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How To Remove Cream Mask Effectively

How To Remove Cream Mask Effectively 1
I love cream masks. More than sheet mask, yes. If I can put on a mask for the day, I would go for cream mask anytime. Some think cream mask is troublesome and sloppy but I think the otherwise. I think sheet mask is sloppy lol. You get both your hands wet and sticky pulling the sheet mask out of the packaging, you get sticky essence dripping down your arm and neck *eeewww*. It is just too much. I think the reason why many people turned to sheet mask rather than cream mask is because they can just peel the sheet mask off and leave the remaining essence on, while for cream mask you need to wash them off. It does not make any difference to me as I would still wash my face regardless which type of mask I use. I just don’t like sticky face. Personal preference 😉

Let’s talk about cream mask and how to remove cream mask effectively. The thing about cream mask that make everyone cringes is the need to wash them off and that it takes hella long to wash them off. Yeap! This one I have to admit is kinda annoying – having to stand at the sink splashing your face with water again and again. Some people I know do what the Western do; they use a face cloth. I have tried this method and I don’t like it. Sorry. Personal preference again. Since my skin has changed from oily to dehydrated/dry now, I remove most of my cream mask using facial toner. Yes you heard me right. Toner. Not micellar cleansing water but a toner.

How To Remove Cream Mask Effectively 2
Removing cream mask these days has been so much easier and effective thanks to Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion. Its highly hydrating watery consistency is able to restore moisture to my skin without the sticky residue. It removes cream mask so easily with just one or maximum two cotton square. What I really like about using the Kiwamizu Lotion is that it comes in a mist bottle. All I have to do is to mist like crazy onto my face, literally flooding the entire face with the lotion. The wetter the better!

How To Remove Cream Mask Effectively 3
Then take a cotton square and wipe all of the cream mask off. You know I like to apply my skincare thick so this method and product pretty much take everything off in a jiffy. If you do not have a misting toner like this one, just use a normal toner.

Why toner? Toner brings back the moisture to the face while removing the mask. They are typically more hydrating so I find toner fits the job. Micellar cleansing water as they name said it all is a cleansing product. I do not feel comfortable leaving cleansing product on the face no matter how convincing the brand is with their “no rinsing required” claim. I still feel you need to wash off cleansing water from your face no matter what. It is a cleansing product! Toner is different. It is a skincare. The Kiwamizu Lotion especially soothes my skin so much better and sometimes I do not even feel like rinsing off the residue after that. But I still do. I just don’t need to rush to the sink or waste more water 😀

How To Remove Cream Mask Effectively 4

Now tell me, which type of mask if you favourite? Sheet mask or cream mask? And if you are too into cream mask, how do you remove them? Any trick besides the normal rinsing?

Hope you enjoyed this little tip on removing cream mask the easiest and most effective way 😀


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