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Expecting a Radiant, Healthier Complexion with Hakubi White C Series and I Got More!

Hakubi White C Series
In the modern world these days, who doesn’t want to look fair? Literally everyone that lives in the Asian countries are very much into anything that gives our skin the fairness, brightness, luminous and radiant glow. Everybody know I am into brightening beauty regimen although bronzing up the skin to look like as I have sun-kissed skin is my most favourite makeup step to do 😀 . However I don’t like to look pitch white overall. What I’m looking for is that radiant and glowing skin. And that is how I embarked onto the Hakubi White C Series regimen. I have tried many whitening or brightening skincare and I have yet to try a brand from Japan. Yes! Hakubi is from Japan. The brand is by Sato Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., an established name in healthcare in Japan, with a presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Most skincare works on the outside aka skin surface but Hakubi’s new White C Series lighten skin blemishes as well as blemishes and freckles from the inside out with its unique formulation. Overall the White C Series range only has two products and each of them are different in its way. A topical skincare – White C Gel to be applied on the skin and White C Plus, an oral supplement. When used together, both products aimed to give the skin a brighter, fairer and healthier skin.


White C Gel (RM97.40 / 20g)

Hakubi White C Gel
Needless to say, the Hakubi White C Gel was opened and used immediately the minute I got it from the mail man because I was having some breakout and a whitening gel is what I need to lighten the stubborn acne scars.

White C Gel comes in a handy slim white tube with a rather unique fine nozzle tip. I actually like this type of tip as the product is quite liquidy and this type of tip somehow prevent the product from streaming out of the nozzle uncontrollable. It also ensure that I do not squeeze out more than necessary for pin-pointing application. You don’t really need that much actually.

This White C Gel is a liquidy gel. It has no color or any artificial scent to it. It has Vitamin C derivatives and Licorice Extract to help repair the skin from the outside. It has a list of benefits such as:

  • clear blemishes and freckles
  • suppresses the production of melanin and protects against blemishes and freckles
  • tightens, purifies and conditions skin
  • maintains a healthy skin
  • moisturizes and protects skin
  • prevents dry skin and acne
  • antioxidant effect prevents acne by suppressing the oxidization of fat
  • Licorice Extract or Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate in the gel acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to soothe irritation
  • conditions the skin by activating collagen synthesis
  • prevents spots after treatment


I used this Hakubi White C Gel day and night. Day time under my makeup, while night time as the last step. However I have to warn you that you have to be careful with the amount to apply because if you apply too much, it hardens up and turned into flakey white surface. Your makeup will definitely look patchy on top of it. So beware of the amount! The reason why I apply this as the last step despite the texture to resemble a serum is because I do pin-point application and I don’t want it to get everywhere. You can also apply the gel on the entire face but as I said before, beware of the amount you apply.

I did also apply it on top of acne just to see how it goes and I’m happy to report that my acne did not worsen but instead it shrunk in size. It doesn’t irritate the skin or acne like other product, which I am very glad. Want to see the Before and After? Continue reading 😉

Hakubi White C Gel Texture


White C Plus (RM122.85 / 180’s)

Hakubi White C Plus
I have never taken any whitening supplement before but I wasn’t worried because before this I have heard that this White C Plus supplement is really good and works. I suppose anything that are taken orally are anyhow better and works faster since it is working from the inside out.

This one I admit I am slightly confuse with. I have to Google and ask my friend if the instruction was really 2 tables for 3 times a day. After reading other reviews online, I was less worried and started taking the supplement. It contains Vitamin C, L-Cysteine, Vitamin B6 and Calcium Pantothenate is recommended for daily use. Perfectly safe 🙂

The White C Plus comes in a glass bottle and the empty area in the bottle are stuffed with a clear plastic so that the tablets doesn’t move in the bottle.

I’m amazed with how Japanese think thoroughly about their packaging. This bottle of White C Plus has a desiccant canister attached to the inside of the cap. Brilliant! But that means I can’t tilt the bottle and dispense the tablets into the cap LOL. Anyhow I still like the idea.

The tablets are all white, smooth and taste sweet too. There was no weird or nauseating taste. It taste just like sweets! If the White C Gel repairs from the outside, this White C Plus repairs FROM THE INSIDE.

  • promotes healing with Vitamin C as antioxidant
  • Vitamin C and L-Cysteine to help maintain a healthy body
  • L-Cysteine promotes skin metabolism
  • Calcium Pantothenate or Vitamin B5 assists Vitamin C to help in carbohydrate and fat metabolism and has a detoxifying effect
  • Vitamin B6 activates the metabolism of the skin
  • helps regenerate the skin


Hakubi White C Plus Tablets
Some of you may be skeptical about ingesting a whitening supplement but I can tell you after nearly a month of taking this oral supplement that I did not experience any side effect nor do I feel unwell. I really like the idea of taking supplement to help with improving the skin and health overall but since I am kind of new in all this oral supplement regimen, I have my doubts. The main doubt was – does it work? Am I any fairer? Does my skin looked better?

The answer is YES. And it has been amazing. My situation is a bit tricky. On another hand I am breaking out like crazy from trying out other skincare. But at the same time I looked healthier and hence fairer by a fair bit. It is more visible when I have makeup on. I do not have the smoothes skin texture of all time and the other day I took a face photo for a foundation review and my skin looked smoother, less texture than before.

Here are the Before and After photo comparison, after nearly a month of using and consuming White C Gel and White C Plus.

Hakubi White C Series Before After Side
To be honest I was only expecting fairer skin but instead I got a radiant, brighter skin, smoother face texture, pores especially on the inner of my cheeks are visible smaller, and uneven skin tone are visible evened out. I am impressed!


Hakubi White C Gel and Hakubi White C Plus are available at all Sasa outlets and selected Watsons outlets throughout Malaysia.

+ White C Gel – RM97.40 / 20g
+ White C Plus – RM122.85 / 180’s

For more information, please visit Hakubi Malaysia Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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