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Hair Overhaul with Davines Ammonia Free Hair Colouring System

I desperately needed a brand new hair colour and a root touch up. The desire to have the same purple hair as Alicia Keys from the Empire show kept giving me dreams on purple hair. For the first time in my life, I wanted to do something drastic to my hair. Everyone was shocked when I told them I am going to do my hair purple. Well, Fiona with purple hair? You would not even imagine 😀

While many refer their new hair do a makeover, mine was really an “overhaul” as I walked into the salon looking like Fiona and walked out looking like Fiona’s twin sister lol. All this thanks to Davines Malaysia for the hair colouring system and Evo Fabuloso Pro for the Volumising Conditioner Base to condition and help prolong the colour.

Davines Hair Makeover 1
For those that are wondering, I was at the salon at 10am and I left at 3pm. Mine took longer time as I needed to bleach, colour and touch up the roots. I washed my hair at home in advance before going to the salon. The hair overhaul process started with applying ammonia free bleaching product on half bottom of my hair and leave it on until it turns to the right colour.

Davines Hair Makeover 2
The right color in this case was gold! 😀

Davines Hair Makeover 3
The colouring system used on my hair was the Davines Ammonia Free Hair Colouring System. As the name suggest, it is an ammonia free product which is enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong anti-oxidant action. Even though so it is ammonia free, it is able to give one an intense and bright colour tone as well as pastel tone on bleached and prelighted hair.

Davines Hair Makeover 12
My choice of colour is of course purple. Purple is my favourite colour since last year after I started Modern Mavens as it is Modern Maven’s main colour. Purple represent empowering, which is why I chose purple 🙂 . For my hair, the colour Violet and Blue were used to obtain two shades of purple for layering.

Davines Hair Makeover 13
An innovative colour instrument called the Flamboyage® were used instead of the usual aluminium foils. I was told that this is an additional paid service which you can request at Davines salons. Flamboyage is better for hair colouring as the sticky surface is able to hold each and every hair strand separately for easy product application.

Davines Hair Makeover 4
For a sticker-like sheet, boy these are quite heavy once all my hair was done. Two tones of purple were used on my hair. The pink one are lighter purple and the purple one are darker purple. The colour turns darker as it was left longer. The colours are applied in such a way so that it creates an ombre layers. Something different from the ordinary ombre.

Davines Hair Makeover 5
While waiting for the colours to sink in and “overtake” my hair, my roots were touched up so that the wash off can be done simultaneously at once.

Davines Hair Makeover 6
And here is the result, straight after blow drying. No, I did not do rebonding. My hair are naturally fine and straight. It will become straighter as it grew longer.

Davines Hair Makeover 7
A close up of the two different purple layering.

Davines Hair Makeover 8
And of course I couldn’t leave just like that. I was also given a complete hair styling. It has been some time since I had my hair curled. That is because my hair are so straight and soft that curling myself is impossible. People say healthy hair are the hardest to style. That is so true.

Davines Hair Makeover 9
Tadaaa! The result. Yes it is not the purple I had in mind. I did told the stylist to do whatever she think suits me lol. It actually turns out quite red but none the less absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen colour layering like this before. I actually like it a lot. Like a peekaboo. Some angle you see purple, some angle you see pinkish purple 😀

Davines Hair Makeover 10

Davines Hair Makeover 11
Hair colouring like mine comes in two option – 16 washes or permanent. I had mine done with permanent colour. Permanent means the colour will last me for 2 months with a special concoction of colour conditioner. The wonderful thing about Evo Fabuloso Pro Volumising Conditioner Base is that the concoction is done based on the hair colour and it is suitable for any other hair colour brand. You can do a Wella hair colouring and still able to prolong the longevity of your hair colour with this conditioner.

Davines Hair Makeover 19

Davines Hair Makeover 20
As my hair colour are Violet and Blue, my colour conditioner conditioner also consists of the same colour mix. It is fascinating to watch how my conditioner were mixed in front of my eyes. The amount used are also based on how the stylist mix the hair colour initially. So the conditioner will go accordingly to the hair colour mix.

Davines Hair Makeover 14

Davines Hair Makeover 15
Before the mix.

Davines Hair Makeover 16
And here’s my conditioner, after a vigorous shake.

Davines Hair Makeover 17
Interesting how the conditioner colour is exactly the same as my hair colour!

Davines Hair Makeover 18
I thought I might want to show you how does the hair looks like the next day. I was surprised that the curl stays on till the next day. It’s even more beautiful the next day lol. I must admit. The hair colour stands out so well with curls on. So I’m taking extra effort now to curl my hair more 🙂

Davines Hair Makeover 21
I was told that my hair will become very dry after the colouring process. It turns out not as bad as I thought it would be. The slightly drier ends enable me to style my hair easily. I actually like it 😀

This photo below are taken just yesterday. The colours are still pretty and even more stand out with curls. In real it is more pink. Can’t wait to see what colour it will change to next 🙂

Davines Hair Makeover 22
Thank you everyone at Davines Malaysia for the hair makeover. Love love loveeee my new hair!

For more information on Davines, please follow Davines Malaysia Facebook page and Instagram for more updates and exciting new hair innovation!


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  • Looks so classy and beautiful! The conditioner looked very yummy too lol, like some berry beautiful potion for the hair. You look good with the curls! Happy Chinese New Year girl! May the year of the Monkeys brings us lotsa joy and happiness, swinging from salon to beauty counters!

    • Lol. Yes, as berry as my hair! I’ve been spending time curling my hair recently. While I like the outcome from it, I hate the time spent. Not much in the patience department lol. Hair is now more dry and “spoilt” so the curl stays! Yay!
      Hope the same too for the Monkey year dear <3


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