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ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame (Clear/Dark): Absolute must-have brow mascara to tame the unruly brow hair and to keep them in place all day long

I know I am slightly obsessed with anything to do with brow but I swear this ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame ‘came’ to me out of no where. The story is, I haven’t been browsing iHerb for a good few months so I thought of visiting the site to see what’s new. You know, window shopping for fun? But because I have been searching for ‘brow mascara’ through the internet and on iHerb before, this new product – ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame popped right at the recommended product section. I click on the link and the rest is history although the whole process took a few weeks because the product was out of stock. Initially I wanted to get the darkest shade of all (Clear/Deep) but the shade on the tube freaks me out so I decided on the second darkest of the lot, which is the one I’m reviewing today :D .

ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame
ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame comes in five shades namely Clear/Light, Clear/Ash, Clear/Medium, Clear/Dark and Clear/Deep. Each of these cost only USD$3 (RM9.81) which is absolutely a steal considering you get two different product with two different function. There is nothing to shout about on the packaging because ELF has always been keeping everything simple from as long as I know them. When it comes to ELF, I’m not bothered by it’s packaging as I am too a minimalist :D . Eventhough the packaging is kept simple, I like that I can find all the information that I need to know about the product from the outer box.

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Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil: There but not quite there yet

Regulars of Guardian pharmacy would notice a strange looking rack near the check out counter with lots of pastel color bottles in a clear plastic wrapping and stuck on what seems to be a tray that was inspired from egg tray. That strange looking rack with funky bottles which I first reported on my Instagram is Lipidol, a brand new skincare oils by Union Swiss, who is the makers of Bio-Oil.

The whole of the brand only consists of six types of skincare oil and everything is retailing for RM24.90. What I have with me is not all six products but just the Cleansing Body Oil, something that I thought would easily hit all the right marks.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil
You know how I always talk about water and oil level balance in order to keep a healthy and well hydrated skin? Well, apparently the founders of Bio-Oil are on the same page with this when it comes to the overall skin of the body, not just the face but the whole body from head to toe. Beauty oil has always known to be a favourite among those who believe in its efficacy and that includes me. If you recall I do love to “oil myself up” before bed :D . Lipidol want to be the first company to come out with a full oil-based skin care products in order to help the skin to retain moisture thus creating a healthy skin. Remember well-moisturized skin = healthy skin = problem-free skin?

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Tarte Cosmetics Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection

Okay you guys, I had a sudden idea to show you all the fabulous 2014 Holiday Collection a few days ago but my blog was having some problem that needed urgent attention so I’m only able to do this now.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen many bloggers blogging about holiday collection and somehow I wasn’t fascinated. Don’t ask me why. I’ve no idea why. This year however I’m super excited with the holiday collection. I literally wanting to bag everything if I can! The naive me thought I can lump everything in a single blog post but that’s not going to happen with the amount of holiday sets available. So I’m going to do a series of updates on 2014 holiday collection starting today. Bear in mind these may or may not be available in Malaysia. You can find most of it in Sephora beginning 6th November 2014. Also bear in mind I might missed one or two sets because everything is so messy on Google *faint*

Let’s start with Tarte Cosmetics Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection 2014 :)

Tarte Holiday Collection 2014

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Harith Iskander presents: To Know Malaysia Is To “Laugh, Malaysia!”

People say, laughter is the best medicine. Harith Iskander said “To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh Malaysia!”. I say high five to the King of Malaysian comedy! That brings us to today’s topic. No, I’m not going to be the one to go up stage and do stand up comedy. I have stage fright remember? I’ll leave the tough job to Harith Iskander and his friends.

There’s a great meaning to how this show came about. 2014 is no doubt the toughest year so far for the country and to every Malaysians. There has been so much tragedy which happened one by one and so Harith Iskander came out with this great idea to gather the nation as one through true Malaysian-styled comedy and humour! Yes you wouldn’t expect anything less from godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia wouldn’t you? Get ready to laugh your head off people!

To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh Malaysia 1

“Harith Iskander…To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!” which will be held on a Wednesday, 29th October 2014 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil be will be the biggest night of stand-up comedy in Malaysia featuring new talents from the comedy scene and other seasoned international comedians as well. What’s unique about the show is that Dr. Jason Leong, one of the best of the new crop of Malaysian comedian’s is going to make an appearance as well as special guest Papa CJ – one of India’s most influential comedians.

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