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Oxy Acnoplex Formula Range: Combat acne for clear, smooth, healthy skin with 4-in-1 targeted acne solution + Giveaway

My journey with Oxy started during school days. I still remember Oxy pimple cream is like a must-have for all of us in the school because it is the only brand that has a pimple cream. The pimple cream back then is not the same as what you see now. It’s a little bit yucky now that I think of it. The funny thing is, we never thought of buying the facial wash and so on. Just name Oxy and pimple cream popped out!

Generation nowadays (wah! I sound so old) are so lucky. Not only they have so many brand selection at the drug store but each of the brand offers a complete range in combating acne. I’ve talked about Oxy so many times in the blog but it is not as complete as the NEW Acnoplex Formula range that has just been launched recently.

Oxy Acnoplex Formula Range
Introducing NEW Oxy Acnoplex Formula range. A complete skin care range with 4X acne fighting formula that effectively fight pimples, blemishes and at the same time improves the skin condition and keep them acne-free! I’m currently testing out another skin care range so I won’t be able to try these out and tell you what I think. HOWEVER. I will be giving the whole range out to one lucky reader! Stay tune for the giveaway at the end of this post ;)

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Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer

I’m totally a lipstick girl. I can’t remember when lip lacquer came around and took the beauty world by storm but I do remember I did not jump onto the bandwagon. I was not sure if it’s a lipstick or a lip gloss or is it something else. Lip lacquer can be in so many types and form. Some are a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss, while some are just a liquified lipstick. Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer is a liquified lipstick + stain that I’m currently using. This product has a long list of claims up their sleeve. Does it live up to all of them? Does it beats every other lip lacquer in the market? Let’s find out :D

Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer
Before I start, let’s talk about lip gloss. Yes, let’s talk about something that I’m not fond of using. I found out about something interesting while I was doing some research on Smashbox. The great-grandfather of Smashbox founder, Davis Factor is also the beauty legend known as Max Factor. Max Factor was the one who invented lip gloss way back in 1930. It took Smashbox decades later to improvised and introduces a totally new formula. And that is the one that you’re reading now! Isn’t that interesting?

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Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara: The kind of mascara that gets better over time

Tell me. Can you leave the house without mascara on? I know most people feel naked without eyeliner. To be frank, I can live without eyeliner. I just can’t skip eyebrow and mascara. Ever since I discovered mascara and the difference it makes with and without, I make sure I apply at least a quick coat even when I had brittle lashes at one point of time.

It takes some time to know if a mascara is good. Some mascara tend to wow at first application but sucks later on and some mascara doesn’t perform well at the beginning especially when it’s new but gets better as the content dries up a little. This is what happen with me and Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara.

Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara
Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara is actually a waterproof version of the brand’s best-selling mascara – the Full Exposure Mascara. I’ve not used the non-waterproof version before as I only use waterproof mascara so I can’t really tell you what’s the different. This waterproof version however is inspired by on-set technique of layering lengthening fiber mascara over a volumizing formula. It is said to exposes longest, fullest lashes, with no clumps and no flakes.

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Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box & Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit: Useful for small nitty-gritty, doesn’t store a lot of bigger stuff

When Muji came around, everyone went crazy over their acrylic especially the drawer box. Beauty enthusiasts all over the world raved about it and I’m sure you can find millions of review, blog, video and organization tips photos of it on the net. Me on the other hand was feeling meh over their acrylic box. I’m not liking the fact that it is clear and you can see everything from the outside. Plus I’m not keen with all the finger prints or makeup residue prints on these clear box.

As you know, I’m kinda into glassware at the moment (yes still) so naturally I’m attracted to clear makeup organizer. One day, one of my long time reader Tiffany Tai PM-ed me on Facebook saying ‘found something, I think you will like it’ together with Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box and Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit photo, I thought she was just telling me that Muji has makeup organizer. But when she told me there is a 30% sale for both of it, I wanted to dash to Muji right away.

Muji Acrylic Drawer Box
I couldn’t remember how big or wide the Muji Acrylic Drawer Box is so I didn’t set any target to purchase it immediately. When I saw the size, I was relieved that it is quite huge but the drawer height is not as deep as I think it would be. Just 2.5cm. I took my time browsing, comparing and gave it a deep thought if I could ever fit my eyeshadow palettes in it. That’s what I needed it for.

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