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Hair Care - Masque Hair Care - Serum Kérastase Review: Hair Care

Review: Kérastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Masque and Dual Sculpting Serum, the pink treatment products for the wonky hair

You heard me right. I have wonky hair lately ever since I undergo L’Oreal Professionnel HAIRchalk. Don’t worry. HAIRchalk is fine. Just that the patches I have is larger thus the unusual dryness on the hair. Every night I applied generous amount of L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil (Nourishing Oil) on damp hair and on the next morning but my hair is still dry. My hair just drinks up to Mythic Oil!

Then Kérastase Cristalliste came to the rescue. My hair loves it so much that I must tell you how amazeball these product is. No more wonky hair 😀

Kerastase Cristalliste 2

Hair Care - Masque Hair Care - Serum Hair Care - Shampoo & Conditioner Kérastase Review: Hair Care

Review: Kérastase Specifique Dermo-Calm Range, Soothe and Relax Your Sensitive & Stressed Scalp

I think I mentioned this before :D. My hair is considered the less problematic one and I don’t really have to spend time and pay a lot of attention to it. I do suffer occasional hair loss and dandruff due to stress but that comes and go. Then…my scalp took a 180 degree turn six months ago. Out of the sudden I suffer from sensitive scalp. My scalp became so dry that it flakes. Flaky scalp and dandruff is different. If you find white bits on your shoulder, that is flaky scalp not dandruff. Treating flaky scalp with hair care for dandruff doesn’t help but make things worse. Not only did I suffer from flaky scalp. My scalp is red, painful and veins are visible.

Before I knew the difference between flaky scalp with dandruff, I was treating my problem with hair care for dandruff. Not only it doesn’t cure my problem, it make things worse. I was in a red, painful scalp for a few months before I knew what went wrong. I visited my usual hair salon for a hair cut and my stylist told me that my scalp is actually sensitive and dry. She suggested that I use hair care for sensitive scalp, not anything else. I was introduced to Kérastase Dermo-Calm range.

According to Kérastase, hair beauty is determined within the scalp. That is why Kerastase created Dermo-Calm range for sensitive and stressed scalps.

Hair Care - Serum Kérastase

Review: Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate, The World’s First Skin Care for the Scalp and Hair

I talked about taking care of the face a lot and occasionally the hair but just like millions of women around the world I neglected my scalp. I don’t know about you but I actually thought shampoo, treatment or even hair masque is also taking care of my scalp. It’s not wrong to be misleaded that way because these product are being marketed as “scalp care” as one of the benefit. Boy I was so wrong. There are so many hair care brand in the market regardless premium, drugstore brand or even supermarket brand but none of them come out with a product especially designed for the scalp. That was before, until Kérastase took the first step to come out with Initialiste; the Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate.

Kérastase said that Initialiste is the first advanced concentrate hair serum to impulse the growth of stronger, shinier hair and more youthful hair. It is made with native plant cells that acts at the very base. So hair grow stronger and more radiant.