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“Sorry” Products aka Beauty Products That Didn’t Work – Part 1

I have always been lucky with most skin care and makeup products. I’m born with a skin that suits every skin care range from hydrating to whitening to brightening as well as anti-aging, which I felt blessed with despite having a not so perfect complexion. While I have been introducing you to beauty products that are good and works on me, I however do stumble upon highly raved products that does not do a bit good on my skin as claimed.

I had a beauty stash spring cleaning early January so I have thrown away most of the not-so-good products but I kept these three products.

Beauty Products That Did Not Work 1

Hiruscar Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Acne Marks Treatment

Review: Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks Gave Me Breakout Instead!

No you did not read wrong. This product that I’m about to talk to you today is a post acne gel specially formulated to treat our number #1 enemy – acne scars and dark marks. But why the title is about breakout? You are about to find out.

While Mederma doesn’t work at all for me, I was hoping this Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks works better since it’s especially for post acne scars. I purposely drove to the nearest Watsons in the neighborhood to get this. There is a few variant and I settled with the most expensive and most promising one.

At the point where I bought this…my skin was in one of the best state I ever had. Breakout wave stopped for a good few weeks which I was happy about it. Previous acne marks on both jawline faded but there is still just a tiny bit of darker marks to take care of. Which is why I wanted to give this gel a try.