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Rediscovering and A Stroll Down Memory Lane to My First Ever Skincare Brand; Eau Thermale Avène + My Current 5-Step Skincare Routine

Avene More Than Just Water
Here is a major throwback. Eau Thermale Avène; my first ever full set skincare products that I bought when I was 19 years old. I still remember the day I brought a few hundred ringgit with me to Mid Valley. I headed to Guardian and I stood in front of Avène shelf. The lady who attended to me was super nice. That day I decided to get a full range of Avène to treat my acne skin. I cannot remember how I get to know Avène but it was probably from sampling exercise prior before that. And I remember I paid RM400+, went home with tons of products and samples. Mind you Avène samples are in mini tubes and bottles, not sachets. At that time, splurging a few hundred on skincare is considered a lot for a 19 year old. But I did it anyway. It was my first skincare. I even mentioned about my first love in this review post on Avène Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum & Day Cream! 😀

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Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Lotion Sunscreen: Convenient, Quick Dry Sun Protection for Active Lifestyle Go-er

Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Lotion
Oh I love these! I was so happy when Mr Postman handed me the Sunplay PR parcel containing the brand new Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Lotion Sunscreen. Sports plays a big part in my lifestyle besides my love for everything beauty. Being someone active and constantly out under the hot sun, sun protection has become even more important than before. I must admit, I am so bad in applying sunscreen. I tell everyone to slap on sunscreen but I myself rarely do it. I am always eager to jump out of the car and run!

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Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen For Body: Offers Moisture and Sun Protection For When I Run Under The Hot Sun

Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen For Body 1
Sometime I don’t practice what I preach. For example I tell everyone who I know that are into sports to slather on sunscreen and I do not do it myself. I even gave them sunscreens! I bet I am not alone. Most people are good in advising others but when it comes to their ownselves, they slack away hehe.

It is only recently I notice all the multiple tan lines on my body. You see, I love the sun. I love to sweat. I love it when the sun hits my skin. I love being tan and I missed being tan. I hate it when people told me I am fair. Yeap. I am that Asian who does not act like an Asian. I am proud of my tan lines. Funny that sunburn on me subsided very quickly but these tan lines I got from running stays put. As much as I like my tan lines, I am also aware of what the sun can do to my skin. So I scanned across my vanity table and found this Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen For Body sitting at the wine rack, which I used as my beauty storage. I had a whole row of sunblock there 😛 . See! I do take my sun protection very seriously 😉

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The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++: Essence Is The New Sunscreen?

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence 1
While I was at The Body Shop Piñita Colada collection and Polynesian Island Tiaré collection media preview back in June, I was also introduced to the new Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++. This is one sunscreen that everyone in The Body Shop was excited with. The name might confuse you a little as it was not named as sunscreen or a sunblock but a Multi-Protection Essence. Essence is the new sunscreen perhaps?

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Get Ready in Five Minutes with Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen Tinted, Broad Spectrum SPF30

Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen v3
Ever since my skin condition and brightness improved with proper skincare routine, getting ready has been fast and easy. I no longer go through a full high coverage foundation routine unless I am heading to an event. My everyday face routine consists only BB cream or CC cream or tinted sunscreen with translucent powder to keep the shine at bay. My recent go-to favourite is this, Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen.

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Hada Labo 5-In-1 UV Gel Sunscreen: Great as sunscreen, not so much as makeup base and face primer

Hada Labo is a brand that are constantly coming out with new products using the latest innovation and technology. It’s pretty interesting if you’re a fan of the brand and that you are following closely with their latest news. The last new product release from Hada Labo was 2 months ago and it’s the 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel. Still at the “gel” phase, Hada Labo unveiled their latest sunscreen innovation last month and it’s the 5-In-1 UV Gel SPF50+ PA++++ Sunscreen.

Hada Labo 5-In-1 UV Gel Sunscreen
The Hada Labo 5-In-1 UV Gel Sunscreen was developed to not only protect the skin from UV rays, but also infused with nature’s goodness to make sure the skin feels comfortable underneath the product, smooth and soft. It is an all-in-one sunscreen product. What this means is, this product also contain skin care properties. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that this baby blue tube right here is also an Essence, Emulsion, Makeup Base and Face Primer. That was what I meant by all-in-one 😀 . I bet most of you would shout hallelujah at the top of your lungs as it saves so much time getting ready in the morning. As a sunscreen, this product are packed with SPF50+ PA++++. With all the “pluses” protection, rest assured that your skin will be properly protected from broad spectrum of UVA and UVB.