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£1.30 From Each The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm Sold Helps in Building Bio-Bridges Around the World

The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm

Made with only 9 ingredients, The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm is a multifaceted all-purpose product with good conscience. The tell-tale story on how this balm came about begins in the Amazon. For centuries, Amazonian communities that have relied on natural oils to care for their skin. This oily and balmy Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm is made using 100% natural-origin formula of natural origin oils and waxes. Gives You More Reason to Shop K-Beauty Products Online

I never realized how many people go crazy over K-Beauty. I mean I am aware of all the K-Beauty trend but when more and more Korean beauty brand are made available in Malaysia, suddenly I realized the demand and market for it is so huge.
I was approached by to attend their official launch event last week. I have not heard of and I kept typing it wrongly as “Beautiq” lol.

Accentuate the Beauty of Bare Skin with a Glowing Complexion with THREE New Base Makeup

THREE New Base Makeup

A good base makeup is not makeup that alter how your skin look but enhances its beauty. That is how I feel about base makeup 🙂 . THREE, a Japanese cosmetic brand that is based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin has recently introduced its new Angelic base makeup. THREE is a well-known minimalist brand and when it comes to Japanese base makeup, I already know right off the bat that it is going to be a good one.
Japanese are into natural, glowy makeup look.

What You Didn’t Know About CATRICE Malaysia

What You Didn't Know About Catrice Malaysia

Ahhh CATRICE. Whenever I am at Guardian I make sure I walk straight to CATRICE first thing as soon as I entered the store to check out what’s new. Sometimes I drove all the way just to check out CATRICE. The eagerness to find their latest new release has been an obsession. Being a CATRICE fan, I thought I knew it all! It is only recently I learnt even more about this favourite brand of mine. Some of you might already know this.

Mamonde is Now Available Online at 11street

Mamonde Now Available Online at 11street

Mamonde Malaysia, a Korean cosmetic brand under Amorepacific Malaysia umbrella has expanded its presence to online through a partnership with none other than 11street, where shoppers will have the convenient of not only shopping without leaving the house but also spoilt for choices with 57 Mamonde products available.

DR. WU Launched in Malaysia Officially, offering a varieties of Taiwan’s No.1 Clinical Skincare

Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare

I remember last year I attended the Taiwan Beauty Power Networking event and I met Dr. Wu’s son – Eric Wu, who is the Chief Executive Officer of DR. WU. Less than a year later, DR. WU Clinical Skincare was launched officially in Malaysia. Also present at the media launch event was none other than the Founder, the Godfather of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr. Ying-Chin Wu himself.