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How To Have A Good Night Sleep Without Waking Up With Headache

Tips For A Good Night Sleep 1
Today’s update is not directly a beauty related topic but I want to share with you on a tips for a good night sleep and wakes up every morning with neck, shoulder and migrain pain free.

For the past one month I’ve been waking up with either migrain, neck pain and sometimes just a shoulder pain. But even with just a shoulder pain, I wasn’t feeling well for the whole day. I’m not just talking about once in a blue moon kind of pain but every single day I need to suffer. I know it’s a serious issue when I tried not to sleep at all.

On a random lunch with a colleague two weeks ago, I told her that I’ve been having migrain every single day for the past one month and it is what she said next hits me. She said if I’ve been waking up with migrain which was resulted from neck pain, then it is the pillow that is giving me problem. It is just like that. Why didn’t I thought of that? You see, I like to sleep on a tall, fluffy pillow. I was told it is not good as there is no support to the neck. So that day I went home telling my mum about it and mum on the other hand told me that she was told by our neighbour who own a furniture shop that 100% natural latex pillow is the best for neck pain. I’m not someone who will listen to “rumours” without any supporting proof so I swapped my pillow with my mum who coincidentally own a 100% natural latex pillow. 😀

I learnt that there are two types of latex pillow – 100% natural latex and men-made latex. Men-made latex are not pure and it’s more harder. The last thing I need is a stone pillow. 100% natural latex pillow is highly recommended by doctors everywhere for neck and shoulder pain sufferer. It has thousand of porous holes that allow air to flow freely, thus making it cooling and airy. The holes you see on a 100% natural latex pillow is called Pinholes. These pinholes on the pillow promote air ventilation that create a cooling surface for a good night sleep. The height of the pillow is lower so I definitely need a few days to adjust and get used to it.

Tips For A Good Night Sleep 2
100% natural latex pillow certainly doesn’t come cheap. My neighbour is selling the pillow for RM118 and I bought it for RM100. Yes, I bought it after trying the pillow from pillow swap with mum earlier. What changes my mind after the pillow swap is when I woke up fresh, without any migrain on the first morning after sleeping on a 100% natural latex pillow. Not even shoulder pain or neck pain up till today :).

Remember, a good beauty sleep will give you a beautiful glowing skin the next day.

Do you suffer the same from sleeping? The answer to your problem could be as simple as just the pillow you slept on.


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  • Thanks for sharing!
    Like you, I like a tall. fluffed up pillow too.
    But every day, I’d have aching neck and shoulders…

    • That’s the sign to change pillow dear. Ever since I bought this 100% natural latex pillow, I no longer have all the pain :). Neck pain is serious already. Don’t wait until it turned to headache / migrain.


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