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Tips – How to get the most from your serum bottle


Normally we just throw away the empty bottle whenever it’s not pump-able anymore. We tried to unscrew the top cap but it doesn’t seems to work. I did the same for the first two bottle of Clarins Shaping Facial Lift as the bottle is vacuum type. Then on my third bottle I started to get adventurous. Since I’m tossing it away there’s no harm with force opening the cap. I mean what have I got to lose right?

Alright. It’s just 3-simple steps and you get the hidden serum out in no time!

First, make a small gap by tilting the cap to a side.


Second, after you have got a gap use the tip of your stapler and start force opening from one end to another. A few attempt is needed in order to get the whole round cap loose.


When the cap is loose, take it off. You’ll see some of the serum is actually at the bottom of the cap. And look at the serum amount inside the bottle!


Last but not least, use a clean cotton bud and scoop the serum out when needed. I’m using cotton bud instead of spatula because the spatula I have is too big to be in the bottle hehe. If you have a small spatula which can fit in your serum bottle, use it if you like. But I feel that by using cotton bud you can actually go deep into the corners which spatula can’t.


Here’s another tip. Since this bottle is vacuum type bottle, I normally would use the cotton bud to push the vacuum base down and I could actually scoop more. Only do this when you’ve finish scooping the top part ok? Based on my experience the hidden serum could last me 2 to 3 usage. This serum is RM225 per bottle so there’s no wastage here ;). Oh ya, don’t toss your Clarins bottles or jars away. Clarins might start a recycling program this year. I hope they start the program soon as my recycling corner is getting more and more congested 🙂

Happy trying!


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  • Hi Fiona, Thanks a lot for your sharing! This tips is really useful! I read your “Cut or throw” blog and I notice from your recycling container that you keep the box as well? I have quite a number of the clarins product box and do not know what to do with them.

    • Hi CH, glad to hear you find this tip useful:)

      I do keep the bottle and box. Don’t throw Clarins bottle or jar away. Recycling program most probably will start end of this year. For me I didn’t know if the need to box together or not so I keep all of them 🙂

  • ok will do the same 😀


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