JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover: A quick, easy and convenient way in removing eye makeup

In my quest of searching for the best, fastest and most convenient eye makeup remover, I often stumble upon YouTubers talking about eye makeup remover pads and how it worked so well on them. One particular brand that was highly talk about is Almay, which unfortunately none of the online store ship to Malaysia except for MySale.my. I don’t think I have the will in me to wait for one and a half month though.

iHerb is a place that I often turned to for my “international brand” fix. Although iHerb does not carry Almay products but I managed to find something equally good, if not better. There are two brands available in iHerb carrying eye makeup remover pads. I chose JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover because the other brand kept receiving comments about the pads being a bit dry.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover
I received JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover not too long ago. It came without any box and worse, without any proper wrapping around it. I also couldn’t find any manufacturing date or expiry date printed on the jar. I must say, it is worrying to me not being able to tell if someone had open the jar before and if the product is still good to use. I believe they are but there wasn’t any hard evidence to back it up.

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Michelle Phan Sued: Ultra Records and Ultra International Music Publishing Sues over Copyright Infringement.

It was a shock to me that Michelle Phan is sued for copyright infringement because almost every YouTubers uses music from an artist and credit back either on the video or in the description box.

Michelle Phan
This breaking news came yesterday. All I know was Michelle is being sued but I have no idea what for. So I did some checking and it turns out that electronic dance music label, Ultra Records LLC and Ultra International Music Publishing LLC, which represents some of the biggest DJs in the world including Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta, is alleging that Michelle used a host of its artist’s songs in her videos without a license and is profiting from it. She currently have near 6.7 million followers on YouTube and reportedly earned 5 million in 2013.

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution: Getting the hang of the whole micellar water craze

Being someone who started using cleansing milk and cleansing oil to remove makeup, I can never quite get cleansing water. How could I? A full day worth of makeup, dirt and sebum are thoroughly removed at the end of the day with my usual remover product so there wasn’t any need to change to something milder that is mostly just water.

Despite how I feel about cleansing water and after reading all the raving reviews online, Bioderma has become something that I wanted to get my hands on for the longest time. It is not available in Malaysia directly although I nearly bought from an online seller at one point of time. You have no idea how happy I am when I found out Isetan KLCC brought in Bioderma since March 2014 and I think I was among the first to notice it from Isetan Newsletter, rushed over and got my hands on my first ever Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. I am a late bloomer in this new bandwagon but hey, it’s better late than never eh? :D

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Overall, there are three types of Bioderma micelle solution available namely Sensibio H2O (red cap) for Sensitive Skin, Sébium H2O (green cap) for Combination or Oily Skin and Hydrabio H2O (blue cap) for Sensitive Dehydrated Skin. I chose Sensibio H2O because that is the best seller among three and the BA also highly recommend Sensibio for me.

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Estée Lauder unveils new fragrance – Modern Muse, a fragrance that is inspired by the dynamic contrasts of a modern woman

I have a weakness with everything related to beauty and fragrance is definitely one of it. Just a few days ago, Estée Lauder Malaysia invited me over for a press presentation of their latest and exciting new fragrance, Modern Muse. As I walk out of the lift, I caught a sniff of Modern Muse even when I was just a few feet away from the venue. First impression? I am already liking the feminine, sophisticated, floral scent that my nose picked up.

Estée Lauder Modern Muse 1
Estée Lauder Modern Muse is the first major fragrance launch in the last decade. The fragrance is inspired by today’s woman and their intriguing duality. Estée Lauder describe Modern Muse as a symbolise of strong, independent, inspiring and confident women of today. She, who possesses natural magnetism, memorable, always full with force of create energy and a true inspiration role model to others.

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