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Introducing Linden Leaves GOLD: A boost in cell renewal for aged skin, minimising wrinkles and fine lines with enhanced skin moisturisation

Linden Leaves Gold 1

Linden Leaves, now under TNS Skin Lab had just celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the launch of Linden Leaves GOLD range. The GOLD range took two years to get the formulation perfect. I had the golden opportunity to meet Ms. Brigit Blair, the founder of Linden Leaves New Zealand recently and to have the luxury product home for some luxurious ‘me’ shower time indulgence at night.

Soap & Glory Original Pink™ Fragrance Favourites

Soap & Glory Original Pink

The first ever Soap & Glory product that I had enjoyed using and repurchased is the one and only Flake Away. It is also the cheapest body care within the brand (RM39) until I went to Sephora to repurchase a third tub. The price shoot up to RM55! I didn’t repurchase any since then and I’ve been missing Flake Away scent so so much. I can’t remember how or where I found out that Flake Away contain Soap & Glory signature Original Pink™ fragrance.

Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath: A head-to-toe cleansing product that is conveniently my shampoo and shower gel

Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath 1

And so my mum was curious as to why I went to the bathroom and took the Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath to my room. She happened to stood nearby when I tip-toe into the bathroom 😀 . As you already know what the hype is all about two months ago, Philosophy is finally launched in Malaysia back in February 2014. All this big and highly raved brands is slowly making it’s way into our country, very much to beauty enthusiast delight.