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Body - Body / Shower Scrub Claire Organics Review: Bath / Body

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt: Luxuriously scrubbing away with french sea salt and rose hips oil

Hello! I am not sure if I’m back for real. I still want to take my time with the hiatus without having the stress of updating the blog. Having said that, despite enjoying not having to think about what review to put up, all sorts of nonsense stuff starts to play with my mind now that I have so much time on hand. I have not stop working even before the hiatus. I think I only laid on the bed not doing anything for a day and that’s about it. The blog can stop for a while, sadly the work can’t. I thought I’d popped in to tell you about this super awesome Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt which was gifted to me for my birthday by my dear friend Carrie Anne Long 😀

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt
I don’t know about you but I absolutely love using slightly harsher body scrub. I like to use a scrub that feels like a scrub. I have not tried any other french sea salt scrub before and I’m quite glad that my first would be the one from the well-known Claire Organics. I believe no introduction needed for Claire Organics. Everybody know the brand and who they are. If you’re looking for handmade and organic personal care products, Claire Organics is the brand to go for.

Body - Body / Shower Scrub Review: Bath / Body Sephora Soap & Glory

Review: Scrub-a-Dub Dub with Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish

Since I’m taking a break from working, I’m also on shopping ban as I’m no longer earning any income or whatsoever. Good for me because I can take this opportunity to be more hardworking in using up all the beauty product stash that I have. Like I said before I have a very good self-control on shopping but I do plan to splurge on Make Up For Ever products during their official opening of Pro Boutique which was held last Friday. I don’t know if it’s fated or what. I have to absent myself from the event that day as I was rushing some freelance job that I took on. So no haul for me.

I went to Sephora KLCC last Sunday to hunt for gifts for a dear friend of mine. Since I can’t shop for myself doesn’t mean I can’t shop for somebody else right? Right? There’s something about spending on other people. It makes me happy to see my friends caught in surprise with small gifts that I got for them. Among the array of gifts I bought, I also pick up a tub of Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish.

Soap & Glory Flake Away 1

Body - Body / Shower Scrub Budget - Body Care Budget Buy Palmer's Review: Bath / Body

Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Scrub, May Smell Like Chocolate Milk Drink But Not Chocolicious Enough For Me

Are you a fan of chocolate milk drink? Yes? Then this review is for you 😀

I love chocolate. Not so much on chocolate milk because I can get quite jelak (satiated in English) if consumed too much. On one random sample redemption at Palmer’s roadshow back in May, I bought the Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Scrub because the sales girl that attended my request were very nice and polite to me. It is very rarely nowadays to encounter such an excellent customer service eventhough I am just there to redeem sample. And of course coincidently I ran out of body scrub 😀

When I ask to try out Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Scrub on the back of my hand, I wasn’t aware that this is made from cocoa. The strong cocoa scent immediately rushed into my nostril, as if slapping me back to my senses. There and then…I realized I may like chocolate as food but not for my body care.

Body - Body / Shower Scrub L'Occitane Review: Bath / Body

Review: Just Twist, Squeeze & Scrub with L’Occitane Almond Shower Scrub

Somewhere end of June 2012 L’Occitane Malaysia releases a few new products into their Almond range and I hauled some products back as you can read in this post. That haul include two tubes of the Limited Edition Almond Shower Scrub.

Ahhhh…the “Limited Edition” phrase never fail to get me. I wasn’t in the need to get a new body scrub and RM84 is not cheap but after sniffing the scent and trying out the texture at the store let’s just say I was sold. The only thing that make me think for 1 second 5 second is the watery texture. I prefer my body scrub to be thick and exfoliating, not watery like a shower gel.

Body - Body / Shower Scrub Review: Bath / Body The Body Shop

Review: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

After finishing Watsons H Bella Purify & Renew Body Polish which I received from Isn’t Life Great official launch event, my next choice of body scrub is actually Crabtree & Evelyn’s but unfortunately they’re not having any sales at the moment so I decided to try something cheaper.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub is a 200ml jar and it’s suitable for Normal / Dry Skin. It’s retailing at RM59.90.

I sniffed all of the body scrubs available and finally settled with Olive as I always believe Olive is good for the skin. On first sniff it smelled terrible for me. I thought it smelled alcohol-like lol.

The scrub contain ground olive stones, rice granules and crushed walnut shells for gentle exfoliation which could be harsh on some people so if you have super delicate skin or you don’t like original scrub, you might not like this. For me I love this as scrub are meant to be that way. It also contain organic olive oil that helps to condition the skin and sunflower seed oil which moisturises and helps to soften the skin. But this is a cream-based body scrub so your skin will feel soft and smooth at the same time!

This is how the scrub looks like before spreading.

And after spreading the scrub out, I can clearly see the ground olive stones, rice granules and crushed walnut shells (especially walnut shells). It smelled good too.

It might take some time to get the scrub off your skin as it’s quite thick. Or maybe I applied too thick eh? Oh well. Look at how soft my skin is after the scrub.

I use this once every 2 days. I thought I’d be disappointed with this body scrub but turns out I like it very much.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.