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Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not 6
The basics in beauty such as facial cotton and cotton tips are never a topic or rather not spoken at all because it was often forgotten. Yes the products are the star of a show but I also believe the tools are equally important as well. I always stock up on facial cottons and makeup cotton tips whenever I see a deal at Guardian. Why Guardian? Because they happen to carry all three of my most used and favourite tool of all time! And no, this post is not sponsored by Guardian by the way LOL.

We often thought that in-house brands are not the best and so we like to avoid buying them and go for a more known brand instead. This is true to an extend and I do prefer to go for known brand most of the time, however I find it to be a different story when it comes to these facial cotton and cotton tips.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes

Unicorn Brushes 1
Unicorn, holo, rainbow, iridescent. These are what beauty enthusiasts are obsessed with from the recent trend. I think the key word is unique. Anything that is not the ordinary sells like hot cake. Then came the obsession with anything unicorn. And the Unicorn Brushes were launch and people go nuts!

The original Unicorn Brushes are not cheap and it is based on pre-order. Is there even such thing as the “original”? I don’t know. It’s the first to launch, it has better aesthetic look to it such as iridescent handle, evenly-made unicorn rainbow bristles and a unicorn brush pouch. I didn’t jump onto the unicorn brush bandwagon the minute it was out. I learnt through all the years of being a beauty enthusiast that some things are best to wait. And I was right this time. Unicorn Brushes are sold at RM90 per set of 5 or 10 on average, depending on the seller. Thanks to some shopping vouchers I obtained from some event, I had to browse through an online shopping portal that I discovered Unicorn Brushes selling for just RM11 per set of 5 or add RM4 to upgrade to a set of 10. But of course all the 10 pieces were sold out and I had to settle with a 5-piece set. I bought two different 5-piece set as I had to maximize my shipping fee. I got them weeks later and I hated them. Then I browse through the site again only to discovered the same seller changed the price to RM11 for a set of 10 pieces. This time I was determined to get another set but in plain white bristles. I got them weeks later again as seller informed me that it was sold out. When I got them, I was so happy with it. The plain white bristles with pastel purple handles are way better looking than the colorful bristles. Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes.

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NYX Butter Gloss is My Secret to Revive Dry, Uncomfortable Lipstick

NYX Butter Gloss 1
I was going through my lipstick drawers and I kept looking at these NYX Butter Gloss, which I bought a few years ago for one sole purpose. Yeap. The one and only lip gloss that I used, like, love and still using 🙂 . I still remember a few years ago when NYX arrived Sephora. It was so exclusive and limited that every single day all the NYX counter would be swamped with girls. I literally have to snuck one arm in between waists to grab something. IT WAS INSANE. There was two product that was all hyped up back then. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, which I hate and this NYX Butter Gloss.

Butter Gloss is a lip gloss that is said to be super hydrating and not sticky. Did someone said not sticky? I’m in! But that’s not all what people say about Butter Gloss. The reason why I bought a lip gloss (rare case) was because I read about how this Butter Gloss works like a charm as lipstick topper, especially on dry lipstick. So I went on a hunt for Créme Brulee. That’s the shade that errrbody was raving for. I have to hunt for it because it was sold out everywhere. Whenever Sephora restock them, it was sold out again.

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7 Secrets of a Glowing and Healthy Skin

7 Secrets of a Glowing and Healthy Skin
It’s quite easy to maintain the natural shine of your skin if you know how to moisten it and what products to use for it. During summer and winter months, your skin requires a special care. You need to choose skin care products paying attention to the properties of its ingredients.

Shu Uemura Tips

Shu Uemura Celebrates 50 Years of Magic with its Iconic Cleansing Oil – 10 Facts You Must Know About Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils

shu uemura 50th Anniversary Cleansing Oil
50 years. Wow. Without me knowing, Shu Uemura is celebrating its iconic cleansing oil’s 50th Anniversary. Its older than me. Now I know! My encounter with Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil dated way way back when I started beauty blogging. And when the Ultime8 was launched a few years ago, I never look back. The brown bottle cleansing oil may be the priciest among the lot, it is the best one among the lot 😀 . Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is good as it is a one-step deep cleansing with botanical ingredients that make the skin clean, soft and smooth.

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What You Didn’t Know About H&M Online Delivery

What You Didn't Know About H&M Online Delivery
So the news about H&M going online broke a month ago and they even offered a special 20% OFF code for the first flock of people who signed up for their newsletter. The promise was that once H&M Online was launched, these flock of people who signed up will received a discount code. H&M kept their promise alright. I received my discount code, placed my order and was put through a local delivery drama. I posted all of that and what went wrong on my Instagram Stories.