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KENS Apothecary Laura Mercier Make Up - Face Make Up - Lips Review: Make Up

If You Like Boosting Your Skin’s Natural Color, Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre Spring 2017 Collection is What You Need

Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre
I have been enjoying my Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre products so much so that I have totally forgotten to tell you about it 🙂 . I was thinking to review the lipstick first but suddenly yesterday I wanted to talk about the Colour Powder For Cheeks & Eyes. Then, as I was typing my review away, I decided to lump both products into one lol. Like a friend said – redirect the heart. And I redirected twice! 😛

This beautiful Laura Mercier parcel arrived unexpectedly from KENS Apothecary. I’m always grateful to them for letting me try their products without any commitment. Joie de Vivre is Laura Mercier’s Spring 2017 color collection. The entire collection consists of one Colour Powder For Cheeks & Eyes, three Velour Lovers Lip Colour, three Lip Pencil, one Tightlight Cake Eyeliner, and one Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara. Joie de Vivre makeup collection evolves around the idea of bringing the natural color in your skin for a healthy and youthful glow.

Make Up - Face Mamonde Review: Make Up

I Still Don’t Know How I Feel About The NEW Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion
You guys know, the Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion is my all time favourite cushion foundation. No other cushion beat that. Then Mamonde sent me the entire set of the NEW Brightening Cover Cushion that consists of two variants – Brightening Cover Powder Cushion and Brightening Cover Watery Cushion. So in this new cushion you will get to choose either a dewy finish or a velvet matte finish. Naturally, I’d lean more towards a matte finishing so this review will be based on the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion 😉 . I have high hope on this one!

Brightening Cover Cushion has 4 main features but since there are 2 variants, the features varies but still in the same category. However both of the variants shared the same feature and that is they have Mamonde’s special Brightening Cover™ Complex in it. It is said to enable a skin tone-up created that makes the skin looking “brilliant” while covering imperfections through its phospholipid coating powder in it that is similar to the skin.

Make Up - Face Physicians Formula Review: Make Up

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is My Ultimate Favourite Bronzer of All Time. There, I Said It

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 1
Ahhh the most raved Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer that everyone is eyeballing. This would be the easiest product review for me as I’ve already been using it for a few months before it’s available here in Malaysia AND I LOVE IT. Oppsss! I shouldn’t have jumped to the end of the review at the beginning huh 😛 . A few months ago, I spilled the beans on Instagram Stories that Physicians Formula Malaysia would be bringing in the Butter Bronzer but as a limited edition release. If you missed several announcement on that and still asking me about Butter Bronzer, hmmm, it means you are not stalking me close enough 😛 . And the official announce was also made on Physicians Formula Malaysia Instagram on 16th August. Just bear in mind that this will be a limited edition release an only available for a limited time only while the stock lasts, so don’t procrastinate for too long.

Make Up - Eyes Make Up - Face Physicians Formula Review: Make Up

Why Intimidated with the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Duo When It’s The Most Beautiful and Versatile Palette to Own?

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Duo
The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips duo is not a stranger to most of you. I didn’t attend the blogger event but I was given this iconic duo when I went over to Physicians Formula Malaysia office for a meeting on #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag. Always love Physicians Formula team. They are always ever so kind to me. Since then, I have been using the Shimmer Strips since last year and I’ve been loving them! They are so well-loved / beat-up by now which shows how much I adore them.

ELF Essence Estée Lauder Guerlain Info Make Up - Face Physicians Formula Random Review: Make Up Wet n' Wild

“I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

Everytime a brand released a new highlighter, you went crazy and swear THIS IS your highlighter and IT IS THE ONLY highlighter you need. You hunt for it, you bought it and then, another brand also released a new highlighter, you find yourself repeating the same reaction or process. And another brand, and another. The story goes on. “I only need this highlighter in my life”. How often have you said that or heard your friend said that? Too often 🙂 . “I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

As much as I still go gaga or ooohhhs and ahhhhs over new highlighter releases, I don’t find myself wanting to purchase them. It’s getting stale. I find that everybody in the whole wide world is forever never ending releasing a new highlighter. It’s getting too repetition that I got bored and stopped buying highlighters. Let’s be honest here. Highlighter never finishes! I piled them up on my face every day and I don’t see that I’ll hit pan anytime soon. Let me show you my small little highlighter in my collection, which are my favourite and why I don’t purchase anymore highlighters.

Make Up - Face Physicians Formula Review: Make Up

I Love Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Spotless Foundation Then, I Love it Even More Now

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Spotless Foundation
It is no secret that I adore Physicians Formula. I still remember how I started dipping my toes into the Physicians Formula hype that was raved by all US beauty bloggers and Youtubers. It is this Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Spotless Foundation. This is the foundation that got me into Physicians Formula. But, it was tricky. Tricky because the brand Physicians Formula was not present in the Malaysia market back in 2014. And I have to search for one from an oversea online store that is cheaper and willing to ship to Malaysia. You girls are so lucky now as Physicians Formula was finally launched in Malaysia in early 2016. Buying any Physicians Formula product is so easy now as you can just walk into Watsons store or shop at Watsons online store. And I also found out recently that Physicians Formula have their own online store. Even better!