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Soap & Glory Original Pink™ Fragrance Favourites

The first ever Soap & Glory product that I had enjoyed using and repurchased is the one and only Flake Away. It is also the cheapest body care within the brand (RM39) until I went to Sephora to repurchase a third tub. The price shoot up to RM55! I didn’t repurchase any since then and I’ve been missing Flake Away scent so so much. I can’t remember how or where I found out that Flake Away contain Soap & Glory signature Original Pink™ fragrance. So what else? I went amok with everything that has the exact scent!

Soap & Glory Original Pink
When I was at the Sephora Black Card event, I grabbed a bottle of Clean On Me™ Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel. I was looking high and low for The Righteous Butter™ Body Lotion and there was none. I went back the next day with my mum to search again and I only managed to find the mini tub of The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter (RM19). I used the mini tub so moderately, as if it’s the most precious thing in the world. Then luck was on my side. I managed to purchase another bottle of Soap & Glory Clean On Me™ Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel (RM48) and The Righteous Butter™ Body Lotion (RM65) during the first Black Card Private Sale 20% OFF back in October 2014. Everything seems more worth it with 20% OFF isn’t it? 😀

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Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil: There but not quite there yet

Regulars of Guardian pharmacy would notice a strange looking rack near the check out counter with lots of pastel color bottles in a clear plastic wrapping and stuck on what seems to be a tray that was inspired from egg tray. That strange looking rack with funky bottles which I first reported on my Instagram is Lipidol, a brand new skincare oils by Union Swiss, who is the makers of Bio-Oil.

The whole of the brand only consists of six types of skincare oil and everything is retailing for RM24.90. What I have with me is not all six products but just the Cleansing Body Oil, something that I thought would easily hit all the right marks.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil
You know how I always talk about water and oil level balance in order to keep a healthy and well hydrated skin? Well, apparently the founders of Bio-Oil are on the same page with this when it comes to the overall skin of the body, not just the face but the whole body from head to toe. Beauty oil has always known to be a favourite among those who believe in its efficacy and that includes me. If you recall I do love to “oil myself up” before bed 😀 . Lipidol want to be the first company to come out with a full oil-based skin care products in order to help the skin to retain moisture thus creating a healthy skin. Remember well-moisturized skin = healthy skin = problem-free skin?

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Review: Hada Labo Hand Cream, Moisturize and Whiten Your Hands With Natural Essential Oil

Hada Labo has always been a skin care brand in my memory. Remember their “patting” lotion aka Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion? Then somewhere end of last year 2012, we have witnessed Hada Labo venturing into base makeup with the launch of Air BB Cream. This year, Hada Labo once again stepped out of the comfort zone and released two Hada Labo Hand Cream – Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream (Rose) and Whitening Hand Cream (Lavender).

Hada Labo Hand Cream1
I will start with individual review of both hand cream separately before comparing both hand cream at the bottom of the post :). First up. My mum’s favorite, which is also my favorite!

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Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Scrub, May Smell Like Chocolate Milk Drink But Not Chocolicious Enough For Me

Are you a fan of chocolate milk drink? Yes? Then this review is for you 😀

I love chocolate. Not so much on chocolate milk because I can get quite jelak (satiated in English) if consumed too much. On one random sample redemption at Palmer’s roadshow back in May, I bought the Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Scrub because the sales girl that attended my request were very nice and polite to me. It is very rarely nowadays to encounter such an excellent customer service eventhough I am just there to redeem sample. And of course coincidently I ran out of body scrub 😀

When I ask to try out Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Scrub on the back of my hand, I wasn’t aware that this is made from cocoa. The strong cocoa scent immediately rushed into my nostril, as if slapping me back to my senses. There and then…I realized I may like chocolate as food but not for my body care.