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Tips: How To Achieve a Soft and Smooth Heels

Oh man. I seems to be hit by one problem follow by another one and another one. Not sure if you ever heard about this myth before, I used to hear about people getting cracked heels from wearing strappy high heels often. Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve been wearing strappy high heels all my life. Nope. I don’t find my foot to be drier than usual nor do I suffer any cracked heels. Then I develop a new profound love for pumps so I stopped wearing strappy high heels. But because I have rather large foot, narrow pump hurt my toes a lot. So once in a while I take a breather or rather a break from pump to strappy high heels.

A few months ago I notice that my foot is rather err…ugly, dry and cracked. I asked my mum if this is cracked heels and mum said “oh yeah, that’s certainly cracked heels”. I panicked, then I make my brain work overtime for a home solution. Lucky for me, I have the tools at home, tried one very simple solution and it works well on me. Here’s my version of achieving a soft and smooth heels.

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