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THE TWEE Sway its Way into Southeast Asia with First Flagship Store at KL Gateway Mall

The Twee 1
I nearly missed the launch of THE TWEE first Southeast Asia flagship store at KL Gateway Mall launch last week. As soon as I stand in front of the store, I knew I would like this. I made my way into the huge store swaying left and right (because it was so big) and find myself looking in awe. Even the men’s section are looking cool. Pretty much my style. Love the décor, the style, the display, the everything!

THE TWEE is a Korean fashion brand, designed and imported directly from South Korea. If you want to look like a Korean star, be like the Korean star and dress like a Korean star, THE TWEE is where you should start looking at 😛

What I Wore Vol. 2

Something Borrowed Lace Bodycon Dress 1
I have a few beautiful new dresses in the wardrobe and one of it is this Lace Bodycon Dress. Tell you a funny story on this dress. I had three dresses in my shopping cart and I was checking out. I always pay for my dress purchases with my Paypal and that day, no idea what is wrong with me that I decided I wanted to make payment using my Maybank account. So I hit the go back button and the page went missing. Then I saw the so-called order in my account with “payment pending” on it. I clicked on the order, didn’t see any button to click so I could make payment and I wanted to re-add all the dresses into my cart so I could reorder. This Lace Bodycon Dress was the last piece so I wasn’t able to find it anymore. I called Zalora as I was desperate. Here’s what’s interesting. I was told the order did not went through (as I expected as I didn’t pay for it) and there is no way they could “release” this dress back into the market from their end. All I can do is to wait 4 hours for the system to auto-refresh. If I still didn’t see it in 4 hours, that means it will take 24 hours. Oh my gosh!

What I Wore Vol. 1

Fiona Crocs
I meant to start a What I Wore series after mentioning briefly about it in my Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses post some time ago. It was supposed to be called Favourite Look of the Week, then I realized it’s harder for me to do it once a week. So, instead of choosing one favourite look from the entire week, I’m going to post one by one (if any). Hence this What I Wore series 😀

I have so many looks I wanted to talk about and I keep on forgetting about it. Let’s start today’s series with a simple one. A current casual wear which I have been sporting every now and then.

Lifestyle Sunday: The What-To-Get, The Classic and Men’s Collection of Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2017

Braun Buffel Fall/Winter 2017
To celebrate Braun Büffel’s 130th Years, the brand revisited it’s Germany heritage, particularly to Berlin – a place rich and surrounded with historical buildings and modern architectures and into a multicultural metropolis for its Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. The Fall/Winter 2017 collection mainly taken inspiration from the nostalgic allure of 1980s German pop culture and meteoric modernism of Berlin as an avant-garde creative utopia. It is entirely a collection consisting of expressive and balanced fascination of the surrealism that lies in Berlin.

Besides that, the creative design aspiration of the House comes from a collaboration with German-American artist Lyonel Feininger, which brilliantly interpreted a contemporary reimagining of Cubism art references with a hint of three-dimensional geometric abstract forms. So what to expect from the Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2017 collection? Expect to see lots of bold and neon colors in the women’s collection, thanks to the inspiration taken after the eclecticism of electro-pop culture references in 1980s Berlin. One would also be expecting the collection to have the perfect accessories’ formula to transform a look for evening-to-day – creating an impeccable illustration of opulent feminine glamour with a patina of sensuous sophistication.

A Walk-Around Max Fashion Malaysia’s First Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 1
A fashion store launch and it’s 10 minutes away from me? Say what? You bet I went! I was happy when I found out Max Fashion, the largest, most trusted value fashion brand in the Middle East, North Africa and India was going to be opening its first store in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya Malaysia. As someone who is into fashion, Max Fashion was so huge in Dubai that I almost cannot missed it, especially when the event is so near my house 😀

Just yesterday, I was at IOI City Mall for an afternoon coffee and I notice there are so many tourist in the mall and majority of the shoppers are carrying Max Fashion paper bags. Actually I noticed that last week as I went back to the mall several times after the event. That proves how well received the store is here in Malaysia. Since Raya is just around the corner and I am kinda on a holiday mood now, I thought I would share with you a quick walk-around Max Fashion store here in IOI City Mall Putrajaya.

Crocs Celebrate Individuality with ‘Come As You Are’ Campaign in Spring/Summer 2017 Collection and

Crocs Spring Summer 2017
I always said that we should be who we are, not somebody else. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. We should celebrate our own uniqueness and that is what Crocs is doing with its latest ‘Come As You Are’ global campaign. This campaign encourage the celebration of one’s uniqueness but at the same time sends a message to not limit ourselves. The ‘Come As You Are’ campaign was launched and led by celebrity brand ambassadors Drew Barrymore, John Cena, Yoona Lim and Henry Lau. Crocs is deploying this campaign throughout 2017 with social media hashtag #ComeAsYouAre and in its new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

Crocs Malaysia also officiate the opening of Suria KLCC’s latest retail concept store, which takes up a 947 sq. ft. in one of my favourite mall. This opening mark Crocs’ presence of 22 stores and 2 outlets in Malaysia. This new store is also fully equipped with the latest Crocs Spring/Summer 2017 collection, ranging from its iconic clog to new styles such as loafers, sandals, canvas sneakers, flip flops, heels and wedges in an array of vibrant colors and graphic prints.