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Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack Unimaginably Became A Part of My Daily Lifestyle

Gaston Luga Praper
Oh wow. Come to think of it, the last time I used a backpack was when I was still in school. I have never use any since I left school! Backpack is pretty much a preferred bag for most people especially now that most backpack are made to hold laptop securely and comfortably. I’m a girly girl as you all may already know so it never cross my mind to style myself with one until recently, where I’ve seen lots of guys and girls carrying Gaston Luga backpack on Instagram. You can say I’m very selective with what I have on me and I definitely don’t mind a Gaston Luga!

Gaston Luga hailed all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. Yes, all orders made are shipped directly from Sweden. They are a Swedish backpack retailer and has quickly rose to instant favourite of many people of all ages and background being the top search for men’s / women’s backpack recommendation. Reason being? They are all about minimalistic design and I do notice that people nowadays are into simple yet stylish and versatile design. So it is not hard to fall in love with any Gaston Luga backpack. As someone who has never touched a backpack since the school days, I immediately knew what I want the minute I took a look at their website. It’s really not that hard if you are like me who are into minimalistic of everything 😀

Gaston Luga Clässic are the most preferred backpack from what I’ve seen and read from the internet but I personally would go head over heels for the Gaston Luga Pråper backpack. Then comes the color selection. Boy oh boy that was hard. A part of me wanted to go all black because it is the easiest choice and easiest pairing with most clothes, another part of me wanted to choose something different as I am also all about being different from the rest. So I chose Pråper in Olive & Black, a color which are mostly seen on the guys but rarely on the girls. That is why I wanted this particular color combination.

Gaston Luga Praper Front
Why not the Clässic you asked? Well, I like my bags to have structure to it. Meaning I like my bag to have a shape and able to sit on its own without me worrying too much that it will tumble or sliding down. This preference of mine applies to all bags, regardless it is carry-on bags, shoulder bags, clutch and so on. Pråper is also different as it is made using two types of material – thick, strong cotton canvas for the body and shoulder straps and leather for the flap and bottom base for durability and better water resistance.

Gaston Luga Praper Structure
Most backpack are with zipper closure but Gaston Luga ones are with drawstring closure. I personally don’t find this to be insecure or intimidating because the bag itself is quite deep so any valuable items falls deep inside the bag. Furthermore you will be pulling the drawstring tightly close and it doesn’t loosen up by itself at all. Pretty secure I would say.

Gaston Luga Praper Drawstring Closure 1
The adjustable shoulder straps here are pretty cool and neat.

Gaston Luga Praper Shoulder Strap
I am not that tall or big size and I have this constant worries that a backpack would look humongous on me, like how I’ve seen some girls with backpack. I didn’t want to be one of those girls where their backpack is bigger than them! And I was quite worried at first seeing Gaston Luga Pråper backpack for the first time because it looked so huge! I am happy to report that all is good as I somewhat look cute with a backpack 😀 . I adjusted my bag to the second top hole so that the bag sit on a comfortable height on my back. With a laptop in the bag, it actually feels comfortable on the bag and the shoulder straps are absolutely comfy on the shoulder. There was no stress or pulling.

Gaston Luga Praper Back
Pråper has 2 smaller inner pockets right in front of the laptop compartment. But what I was excited about is the passport pocket on the back of the bag because this is where I put my phone. Oppss! It is not meant for a bigger phone as the top bit of the phone is peeking out but I put my phone there for easy access. Put whatever you want I say!

Gaston Luga Praper Passport Pocket 1
Pråper can fit a whole lots of things. I wouldn’t do much justice to how spacious this backpack is because I usually go out with minimal stuff. On a typical day, this is what I usually bring. Nothing much. Just my laptop, wallet, phone, water bottle, car keys, a face mist (a must!), lipstick of the day, blotting paper or powder and an eyeliner because I have watery eyes and eyeliner tend to disappear lol.

Gaston Luga Praper Contents 1
I mentioned this on my Instagram Stories before that I loveeee the Pråper’s expandable metal hook closure. Have you seen anything like this??! I haven’t. It makes opening and closing the top flap so much easier. Extra brownie points for the coolest design of all 😀

Gaston Luga Praper Expandable Metal Hook Closure
All Gaston Luga backpacks are shipped using DHL Express Shipping from Sweden. I always use DHL Express Shipping and I already know it will arrive in 3 days time safe and sound, and it did! Everything was packaged well inside a box, made to fit the backpack.


Purchase, discount and shipping information

Shipping via DHL Express is FREE. You will also get 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country), AND 15% off using my code fionastreetlove on the remaining price after tax rebate.

Gaston Luga Praper Fiona
Here’s how the discount calculation looks like. It brings down the price from RM949 to RM645.32 after 20% tax deduction and 15% fionastreetlove code deduction. RM949 for a backpack may looked a bit too pricey but after all the discounts it is alright 😉

Gaston Luga Praper Checkout
Oh and one more thing. For a limited time only, you will also get a leather address tag worth RM99 with every backpack order for FREE! You may choose the color at checkout page.


Gaston Luga backpack is available for purchase online at or for the Malaysia local website.

Price: RM949 for Pråper as featured in this post.

For more information, please visit Gaston Luga Website or Instagram Page.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Nice backpack!
    Nowadays I use backpack as it evens out the weight of the stuffs that I’m carrying. My left arm and shoulder have been giving me problems since the doctor gave me that Hep A + B booster jab in May. So carrying handbags actually worsen the pain and discomfort.
    Also, bringing kids, I can’t afford to have the strap keep falling or risk of being pulled (or snatched!) so carrying a backpack is safer and more convenient, especially when I’m with the kids…
    And not forgetting, I have too many things to carry and backpacks have a larger capacity ^_^

    • I can understand why backpack is so much useful. I never thought of using one because I wouldn’t know how to pair it with my dresses and heels. Because that’s what I wear most of the time. When I bring my laptop out backpack seems to be the best option 😉 . Mom said I looked like a school girl with backpack lolololol

      • Ya ya… Chic college girl! ^_^

  • Nice one! Look tough but not muscular. hahaha


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