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The One Time I was Sucked Into Naka Kirei Enzyme Hype

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Are you one of the people who got sucked in with Facebook ads? I never do until the Naka Kirei Enzyme ad came out and it created lots of hype around it. So I did a little digging on my own because I was super curious with the whole enzyme thing and how it can help with the wellness on the inside. As you know I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle and I’m wondering if my body is really lack of enzymes to help with whatever it is. I placed my order with one eye closed because of the price, which I’ll explain in a bit. When I talk about Naka Kirei Enzyme with my friends, I had a hard time explaining what it is. So I tell my friends that it’s something you pop half an hour before meal so that you don’t gain weight LOL. In a way it is what was claimed but the real fact is that it has more than just that.

Enzymes are made up of proteins which are consumed from food or produced in the body. They are necessary for activities in the body such as digestion, excretion, metabolism and immunity. This Japanese company said that we are not consuming more enzymes because of westernized meal style which doesn’t have much raw food. Enzymes are available through raw or fermented food. That is because enzymes are weakened when it is heated. And the Naka Kirei Enzyme are made from Koji (fermented rice) bacteria. The reason why it is safer to use Koji is because they are more active as they are fermented with soya beans and grains.

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One of the reason why people started consuming enzymes is because of constipation. Did you know that constipation is also caused by the lack of enzymes? Constipation is a state of waste products building up in your bowel. And it leads to obesity or the body’s disability to lose weight. That brings me to this. Not that I am obese or what not but I mainly want to lose the weight around my tummy, which Naka Kirei Enzyme claimed to do. Because there aren’t much info only on this product, I was also very confuse with the consumption. Thank goodness they have a Malaysia website (weirdly) and the FAQ are actually quite complete with much needed info.

It is recommended to take ONE capsule within 30 minutes before mean with warm water, which I duly complied with for lunch time. However I missed the memo on taking ANOTHER one capsule after meal within 30 minutes LOL. It must be within 30 minutes or else it won’t be effective. Now I know why it’s not working for me since I missed the memo haha!! I have no idea why I missed this but I remember I didn’t read that it is necessary to consume another capsule after meal even after going through the FAQ several hundreds of time.

Does it work to lose weight?

Now, the capsule may look harmless but it smells absolutely horrible. It is also necessary to drink more water as that sort of compresses the appetite and when I do drink more water, I tend to burp and it stinks! To me after consuming the capsule before lunch, I feel more hungry. More than the usual. Probably it’s psychological because I knew I had the enzyme that will help with digestion that I am eager for lunch, knowing I won’t gain weight. I don’t find myself eating lesser than normal but I also don’t find myself eating more than normal. I am still the usual me and I don’t eat much. For the first week, I lost 1kg and I knew I am in trouble. It is said that the effect will start within 2 weeks time so I know this is like a bouncing effect. The weight will comes back and it sure did. My main goal is not to lose weight but to lose the weight on my tummy region. Well, at first my tummy does look a little flatter but it doesn’t stay that way LOL. I don’t take this enzyme capsule for dinner as I don’t do dinner, mostly just protein drink.

Does it help with constipation?

To begin with, I don’t have constipation problem. In fact I have a very healthy bowel movement everyday but since consuming Naka Kirei Enzyme, all hell broke loose. I started to have constipation problem. Like for real! From no issue to big issue. I don’t have the urge to go to the toilet and it goes on for days. I then get very bad mood because my system were all messed up. Everytime I go on something like this I messed up my bowel movement. I tried stopping the consumption for a while and it went back to normal. I restarted again just to finish the expensive capsules and the same problem happened again. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea at all.


I can tell you that this is one hella expensive product. Priced at RM183 for one bag of 30 capsules, which will only last you for 2 weeks if you are consuming 2 capsules per day. If you order 2 bags, it is at RM310, 3 bags for RM432 or special 2 bags subscription for RM280. Subscription means they bill you RM280 every month and send you 2 bags every month. It is said to be cancellable at any time but I’m not too sure about that. I didn’t take the risk of ordering more than one as I wanted to try first before getting into it.

Let’s just say I won’t be reordering anymore after this 😛


Naka Kirei Enzyme is available at the following:
+ Malaysia –
+ Singapore –
+ Australia –

+ 1 bag – RM183
+ 2 bags – RM310
+ 3 bags – RM432
+ RM280 monthly subscription of 2 bags per month

For more information, you may read the full FAQ at this link.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


Comments (6)

  • Luckily I don’t have constipation problem. That’s a hell expensive price.

    • I also don’t have but with this…I HAVE! Now that I finished the whole bag, no more. Magic eh

  • Wow… it’s pricey. But is it effective or do you actually see/feel any benefits?

    I was ‘conned’, or rather… ‘coaxed’ into purchasing a box of CNI enzyme from my student’s mother many years ago.
    that was when i was still naive and didnt know a thing about MLM/direct selling.
    And that was the first time i took any enzymes whatsoever…
    I didnt see any difference, except the hole in my wallet !
    LOL… i was just an aspiring music teacher last time, with barely enough income to pay for my petrol and car loan!

    After working in Elken, barulah I became more acquainted with all these canggih2 terms, cz Elken also focuses on health care products and yes, they do have enzyme products as well.
    I did try a couple of times with the staff purchase price, but I didnt continue with it, cz the FMCG items were more tasty! — butter cookies, coffee… hahaha…

    But from your jottings, I found this Naka Kirei so mafan. 30 mins before and 30mins after. Haiyo… how many people can remember lah? I don’t think I can remember either!
    Don’t think I’ll try this. firstly, so very the mafan… Have to bring it out with me everywhere I go.
    Secondly, with the price, i better eat birds’ nest.
    Hahahahaa… I’m so aunty! LOL!

    • I feel nothing, except for it messing my bowel movement making me from no constipation to having constipation LOL. I’m out most of the time so consuming with warm water is hard. I can’t even remember to take it 🙁
      Not repurchasing anymore.

      • Ya, very ma-fan… They should make it less troublesome, especially nowadays everyone is on the go all the time.

        • I agree!


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