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Love Face Review: Skin Care Shopping Skin Care - Masks

Understanding Love Face and Their Passion with Taiwan Beauty Products

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Love Face 1
I got to know Love Face when a few bloggers went to one of their event and posted on Instagram about it. Usually I browse through Instagram in a fast manner, not paying much attention but most picture from the event that I saw was 23.5N. And the brand 23.5N from Taiwan was one of the brand that I particularly like when I attended the Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event last year. I was like… since when 23.5N was launch in Malaysia? Because I remember the brand told me that they “have plans” to expand their market to Malaysia shore but I didn’t expect they did it in just a short few months. So I started browsing Love Face website. To be honest at that time I have no idea what I was looking at as I can’t understand what they are trying to sell – is it a monthly beauty box subscription? Is it a curated type of beauty box? Why so many mask? And so on. Fast forward to a few months ago when I met the lovely Founder of Love Face. It was then I understand what is Love Face. I find that the Founder and I both have one thing in common; and that is we both do what we are passionate about and everything else such as money etc comes next. It was through that one meeting that I see my younger self in her, which is why we could meet and chat for hours. We are going to launch a Love Face X #IWillBeOkay box soon but before that, I thought I might tell you a bit more about Love Face in this short and simple post.

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Lifestyle Sunday: Behind-The-Scenes Walk into IPC Shopping Centre Phase 2 & 3 Redevelopment and Reopening of Foodland at LG1

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 1
The fun part about what I do is to go behind-the-scenes of many things. The most recent one sounds unrelated to me, according to my friends. Behind-the-scenes walk into IPC Shopping Centre Phase 2 and 3 redevelopment, but I disagree. You see, I do have sentimental feelings towards IPC Shopping Centre. Why did I agree on this? (1) Many of you may not know that I used to look after Samsung Malaysia’s key outlet in IPC Shopping Centre, which was previously known as Ikano Power Centre, (2) It sounds hella fun putting on safety boots, hard hat and reflective safety vest like project managers do, (3) It’s not everyday an opportunity to go behind the scene of a shopping centre come by, so why not!

I personally frequent IPC Shopping Centre a lot and that includes Ikea which is just next door. Ask me about all the food at LG floor and I could name which is good and what not. However IPC Shopping Centre has been under going massive renovation since March 2017 as a next step mesure to strengthen its presence in the market. Phase One was done and recently launched and that is the LG1 and LG2 floors. The one I went for a peep is Phase Two and Three.

H&M Shopping Tips

What You Didn’t Know About H&M Online Delivery

What You Didn't Know About H&M Online Delivery
So the news about H&M going online broke a month ago and they even offered a special 20% OFF code for the first flock of people who signed up for their newsletter. The promise was that once H&M Online was launched, these flock of people who signed up will received a discount code. H&M kept their promise alright. I received my discount code, placed my order and was put through a local delivery drama. I posted all of that and what went wrong on my Instagram Stories.

Fashion Shopping Tips

Fashion Accessories to Put On Your Christmas List

You’ve been busy making lists for everyone else, take a moment to make one for yourself! If you’re unsure of just exactly what you could use this season, take a few notes from the list of must-have holiday fashion accessories from the list below.


Sorel Boots
Whether you live in a warm climate or cool, boots are always in fashion. They’re probably the most versatile type of footwear out there as they can be dressed down or dressed up, and are a great, more comfortable alternative to heels. Sorel’s Major Moto Boot, for example, is a great choice for a casual footwear option. The Major Moto features a mixed-material design with a leather upper body, molded rubber in- and out-sole, and a fold-down front cuff lined with a quilted, flannel-print fabric, which adds a festive flair to the low wedge, moto-inspired boot. The heel also features built-in arch support for added comfort and a bit of treads to help counteract any icy walking conditions.



Chan Luu SIGNATURE Floating Pearl Sterling Silver Statement Earrings
Earrings are a simple way to add a bit of sparkle to any holiday outfit. Pearls are a timeless holiday jewelry choice and the Chan Luu SIGNATURE Floating Pearl Sterling Silver Statement Earrings add a bit of a modern appeal to the classic gem. Two iridescent freshwater pearls are anchored to a handmade sterling silver wire, making these drop-style earrings easy to pair with either a dressed-up or dressed-down affair.


Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket
Like the boot, a well-fitting leather jacket can be one of the most versatile items in your closet and can also add some much needed structure to soft, flowy pieces. Pair with a dress for an edgy holiday look, or layer with a light sweater and jeans for effortless cool weekend wear. There’s really not much a good leather jacket can’t work with.



Black Widow Ladoire Touch of Modern
With a smartphone in nearly every person’s pocket you may question why a watch is still even considered an essential. Mainly, it’s one accessory that can be artfully worn every day, no matter what type of outfit you’ve planned. There are thousands of brands and models to choose from, but modern watches are really more about adding a special personal or finishing touch on a well-chosen ensemble.


Modern Hair Accessories

Ellette Headband
For the past few years, the “It” hair trend has strayed from the elaborate updos of the early 2000’s, and it could be argued that the trend for modern hair leans towards effortless and chic and 100% wash and wear. But, just because the “I woke up like this” look is in doesn’t mean you can’t put a touch more work into your holiday hairstyle. Alice bands are a beautifully minimal hair accessory that instantly adds a bit of sparkle without overwhelming your look.



Color Check Wool Scarf
There’s really not much that can add as much elegance and beauty to an outfit as a scarf. While the thick, knitted versions come out in the winter for much-needed warmth, the lighter, silk and cashmere varieties should not be overlooked as fashionable accents during the cool transitional seasons of spring and fall. A beautifully printed cashmere scarf can add a touch of contrast as well as some layered interest, or even dress up a casual look. Midweight scarves, like Burberry’s Parade Red Color Check Wool Scarf, for instance, is a perfect option for slightly cooler weather, but also great to pair with a coat and boot for the much colder winter months.



Sole Society Wide Brim Hat
The chill of the winter months is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of much-overlooked fashion accessory: the hat. Beanies tend to be the winter hat of choice; however, over the past few years the wide-brimmed fedora has come back in full force, lending a bit an adventurous wanderlust appeal to the modern wardrobe. Sole Society’s wide brim hat is a perfect addition to your Christmas wish list. Cut from a cozy wool-felt and with a wide-brim silhouette, it was made to keep wearers warm and to shield from brisk, winter winds. The stylish fedora also features a gleaming metallic band, adding the perfect touch of holiday glamour.


CUPONation Info Shopping Special Feature Tips

5 Simple Online Shopping Tips: Breeze Through Online Shopping Easily and Smartly

5 Simple Online Shopping Tips
With everything sort of digitalized these days, you will be surprised that there are a majority of us who do not fully utilize the convenience. And I am talking about online shopping. I realized this when I constantly received emails or comments left in my blog that they do not know how to shop online. That got me thinking. Online shopping is as easy as (1) pick the item you want, (2) add into ‘shopping cart’, (3) make payment, (4) wait for the parcel to arrive. Yes it may seems as simple as what I just mentioned for people who have done online shopping before but not to those who have yet to try it.

Fashion News Shopping Special Feature The Chic Initiative

The Chic Initiative: Premier online retailer for clutches, evening bags and minaudières

As you know I am a huge hugeeee fan of beauty box subscription. I still remember my very first beauty box. It was Fabulous Finds. Fabulous Finds left a fond memory to me as they are the first beauty box in Malaysia and who can forget the ever so bubbly, inspiring CEO and Founder, Hui Ling. I can remember how sad we were when Hui Ling decided to discontinue Fabulous Finds due to health reasons. Throughout the past years I do bump into Hui Ling and we kept in touch through Whatsapp. But can you imagine how happy I was when Hui Ling called last month? The good news is, Hui Ling now has a new venture called The Chic Initiative. It’s an online retailer of women’s dinner clutches and evening bags, with pieces curated from abroad. We met up for coffee and the rest is history!

The Chic Initiative 1
Why dinner clutches, evening bags, and minaudières (mee-nor-dee-yers)? Hui Ling said that it is hard to find the right evening clutch. I could not agree more! Yes there are some shops that has clutches but it s never the right one. Personally, I find it hard to find even one single clutch when I needed the most. And there is also lack of online retailer selling evening clutches. Since Hui Ling are very much into fashion, she thought why not she do this as a passion project to fill the market gap? I say that is a brilliant idea! 😀