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OXY 3-Steps to Pimple Free Skin

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash, Oxy 10, Anti-Pimple Mark Gel
The weather has been so hot lately that pimples are popping out like no body’s business. I have been keeping these three Oxy products for the emergency days and it seems like the days is NOW. My skincare routine is so complicated that when I was handed just three products for a pimple free skin, you bet I froze. I did not know what to do with simplified skincare routine. Lucky for me, this is not rocket science and the result has been good so far.

Combating a breakout regardless a minor or major breakout can be simple. First you need to figure out the right facial wash, spot treatment cream, and lastly pimple mark prevention. The last step can either be achieved with a whitening cream or a special product like the below.

Black Silica Salt Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Acne Care Skin Care - Acne Marks Treatment

Black Silica Salt: Ditching chemically produced products for 100% natural derived ingredient products for a healthier skin

I don’t have good skin all the time. I used to have a skin that can take every single skin care products but that changed after a few skin allergy episode in 2012. I still remember the first time I had a “good skin state” is early this year and it went hay wired after trying a new skin care. A month ago, my “good” skin returned and you know what that means…it’s time to test out some new skin care 😀

Today’s skin care review looks like any ordinary skin care products. Not quite for me because I call this Black Silica Salt a bizarre beauty. Why, what, how, who, when and where? This you have to find out below!

Black Silica Salt Range
Black Silica Salt is a skin care brand brought in all the way from Japan by a Malaysian company, Mihada in early 2014. Black Silica Salt was originally developed by Reimei Japan since 2005. The founder are very protective about having their homegrown brand and product out from Japan so it took Mihada quite some time persuading Reimei to let them spread the benefits of the product of out Japan and to Malaysia especially. I’m glad Mihada managed to brought this brand into Malaysia as there is no other place to purchase this product but from Japan directly.

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Review: Oxy Anti-Pimple Mark Gel, Recommended Solution To Pimple Mark Free Face

One of my biggest headache of all time is still pimple marks. I have no problem lighten the marks with whitening products but I can’t seems to get rid of it completely no matter what. It seems like I have a stubborn skin :(. Previously I bought and tried one of the acne scar gel from local pharmacy with a high hope but not only it doesn’t remove any marks but also gave me breakout.

When something similar but with a much more affordable price anti-pimple mark gel landed on my desk, I do not hesitate to give it a try. After all I seriously wanted to get rid of all those ugly marks!

I’m sure all of you have heard, used or know about Oxy. I still remember the old school days where I would buy Oxy anti-pimple cream for my pimples. That is what Oxy is famous for. Oxy Anti-Pimple Mark Gel is said to not only lighten pimple marks but also help to smoothen the skin while preventing blemishes as well as revitalizes the skin cells. With this new addition to the Oxy family…the anti-pimple skincare range is now complete!

Hiruscar Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Acne Marks Treatment

Review: Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks Gave Me Breakout Instead!

No you did not read wrong. This product that I’m about to talk to you today is a post acne gel specially formulated to treat our number #1 enemy – acne scars and dark marks. But why the title is about breakout? You are about to find out.

While Mederma doesn’t work at all for me, I was hoping this Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks works better since it’s especially for post acne scars. I purposely drove to the nearest Watsons in the neighborhood to get this. There is a few variant and I settled with the most expensive and most promising one.

At the point where I bought this…my skin was in one of the best state I ever had. Breakout wave stopped for a good few weeks which I was happy about it. Previous acne marks on both jawline faded but there is still just a tiny bit of darker marks to take care of. Which is why I wanted to give this gel a try.