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A Few Ways to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

A few ways to keep your skin young and healthy 4
Most of us start worrying about our skin only when we notice the first wrinkles. That’s why, to avoid skin aging, or at least delay it, you need to think about this problem in advance. Is it bad if the first wrinkles on your face begin appearing a few years later, and the skin will remain younger for a little longer? I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Hundreds of fashion magazines and websites give us a whole bunch of tips. And some of them are quite useful. I’d like to share a couple of them too. Each advice works great for both men and women. So, how to keep your skin healthy and clean longer? Here are a few ways to do so.

More water

You should take a small bottle of water with you wherever you go. Keeping the right water balance in your body is important, but try not to drink much an hour before going to bed. Otherwise, you may wake up with a swelling in the morning.

Don’t wash your face with hard soap

It dries your skin and slowly draws moisture from it. You may not feel anything now, but you’ll notice the result in a few years, but it will be too late. It’s better to use liquid soap for washing the face. If your skin is delicate, you should try foam. And one more thing – don’t wipe your face with a cloth towel. Paper napkins will work much better. With them, you can remove moisture from the skin, barely touching it.

Two or three times a week you can wipe your face with an ice cube; it refreshes the skin. This tip has one more advantage: you get a little energy boost.

Use creams regularly

Washing the face, toning the skin, and applying cream usually doesn’t take more than five minutes, but many of us are too lazy to do it every day, especially in the evening, after a hard working day. But after washing and applying face cream, you’ll feel fresh and full of energy, even if five minutes ago you were so tired that you couldn’t even speak.

A few ways to keep your skin young and healthy 2
Down with bad habits

Somebody may not know this yet, but smoking negatively affects the skin, so if you smoke, try to at least reduce the amount cigarettes smoked every day to a minimum. Besides, it’s much more pleasant to smoke one cigarette a day but with a cup of coffee, sitting on a balcony or in a café and reading a book than smoke a cigarette after a cigarette without getting any pleasure from it.

Lots of fruits

You need to eat five different types of fruit to keep all those little wrinkles under your eyes at bay. Daily consumption of fruits will improve the overall condition of your skin. Fruits can’t be replaced by any vitamins, even if you take tons of them.

Have enough sleep

Nothing affects our skin as badly as lack of sleep. It literally kills everything that keeps it healthy and young. You should sleep for at least seven hours a day. And more importantly, you need to sleep at night, as between 3 am and 5 am, our body restores itself.

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, soon, apart from depression and fatigue, caused by the almost complete absence of serotonin and circles under the eyes, you’ll also get a gray shade of face and enlarged pores. After that, collagen collapse will follow. And the last process is irreversible; the only thing that can help in this case is regular and costly subcutaneous collagen injections.

A few ways to keep your skin young and healthy 3
Nourishing face masks

Those who have oily skin should make nourishing masks two or three times a month. For normal skin, doing it once a week would be enough. But if you have dry skin, you need to make masks a couple of times a week. There are lots of great ready-made masks. You can also try a cucumber mask for narrowing pores, a kefir mask for whitening skin, or a strawberry mask to make your face look fresh. Such nourishing masks are extremely popular in Eastern Europe. Just look at those Slavic ladies, no wonder many girls envy and wish they have a good skin as Russian girl.

Watch what you eat

Stay away from anything spicy, salty, and sweet. Remove all canned and fast food from your diet. It’s also great to minimize (or completely give up) anything that contains yeast.

Apart from fast food, fried potatoes, and canned fish, the worst enemy of your skin is cheese. So cheese and other dairy products should also be avoided.

What else can you say about the diet? Avoid Coca-Cola and stuff like that. I know that for many of you, it may be difficult, but after a couple of weeks without soda, you’ll get rid of small annoying pimples on the forehead and temples. As a result, you won’t need a foundation and concealer anymore, and your friends will be asking you how you manage to keep your skin so healthy and fresh.

Professional help

Now, let’s talk about cosmetologists. How often do you need to visit them and do you need to? You shouldn’t give up visiting a cosmetologist. As for how often you need to do it, it depends on your skin. Those who don’t have serious skin problems can do a deep cleaning about once every six months, but nutritious masks and massage need to be done every two months.

In any case, if you’re visiting a cosmetologist, keep doing it. Just be sure to find a good specialist who will not only provide you with high-quality services but also give some advice on facial care.


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