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Shopee Mobile App: Buying and selling made easy at your fingertip

I have to admit that I am an absolute late bloomer in dipping my toes into everything new although I knew the existence earlier. I was on a shopping hiatus for the past 2 months and as you can see from my Instagram, I am slowly getting back into shopping.

I found out about Shopee Mobile App from one of the Instagram seller about 4 months ago and I downloaded the app onto my mobile but left it unattended since then. Only recent week I started to fiddle with all the apps on my phone and Shopee came into the picture. SPOILER ALERT! I am going to start with showing you my haul from Shopee mobile app 😀

Shopee Mobile App Haul 1
Just a mini haul. I’m into bite size haul these days. But before I tell you about my haul, I have to start with telling you about Shopee right?

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Top 8 Innisfree gift ideas and wish list fulfilment this festive holiday

For Christmas last year I did a series of Holiday Gift Guide 2014, and for this year, I thought of doing the same. Doing a holiday gift guide series takes a lot of work including lots of research online, and I realized I do not have as much time as last year to do so due to work. So for this year, I will only do gift guide from brands that already sent me press releases. Starting with Innisfree, our favourite Korean brand that is oh-so affordable and good :)

innisfree Green Christmas
The theme this year is Green Christmas. With a tagline to “Make . Enjoy . Share”innisfree brings on the merry-making with gifts designed for your enjoyment and to share it with others in the true spirit of a green Christmas.

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Lifestyle Sunday: SCORE Cupid Run 2016: Glass Slipper Trail

Back for yet another fairytale adventure, SCORE Cupid Run 2016 is back for yet another fairytale adventure! Themed “Glass Slipper Trail”, this run is a 4 km fun run open to all aged 12 years and above to be held at Kepong Metropolitan Park, Kuala Lumpur on 14 February 2016, 7am onwards.

SCORE Cupid Run 2016
SCORE Cupid Run aims to encourage more people to take up running – professional runner, running enthusiast, or fun run fans alike. By infusing endearing fairytales themes, the run provides an exciting, recreational platform for a convenient and great cardiovascular exercise.

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Beauty News: SK-II’s Facial Treatment Oil offers immediate, intense moisturization for dry skin

The dehydrating effect of harsh air conditioning can deprive skin of moisture. To help fight against dull, dry skin, SK-II launches its latest skin care innovation – the new SK-II Facial Treatment Oil. Understanding the need of women for an almost-magical elixir to protect against dry skin caused by environmental stressors, SK-II has perfected the delicate and miraculous balance of nourishing oils and Pitera™ to give all women intense moisturization.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil
Offering immediate, intense moisturization, the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil nourishes and soothes dry skin with a balanced boost of hydration, Natural Moisturizing Factor, and lipids. By combining its signature ingredient, Pitera™, and the new Nourishing Oils Complex containing 6 types of oils – including naturally-derived Mediterranean olive oil, Latin American jojoba oil, South African avocado oil, Japanese Riceterol Ester and rice bran oil, and squalanemixed in a perfect Golden Ratio, the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil targets and nurses dry skin and imperfections caused by air conditioning. The nourishing properties of SK-II’s facial oil also protect against dry skin caused by environmental stressors including pollution, haze and UV rays. Fashioned with fragrant lavender and carrot heart notes, SK-II Facial Treatment Oil provides a calming scent to soothe the senses.

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Melvita Nectar Supréme The Cream and The Eye & Lip Contour Cream: Queen Bee’s secret to staying young and beautiful at any age

When I attended the Melvita and L’Occitane luncheon two months ago, I was told that the efficacy of L’Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program will be even better if paired with the new Melvita Nectar Supréme The Cream and The Eye & Lip Contour Cream. And so I did.

Melvita Nectar Supréme
I cannot stress enough the importance of starting your anti-aging regime at the early age. How early is early? Let’s say early 20s? I started quite late but it was not too late for me as I have oily skin so that sort of prevented all the signs of aging from appearing. I still remember my ex used to tell me the importance of aging and that is to age gracefully. He said I’m one perfect example of aging gracefully. Melvita’s new Nectar Supréme range is made from an unique complex of precious nectar from the beehive by combining Kniphofia nectar with all precious ingredients from the beehive such as the patented complex of three organic honeys, nourishing royal jelly, and beeswax.

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