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Korean Skincare Products for Breakout Skin

Korean Skincare Brand for Breakout Skin
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Sometime in October, I had a bad breakout that lasted for a month. At that time I was desperate for a quick solution. As you already know, I’m not a big fan of Korean skincare because some of the are too hydrating on me hence giving me that oily complexion. But some, I love. You know who I turned to when I was doing my research on breakout skincare? The Korean brand of course! Koreans are known for their fair and flawless skin. I want that skin too so I started googling my way to find more info on which Korean skincare brand and products that are able to help with my breakout as well as to give me some of that flawless skin. I stumbled upon a few useful article at ProductNation Malaysia. They have varieties of useful articles on all the latest product reviews and roundups, featuring consumer favourites, on-trend reviews and many more in Malaysia. Beauty wise, ProductNation focuses more on Korean beauty trend, which is exactly right down my alley.

Hakubi Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Whitening

Expecting a Radiant, Healthier Complexion with Hakubi White C Series and I Got More!

Hakubi White C Series
In the modern world these days, who doesn’t want to look fair? Literally everyone that lives in the Asian countries are very much into anything that gives our skin the fairness, brightness, luminous and radiant glow. Everybody know I am into brightening beauty regimen although bronzing up the skin to look like as I have sun-kissed skin is my most favourite makeup step to do 😀 . However I don’t like to look pitch white overall. What I’m looking for is that radiant and glowing skin. And that is how I embarked onto the Hakubi White C Series regimen. I have tried many whitening or brightening skincare and I have yet to try a brand from Japan. Yes! Hakubi is from Japan. The brand is by Sato Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., an established name in healthcare in Japan, with a presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Most skincare works on the outside aka skin surface but Hakubi’s new White C Series lighten skin blemishes as well as blemishes and freckles from the inside out with its unique formulation. Overall the White C Series range only has two products and each of them are different in its way. A topical skincare – White C Gel to be applied on the skin and White C Plus, an oral supplement. When used together, both products aimed to give the skin a brighter, fairer and healthier skin.

Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Oil TNS Skin Lab Trilogy

Falling Back Into Beauty Oil Regimen Thanks to Trilogy No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil

Trilogy No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil
Who here like to oil themselves up before bed time? I am a hardcore in bed time routine that I oiled myself up from top to bottom before I sleep with body oil body cream, hand cream, foot cream, face oil, face cream, neck cream, and everything else lol. I know, you must be wondering how do I sleep and how dirty my bed sheets are, eh? I’ve been on the beauty oil aka face oil bandwagon on and off for the past few years. Ever since I was told I need to apply beauty oil ON my oily skin, it has been life changing. Who would have thought applying beauty oil on oily skin can balance the skin’s water and oil level?

To date, I have gone through several bottles of beauty oil from different brands. Some was good while some doesn’t impress me that I took longer to go through them. Typically I do not apply beauty oil on day time under the makeup for fear it will make my makeup “float” on top of the skin as the day goes by. However, this Trilogy No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil is a different story. It is the first beauty oil I’ve used that is not oily and I’m able to have it under my makeup. Everyone is talking about the beauty oil sale at TNS Skin Lab because all of them are on 20% OFF and it is really cheap for a beauty oil. So I thought I would tell you about this Trilogy No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil before the sale ended.

Hada Labo Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Toner

Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion, A Great Idea for Oil and Water Balance for the Skin

Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-in Lotion
I have come to a realization that oil suspending in water type of skincare is somehow not doing my skin good.
I don’t know what is it that I am currently having massive breakouts from a similar product, which also has oil suspending in a serum. At the same time, I was also using this Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-in Lotion. Let me tell you something – this lotion has got to be the most exciting product that I’ve gotten from the mail because I saw this at the drugstore earlier and I was super interested with it. I like beauty oil and especially now that my skin is more mature and more dehydrated that anything that has oil in it will automatically be in my favourite list.

Clarins Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Anti-Ageing

The 8th Generation Clarins Double Serum is so Powerful That it Gave Me Breakout and Congested Skin

Clarins Double Serum 8th Generation
Clarins is one of the brand that frequently reformulate their products at least once a year or maybe once every 2 years? However, their star product; Clarins Double Serum was last reformulated 5 years ago. Now, for someone who are constantly in the lab R&D-ing breaking scientific technology, that is very long. This brings us back to July 2017, where Clarins launched the 8th Generation of Double Serum. I was one of the privileged media to be invited for an interview session with Marie-Hélène Lair, Clarins Scientific Communication Director a day before the big launch event.

Love Face Review: Skin Care Shopping Skin Care - Masks

Understanding Love Face and Their Passion with Taiwan Beauty Products

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Love Face 1
I got to know Love Face when a few bloggers went to one of their event and posted on Instagram about it. Usually I browse through Instagram in a fast manner, not paying much attention but most picture from the event that I saw was 23.5N. And the brand 23.5N from Taiwan was one of the brand that I particularly like when I attended the Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event last year. I was like… since when 23.5N was launch in Malaysia? Because I remember the brand told me that they “have plans” to expand their market to Malaysia shore but I didn’t expect they did it in just a short few months. So I started browsing Love Face website. To be honest at that time I have no idea what I was looking at as I can’t understand what they are trying to sell – is it a monthly beauty box subscription? Is it a curated type of beauty box? Why so many mask? And so on. Fast forward to a few months ago when I met the lovely Founder of Love Face. It was then I understand what is Love Face. I find that the Founder and I both have one thing in common; and that is we both do what we are passionate about and everything else such as money etc comes next. It was through that one meeting that I see my younger self in her, which is why we could meet and chat for hours. We are going to launch a Love Face X #IWillBeOkay box soon but before that, I thought I might tell you a bit more about Love Face in this short and simple post.