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Breakout Skincare Routine

Breakout Skincare Routine Full
Recently I had a bad breakout. I’m still breaking out till to this day, can you believe it? This has got to be my longest, most miserable breakout of all these years. So I took a drastic change with my skincare routine. Because I have not had breakout like this for years, I was actually clueless as to what to do.

The first thing I did was to stop everything I was using and re-plan my new skincare routine. The key is to go back to basic. But what? I start from the cleanser and move upwards. And these are what I had come out with.

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The 8th Generation Clarins Double Serum is so Powerful That it Gave Me Breakout and Congested Skin

Clarins Double Serum 8th Generation
Clarins is one of the brand that frequently reformulate their products at least once a year or maybe once every 2 years? However, their star product; Clarins Double Serum was last reformulated 5 years ago. Now, for someone who are constantly in the lab R&D-ing breaking scientific technology, that is very long. This brings us back to July 2017, where Clarins launched the 8th Generation of Double Serum. I was one of the privileged media to be invited for an interview session with Marie-Hélène Lair, Clarins Scientific Communication Director a day before the big launch event.

Clarins Event News

Clarins Opens World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 1
You girls know I have a soft spot for Clarins. I have seen Clarins’ evolvement over the years from their packaging revolution to reformulation of their best products turning into great products, new technology and science, and now evolving from departmental store beauty counter to standalone retail kiosk. And you know what? Clarins World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall is only 5-minutes away from me. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me 😀

I visit IOI City Mall almost every other day and I walk pass their newly opened retail kiosk all the time. They are strategically located in front of H&M. You won’t miss this bright kiosk in the middle of the walk way on the Ground Floor. They are on the same floor as every other beauty brand, which is a level where I named as the “beauty floor”.

Clarins Event News

Clarins 5th Generation Multi-Active Skin Care Duo Target Non-Stop Skin Aging

Clarins Multi-Active Duo 2017
Anti-aging skincare has got to be my favourite topic, well besides brightening/whitening of course 😀 . If you’re in your 20s and you think “I’m too early to read all that”, think again. When you’re in your 20s, you should already be on the anti-aging bandwagon. You start young, you look even younger as you age. It’s proven. I’m not even kidding!

Ahhh Clarins. If you’ve been following me since day 1 you already know Clarins is how I started beauty blogging. I bought and used too much Clarins product that I started talking about it. It wasn’t long after I started using Clarins products that I was introduced to Multi-Active. At that point of time Multi-Active was my anti-aging skincare regimen. Within a blink of an eye, Clarins Multi-Active today is now on its 5th generation. Clarins has always been the brand that conduct a lot of research on how the skin work deep inside and what plant extract that are the best to target the issue. These days we talk about the millenial and it is all about stressful lifestyle that surrounded us. And Clarins Research team discovered that these stressful lifestyle actually affected the key cell responsible for youthful skin named the Fibroblast – a cell that ensure that our skin stays smooth and toned. The solution? An amazing Teasel plant extract combined with cutting-edge technology to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, to boost radiance overall and to promote youthful-looking skin.

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One and Only Reason Why You Need to Ditch Your Body Lotion for Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

Clarins Body Fit 1
Back in February, I was sent on a 2 days 1 night trip to the beautiful Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson by Clarins Malaysia for the media preview of the new Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert. You may want to read this if you missed out on the whole shenanigans. It was a media trip, with no other blogger spotted except for one. It was as if the trip was put together for me because first of all it is Clarins, my first skincare brand which is also the brand that got me started on beauty blogging, and then there was fitness. You know fitness is a part of my lifestyle besides beauty so this is just perfect. Plus I get to get away from the busy city for 2 days.

Clarins is known to improvised and reformulate their product and packaging every few years. The last revamp for Body Fit was in 2013 if I’m not mistaken. It was known as Body Lift back them. I remember I was handed a bottle at the end of White Plus Total Luminescent event and it was the bottle I have till today, before the NEW Body Fit.

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How Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss Limited Edition Duo Will Get You and Your Mom Ready in an Easy 2-Step Routine

Clarins A Cheek A Kiss 1
Personally, I don’t celebrate festive season or any kind of celebration at all. Any girl would jump straight into celebration. Now there are dayniversary, monthniversary and so on. Oh my gosh! 😀 . But when beauty brands release special limited edition beauty launch for any kind of celebration, I will not say no. How to say no to these Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss cuties! <3

Clarins came out with this two skincare and makeup product just for Mother’s Day. Some moms are not into fancy complicated beauty routine. This Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss is THE PERFECT 2-step routine that any mom is able to do in a jiffy.