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Apartment Decor Ideas On A Budget

Apartment Decor Ideas On A Budget
No matter where you live, whether it is in an apartment or a home that you own, you want your walls to look good. When money is tight, it can be challenging to find pieces that work within your decor’s theme and within your budget. Apartment decoration is especially challenging, as often you cannot nail things into the wall. The need for lightweight, but attractive budget decoration is even more apparent. The ideas below will help you get your walls looking great and keep your budget in check.

1.Splatter Art

Splatter Art
This method of painting has been made famous by artists throughout the twentieth century. It is easy to do and takes very little money to create. Start with a large sheet of poster board in white or another color that would match your decor better. Use leftover paint from crafting projects or wall painting, and drizzle or splatter it on the poster board. Use colors that match your room’s color scheme to get the best results. Do not worry about design, simply let loose and splatter away. It is advisable to put down a large sheet of plastic and do the project outdoors instead of in your apartment if at all possible. To hang the dried painting up, frame it with a colorful ribbon that has been hot glued to the edges and use the removable sticky tack to adhere it to the wall. When you are ready to redecorate or move, it will be easy to remove and take with you.


2.Digital Decoration

Digital Decoration
One often overlooked decoration style is that of photography. If you enjoy taking pictures, create a collage of some of your favorite photos. You can select scenes of scenery, family members, or close-up shots of unusual objects or textures. Choose from black, white, sepia or color prints to make up your college. If you cannot hang a collage picture frame on the wall, glue the pictures to a piece of heavy poster board and hang that on the wall. You will have a cheerful and personal artwork display.


3.Terrific Textures

Terrific Textures
Capitalize on the fabric remnants that you have around your apartment and make a piece of fabric decoration. Sketch out a scene that you would like to create on a piece of painter’s canvas and use scraps of material to fill in those areas. Hot glue or use strong glue to stick the fabric to the background. If you do not have a big pile of fabric scraps, do not worry. Old, slightly stained clothing that you were going to throw out is also perfect for cutting into a texture painting.

Creative and unusual decoration for your apartment walls does not have to be expensive. There are so many different ways that you can use the materials already at hand to make your masterpiece. Think outside the box to create paintings, collages and texture pieces that will accent your walls and make your apartment’s walls stand out. Your guests will be amazed at your creativity and artistic talent.

When you live in an apartment, decorating it can be challenging. You may have odd shaped rooms, small rooms or limits as to what you can alter in the apartment. Luckily there are tons of decorating options available to you that are not permanent changes to space, and they can help space feel larger as well.


4.White Walls are a Blank Canvas

White Walls are a Blank Canvas
Quite frequently you are not allowed to paint the walls in your apartment, but this does not mean that your space has to be boring. Your walls are like a blank canvas, and you can create a painting with your decor. Choose colors that pop off of the white background, and you can make your space as vibrant or as calm as you wish. While it’s probably a good idea to keep many of your furnishings on the lighter side, you can add a bold infusion of color in a few select pieces of your decor.


5.Focal Points with Punch

Focal Points with Punch
One way that you can diminish the appearance of white walls is to add a focal point to your room. A focal point grabs your attention and makes your eye skim over much of the room as it fixates on the focal point. Use a beautiful piece of artwork, a large flower arrangement, or an antique mirror to pull the eye through the room. By minimizing the number of items that you have displayed in your space and focusing on a single, stunning display, you add drama and interest to the room while making it feel more spacious.


6.Respecting the Scale

Respecting the Scale
Another thing that you can do to keep your apartment design looking great is to make sure that your rooms are decorated in the proper scale. If you have a small room, you do not want to fill it with a bunch of small furniture, because that will simply clutter the space and make it feel cramped and small. However, you do not want to use large, overstuffed furniture either, because that will overpower the room. Instead, you want to find medium sized furniture with lighter wood and visible legs to make space feel larger. You also want to stay away from using patterns in your room, as they tend to clutter it visually. Make sure to let in the as much natural light as possible, and add your lighting where necessary. Frequently apartments have very poor lighting, so do not be afraid to add task lighting and ambient lighting as well.


7.Creative Furniture Placement

Creative Furniture Placement
When you are placing your furniture resist the urge to line the walls with it simply. Instead, try setting up furniture groupings and leave a clear pathway through the room along one wall. By opening up the floor space, you will make the room feel more open, and you will make it easy to move through your space. By angling your furniture in your room, you can make space feel more exciting; by arranging the furniture in a comfortable, conversational grouping, you make the room feel cozy and intimate. If you add a little color to your room, a couple of bright, throw pillows on the couch will do the trick.

Budget shopping can be easily accomplished by going to the right places when you start to get ideas. You can even find your treasure from someone else’s trash! Those big discount stores that have extra stuff that didn’t sell well too, the colors or designs might be just what you’re looking for to change your place around. Remember you don’t need to finish all the rooms at one time either. Do a room and then wait a few months and start another one. Either way, you will soon have your look in your apartment or home. Get out there and start looking around to find just what you were hoping for, check out all the places you can think of.


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