testimonial 😀

In The Media: Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012)

Red Tomato 1
I couldn’t fit the whole page on to the scanner, so please bear with half of the cover page ya


I’m a little late in documenting the milestone that I have make in blogging for Street Love but it’s never too late to start one 😀
Thanks to Talika Malaysia, I have a a brief fame in Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012) on Lipocils Experts. Just in case you didn’t know, Red Tomato is the largest circulated free Chinese weekly newspaper. Prior before that, I was ask to participate in a 28-days challenge for Lipocils & Black launch and my result is one of the most visible one. So myself and another blogger get to put up a short testimonial on our personal experience in the newspaper.

Red Tomato 2

It’s in Chinese, I myself can’t read Chinese at all lol so here’s the English version which I provide for Red Tomato translation.

I have short and sparse eyelashes before being introduced to Talika Lipocils Expert. After using the product diligently day and night for 28-days I notice a drastic changes. My eyelashes are longer, thicker, stronger, darker and more curl. New eyelashes grew filling the empty space instead of falling out. The best part is I can still apply mascara like normal even after applying Talika Lipocils Expert. Now I have no more broken eye lashes and fall out everytime I removed my eye makeup. Talika Lipocils Expert really works.

More to come (I hope) 😀