Review: Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks Gave Me Breakout Instead!

No you did not read wrong. This product that I’m about to talk to you today is a post acne gel specially formulated to treat our number #1 enemy – acne scars and dark marks. But why the title is about breakout? You are about to find out.

While Mederma doesn’t work at all for me, I was hoping this Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks works better since it’s especially for post acne scars. I purposely drove to the nearest Watsons in the neighborhood to get this. There is a few variant and I settled with the most expensive and most promising one.

At the point where I bought this…my skin was in one of the best state I ever had. Breakout wave stopped for a good few weeks which I was happy about it. Previous acne marks on both jawline faded but there is still just a tiny bit of darker marks to take care of. Which is why I wanted to give this gel a try.

At RM38.80 this comes in a white plastic tube. When the tube was new and plump I need not to squeeze too hard to get the gel out. The gel also doesn’t ooze out when I unscrew the cap. As you can see the silver strip on the tube has faded gradually.

This gel is advised to apply ONLY on closed acne wound. If you had “freshly” pop a zit please avoid applying this gel on the wound. I am not sure why but when the product direction said so means there’s a reason for it. Apply on the acne scars 2-3 times a day in the morning and before bed. This can also be applied after any skin treatment products and under makeup. In fact is is recommended for better result.

Another advise is to wash your hands before and after using. Below is the ingredient list.

As the name suggest, Hiruscar Post Acne Gel is in clear gel form. It is quite thick with a strong medical scent. It’s definitely not herbal, not smelly but a scent is present. I cannot figure out what is it but it is familiar. You only will need just a teeny weeny bit of the gel. Just a thin layer will do. The gel is easily spread. It absorbed in almost immediately. It doesn’t look or feel like you had this gel on.


So. Let’s go back to the breakout thing that I mentioned in the title.

Within a few days after I used this I started to have breakout. I didn’t really suspect this gel because this gel is for acne scars and marks. But then I didn’t use any new skin care products at that time so I continue using until it hit the second week. By second week the break out is far more worse than when it started. It was huge, red and painful. What I notice is the more I apply (twice a day) the more worse it gets. I had posted my breakout pictures in this post.

The breakout beginning to subside when I finally realized it was Hiruscar Post Acne Gel that cause all the breakout and I stopped using immediately. Within a few days I didn’t get any new breakout. Then it was time to focus on getting rid of all the scars and marks….AGAIN.

I started off with a clear, good skin but because of this my skin gotten so much worse. All this happen before I started my whitening journey with Guerlain Blanc de Perle.

Could it be that one or more ingredient doesn’t suits me? I don’t know. This is a product that I regretted buying because it does more harm than good to me.

Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks is available Guardians, Watsons and other pharmacies nationwide. I bought mine from Watsons.
Price: RM38.80 for 10g


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  1. When I first heard of the Mederma launch, I was hopeful. But it caused itch and rashes on my face. There was no visible result. Till today when I see other acne scar reducing products in the market I recall of the itchy face days. Sorry to hear that it broke out on you. Better luck with other products next time.

    • Mederma is useless! Sorry Mederma. This one suppose to help with acne marks but gave me continuous breakout. Sad. Just when my face is getting better this worsen it.

  2. I’ve tried the hiruscar, but not this particular post acne one and it didn’t help one bit. Now, I’m trying the Kuumbamade scar repair. Hopefully it works.

    • There’s 3 type in Hiruscar range. I think I know you tried which one. I read that you need to apply very long duration to see result. At least it doesn’t break you out. Mine was horrible.

  3. I use Rosken bio-serum to get rid of my acne scars! Works well for me. It is same as Bio-oil but I don’t really like the scent.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Fiona! Was thinking about trying Mederma or Hiruscar cause I haven’t tried products to heal acne scars before. But I think I won’t bother with these two brands now. Thanks for saving my face 😀

  5. oh dear…thanks for having this reviewed! i was thinking to try one of these gel for scarring!!!! 0.0

  6. Oh my God I had just bought one last night! >.<

  7. I developed a really bad rash from using Hiruscar (the yellow and blue tube one). I applied it on my legs and armpits (old razor burn scars) and sometimes a little on my thighs because I have some stretch marks. The rash came after about two weeks of religious usage, applied twice or thrice daily. Initially, I didn’t know the rash came from Hiruscar because they first appeared as tiny bumps, I thought they were just in-grown hair or something. But in a day the bumps started to itch a lot and my legs and armpits turned red and sore :( I only realized it was Hiruscar because the rash only developed on the areas I’ve applied it on. My thighs are less severe because I only applied Hiruscar on the stretch marks sometimes. I’m still in the midst of recovering (or should I say worsening :( ), it’s day 3 actually and the rash is still not subsiding. I’ve tried applying different soothing gels but to no avail. I’ll be heading to the doctor’s tomorrow. Just wanted to share this to everyone! Please only apply small amounts to see if it suits you first! I have no allergy or any skin conditions. Wanted to fade my scars but Hiruscar created more scars for me :'(

  8. omg its make me scare to use it,, but at least im save,, but my causin use its,, she says its good,, so she recommend it to me,, i just search for some review and i found this,, not gonna try it,,, haha

  9. My face has dark marks and I’ve been dying to try this hiruscar gel but after i read your review, i’m having second thought. But different people, different reaction right? i have an oily skin and i’m afraid to try oil-based products because of breakout. may i know your skin condition because i’m afraid hiruscar going to give me breakout too.

  10. were i can buy this product..
    i tried may product but.. its has no effects..

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