Hada Labo 5-In-1 UV Gel Sunscreen: Great as sunscreen, not so much as makeup base and face primer

Hada Labo is a brand that are constantly coming out with new products using the latest innovation and technology. It’s pretty interesting if you’re a fan of the brand and that you are following closely with their latest news. The last new product release from Hada Labo was 2 months ago and it’s the 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel. Still at the “gel” phase, Hada Labo unveiled their latest sunscreen innovation last month and it’s the 5-In-1 UV Gel SPF50+ PA++++ Sunscreen.

Hada Labo 5-In-1 UV Gel Sunscreen
The Hada Labo 5-In-1 UV Gel Sunscreen was developed to not only protect the skin from UV rays, but also infused with nature’s goodness to make sure the skin feels comfortable underneath the product, smooth and soft. It is an all-in-one sunscreen product. What this means is, this product also contain skin care properties. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that this baby blue tube right here is also an Essence, Emulsion, Makeup Base and Face Primer. That was what I meant by all-in-one 😀 . I bet most of you would shout hallelujah at the top of your lungs as it saves so much time getting ready in the morning. As a sunscreen, this product are packed with SPF50+ PA++++. With all the “pluses” protection, rest assured that your skin will be properly protected from broad spectrum of UVA and UVB.

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SK-II #ChangeDestiny World Launch: Opens the door to a World of New Destinies

Empowered by women’s commitment to continually #ChangeDestiny, SK-II opened the doors to new destinies at the #ChangeDestiny World event at Suria KLCC recently. This marked the next stage of SK-II’s global #ChangeDestiny movement to inspire and empower women to go beyond their limitations and to take control of their own destinies.

SK-II #ChangeDestiny World Launch
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Beauty News: Clarins FEED Bringing Beauty and Generosity Together

With FEED, Clarins continues its commitment to help those suffering from poverty and malnutrition — empowering them to change their lives and the lives of their communities. FEED Project raises funds for the United Nations World Food Programme. Founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED Projects is a non-governmental. Since its initiation, FEED has raised $6 million and distributed 60 million meals to children in third world countries.

Clarins FEED10 2015 Shaping Facial Lift

FEED 10 – Shaping Facial Lift (RM274.55)

For many children around the world, hunger is not only a daily struggle, it is life threatening. Every five seconds, a child dies from starvation and over 350 million children go to bed hungry each night. These children suffer acute malnourishment and are in dire need of life-saving assistance.

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CATRICE Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette: A hit and miss budget-friendly rose-nude palette

CATRICE is my most favourite drugstore brand. Most of the products are below RM20 and some are not even over RM30. When it’s on sale at Guardian, everything is from less than RM10 to less than RM20. Super affordable and good.

A few months ago, CATRICE brought in a few new Absolute eyeshadow palette namely Absolute Rose, Absolute Bright, and Absolute Matt (this one I’m not sure). Within the Absolute family, I am more attracted to the rose-nude shades of Absolute Rose as it reminds me of Urban Decay Naked 3 😀 . I have been tracking Absolute Rose palette down for a while and later on spotted them on 30% discount a month ago at Guardian KLCC.

Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette
The palette is originally priced at RM26.90. Even without discount, it is still a pretty decent and affordable eyeshadow palette to get. I wouldn’t worry if I’m you. CATRICE products are constantly on sale, either 15% OFF or 30% OFF (sometimes) so don’t worry if you’d miss out the sale. I just happened to bumped into some crazy sale happening at Guardian where all cosmetics are on 30% discount. In the end, I only paid RM18.85 for this. Score!

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