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Dove Hair Range Upgraded with Dove Nutritive Solutions and The Launch of Dove Salon for PLAY.DOVE.REPEAT Campaign

Yesterday was the reintroduction of the entire Dove hair range whereas all has been upgraded with Dove Nutritive Solutions, an improved formulation to deliver instant damage repair and progressive nourishment.
Each Dove hair care range is now in the new Dove Nutritive Solutions that caters to different types of hair needs. Dove developed their hair care solutions which goes deep into the cellular level of the hair strand for instant repair with long term care and long lasting result.

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System
Mary Kay Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Whitening

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System: Further Improves My Skin Tone and Luminosity

If you are reading this and you go…what Fiona? More brightening again? Yes. You have follow me long enough to know that I am obsessed with anything whitening or brightening. This is the only thing I am very Asian about 😉
To further elongate my 5-dimension luminosity, I switched up to Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System quite recently. To be quite honest, it took me some time to get used to this new range.

3 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To KFIT
KFIT Random Rant

3 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To KFIT

On this year’s Valentine’s Day, I was featured in CompareHero. Not long after the article was published, the kind folks at CompareHero sent me a 60% discount for KFIT first month subscription, which does not work at all until I informed CompareHero, which they later informed KFIT to rectify the issue. KFIT monthly pass is RM99, after discount it rounds up to RM39. I thought that’s not bad for someone who wanna try out KFIT.

Rohto Cool Eye Drops 1
Review: Skin Care Rohto Skin Care - Eye Care

Rohto Cool Eye Drops: Blinds You For 5 Seconds, Keeps Your Eyes Fresh For The Rest of The Day

I have heard about the greatness of Rohto Eye Drops and how the Japanese love it. I have also seen people bringing back a luggage loads of these eye drops whenever they visit Japan. I have also heard how these will blinds you for the first few seconds. “Blinds me?” That was the first reaction when I first heard about the Rohto Cool Eye Drops a year ago.

Floristika 1
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Lifestyle Sunday: If You’re Into Fresh Flowers, You Got To Visit Floristika At Least Once in Your Life

Let’s go easy with the beauty and talk about some other happy place today. Floristika. Yes, it’s a happy place.
Growing up, I never like receiving flowers. I thought it is a waste of money. I never like having flowers sent to my office, having jealous pairs of eyes staring at me, having strangers looking over as I brought the bouquet of flowers to my car or when taking the LRT (I took LRT to work last time). Nope. Hate that. Don’t like it at all.