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Spotlight “Make It Merry” Workshop Unveiled 2016 Christmas On-Trend Decorator Colour Palates

Spotlight Make It Merry Workshop 1
Spotlight. Ahhh Spotlight. The last you heard about Spotlight from me was one year ago. For those who are new to this blog, Spotlight is a well-known largest fabric, craft and home interiors super store from Australia. They are now the largest in AustralAsia. Last week I went to Spotlight “Make It Merry” workshop and had loads of fun! A lot of you were shocked that I was at a Christmas décor event as it is now only the month of August. Still another quarter to go for Christmas lol.

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Lifestyle Sunday: If You’re Into Fresh Flowers, You Got To Visit Floristika At Least Once in Your Life

Floristika 1
Let’s go easy with the beauty and talk about some other happy place today. Floristika. Yes, it’s a happy place.

Growing up, I never like receiving flowers. I thought it is a waste of money. I never like having flowers sent to my office, having jealous pairs of eyes staring at me, having strangers looking over as I brought the bouquet of flowers to my car or when taking the LRT (I took LRT to work last time). Nope. Hate that. Don’t like it at all. But…I do like to buy flowers for myself to have it in my room and the living space. I have a God-sister who is a florist during my secondary school so I would buy a stalk of white rose everyday. I remember growing up wanting to have a floral arrangement business just like hers because I get so happy being surrounded with fresh flowers.

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Lifestyle Sunday: Spotlight open its largest store at The Mines Shopping Mall + Virtual store tour

No, it’s not Sunday yet but I had to post this up ASAP.

Shorty after opening their 2nd store at IPC Shopping Centre a month ago, Spotlight is set to open its largest store exactly TODAY 11th April 2015.

Having a great start at their 1st store at Ampang Point, Spotlight is showing no signs of slowing down especially after the successful launch of their flagship store in IPC. This new store at The Mines Shopping Mall is going to be Spotlight’s largest store.

Spotlight The Mines 1
This picture doesn’t justify what I’m going to say. To date, Spotlight The Mines is the biggest Spotlight store as of today, occupying 31,000 sq ft retail space at Level 4 of the mall. Even with the two other stores at Ampang Point and IPC, shoppers are already spoilt for choice with over 100,000 vast selections of delights in six categories namely Home Furnishings, Manchester (bedding), Home Decor, Dress and Fashion Fabrics, Craft, Hobby and Party Essentials. So can you imagine stepping into this 31,000 sq ft store? Umm hmm. You’ll even be more spoilt. Trust me. I know because I was ‘lost’ 😀

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Lifestyle Sunday: All Spotlight on new homewares store at IPC Shopping Centre + Virtual store tour

I didn’t know majority of my friends and readers are Spotlight fans until they found me lurking at the new Spotlight store at IPC Shopping Centre last week 😀 . If you find going all the way to their first store at Ampang Point is not convenient, well then good news for you Spotlight fans because Spotlight, Australia’s largest fabric, craft, party and homemaker superstore has finally opened its second store at IPC Shopping Centre officially on 14th March 😀

Spotlight IPC Shopping Centre 1
Spotlight’s first store in Ampang Point which was opened back in July 2014 is a huge success. This gives Spotlight the confident and all-ready-to-go green light to source for another store location (which is IPC Shopping Centre) to continue bringing bigger, better offering, unique, inspiring and convenient all-round shopping experience to more accessible locations to their customers.