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Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System
Mary Kay Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Whitening

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System: Further Improves My Skin Tone and Luminosity

If you are reading this and you go…what Fiona? More brightening again? Yes. You have follow me long enough to know that I am obsessed with anything whitening or brightening. This is the only thing I am very Asian about 😉
To further elongate my 5-dimension luminosity, I switched up to Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System quite recently. To be quite honest, it took me some time to get used to this new range.

SK-II GenOptics
Review: Skin Care SK-II Skin Care - Whitening

SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence and Aura Essence: Insurance for Future Spots, Revealing The Inner Aura

I admit. I am a whitening fanatic. I am afterall a typical Asian when it comes to skincare but a Caucasian when it comes to makeup. I want a brighter, fairer skin that I am comfortable walking out of the house without any bits of makeup on my face.
SK-II launched a brand new whitening skincare range recently and I am one of the few lucky one to get the product in advance to give it a whirl.

Hada Labo Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion
Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Hada Labo Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Hydrating Skin Care - Whitening

Hada Labo Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion: Multifunction whitening gel with excellent hydration properties

More and more brands are coming up an all-in-one product and Hada Labo is one of them. The latest addition to the brand’s wide array of Hyaluronic Acid based skincare is the Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion, a multifunction 5-in-1 lotion that functions as a lotion, mask, essence, astringent, and emulsion.

The Hada Labo Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion is the first 5-in-1 multifunction lotion.

Dr-Jart+ V7 Toning Light
Dr. Jart+ Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Whitening

Dr. Jart+ V7 Toning Light: Instantly brighten complexion and lighten acne marks faster than other cream

Rumour has it that everyone in Korea is getting a hand on this amazing instant whitening Dr-Jart+ V7 Toning Light cream. It’s not a surprise to me as Asians are very much into the whitening or brightening and so am I 🙂 . As much as I like to bronze my face when I do my makeup, however I’m not willing to let go of having a fairer skin.

Estee Lauder Crescent White
BB Cream Estée Lauder Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Sunblock/Sunscreen Skin Care - Toner Skin Care - Whitening

Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening: Say goodbye to dull skin and hello brighter even-toned skin!

I’ve been secretly using the full range of the NEW Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening for months now. I’ve also secretly wean off from using acne mark gel and a few other skin care brand/range to the basic anti-aging and brightening skin care regime. Recently I received lots of compliment that I have good skin although personally I hated the large pores and acne marks.