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Cult Product Caudalie Grape Water Now Available in a Limited Edition 2017 Packaging

Caudalie Grape Water Limited Edition 2017 1
Every year, Caudalie Grape Water released a limited edition packaging and the time has come for this year’s new limited edition packaging of the brand’s cult product and worldwide bestseller. The price of RM35 for a cool 75ml bottle is not that expensive really. For a cult brand that only uses grape water that is hard to source for and could be limited availability in the market from various reasons such as weather, I say buy them whenever you see it. I grabbed a bottle everytime the limited edition bottle launched and when Sephora is having 20% sale 😀 . That’s when I stock up Caudalie Grape Water! The limited edition packaging this year is similar to last year, only cuter. It has pink grapes painted in watercolour design to align with the line’s freshness and moisturising power.

Grape Water is made from 100% organic Grape water, absolutely preservative-free and fragrance-free. It is a ultra-fine face mist that soothes, refreshes and moisturises any skin type at all, yes even the most sensitive skin. It is a product that is suitable to be used any time, any day, at occassion, anywhere at all and most importantly, instantly absorbed into the skin within seconds.

The Life Clinic Introduced Zimmer Z Lipo and Rejuran Healer Into Their Wide Range of Treatments in Anti-Aging, Aesthetics and Wellness

The Life Clinic Datin Dr Serina
Last month I had the priviledge in attending an afternoon tea with The Life Clinic and with Datin Dr. Serina Abdul Latif, together with a list of VIP guests. It was a casual afternoon, enjoying good food, drinks and to learn more about two new treatments now available at The Life Clinic – Zimmer Z Lipo, the 2nd generation of Cryo-Lipolysis and Rejuran Healer, a new concept healer for the skin.

THE TWEE Sway its Way into Southeast Asia with First Flagship Store at KL Gateway Mall

The Twee 1
I nearly missed the launch of THE TWEE first Southeast Asia flagship store at KL Gateway Mall launch last week. As soon as I stand in front of the store, I knew I would like this. I made my way into the huge store swaying left and right (because it was so big) and find myself looking in awe. Even the men’s section are looking cool. Pretty much my style. Love the décor, the style, the display, the everything!

THE TWEE is a Korean fashion brand, designed and imported directly from South Korea. If you want to look like a Korean star, be like the Korean star and dress like a Korean star, THE TWEE is where you should start looking at 😛

Comfort Zone Hydramemory, a 24-Hours Double Hydration System Using the Safest and Finest Natural-Origin Ingredients

Comfort Zone Hydramemory
I did not even know there’s a brand called Comfort Zone here in Malaysia until the recent Comfort Zone Hydramemory range launch. Other media friends started telling me about their previous attendance for the anti-aging launch and I was like “are they already in Malaysia??” lol. But I’m more interested with these. The new Hydramemory range. The name says it all – hydration. Who doesn’t like hydration range? I know I love them!

Now, let’s understand more on our skin. Our skin’s outer layer is composed of around 20% to 35% of water. Proteins and lipids together with water gives the skin softness, flexibility and elasticity. When the water level dropped to 20% of less, the skin become parched hence the formation of aging such as wrinkles.

Comfort Zone developed Hydramemory range which has a 24-hours double hydration system. It is made with exclusive natural oils and high-tech active ingredients combination that not only provides water but also restructures cutaneous barrier and water distribution inside as well as outside of the cell evenly. It features a light “sorbet” textures minus silicones to complete the innovation mechanism of action for immediate, lasting hydration.

NEW from Mamonde! Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher

Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher
I’m a fan of Mamonde makeup the minute I saw them at the pre-launch event last year. Mamonde, is known to mainly only uses flowers as its key ingredient, together with other natural ingredients in its formulation to create beautiful and efficient products, especially in their skincare range. Amorepacific, the company behind Mamonde has invested a great deal in R&D to ensure the efficacy of Mamonde products and that these products are gentle on the skin just like the characteristics of a flower.

That brings us to today. There are two new Mamonde makeup products launch, which you can find at all Mamonde stores and beauty counters nationwide from July 2017 onwards. The Flower Pop range consists of two products – Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher.

Mentholatum’s New Premium Rich Moist Lipbalm, A Super Nourishing Lipbalm to Relieve Dry and Chapped Lips

Premium Rich Moist Lipbalm 1
Are you ready for more NEW lipbalm? I received quite a number of new lipbalm releases from Mentholatum and this Premium Rich Moist Lipbalm is one of it. Again, I won’t be reviewing these for the same reason as stated in this post. Colorless lipbalms are my go-to and my top pick when it comes to moisturizing the lips but I do get opportunities to try out new lipbalms from time to time and I know someone else need these more than I do although I must admit I am SUPER intrigued with these. So, these will be sent to one lucky reader of mine 🙂 . If you get a parcel from me from Poslaju, you know what you’re getting! 🙂

Premium Rich Moist Lipbalm is a super nourishing lipbalm, as the name suggest. It is formulated with not one but EIGHT moisturizing ingredients such as Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil. Jojoba Seed Oil, Honey, Royal Jelly Extract, Shea Butter and Moringa butter. All these moiturizing goodies helps to relieve dry and chapped lips while keeping the lips velvety silky smooth.