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Car Tips: A Complete Guide and Tips to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia

Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia 1
When I was selling my car back in August 2013, I was totally clueless on the proper step by step procedure in selling my car directly to direct buyer. I tried googling for more info but there wasn’t a complete guide and tips on what to lookout or what to be aware. After a painful and whirlwind experience, after many phone calls to my friend who used to sell used car, after a painstaking two and a half month in the process, I finally sent off my baby Jazz to the new owner just three weeks ago. Now, I am calm and I can properly pen down my experience as a guide to those that plan to sell or buy a used car directly. By directly means not going through any used car dealer or runner. This complete buying and selling used car guide will lean more to seller based on my experience but I will also weight in buyer experience based on what I know from my car’s new owner.

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Lifestyle Sunday: New CKD Honda Jazz 1.5 Petrol Launched At RM74,800 OTR With Insurance

The invite for the launch of Honda Malaysia’s latest addition of Completely Knocked-Down vehicle – Honda Jazz CKD Petrol came just one day ahead of it’s event, held at Eastin Hotel on a fine Thursday morning. I couldn’t resist not going since it’s related to Honda Jazz (my dream car turned current car) and the fact that the email title mentioned something about “breaking news announcement”.

So what was the breaking news exactly? Honda Malaysia set a new benchmark by launching the new Honda Jazz CKD 1.5L Petrol which is fully assembled locally at a very affordable on the road (OTR) with insurance price tag of RM74,800.00. I still remember 10 years ago where Honda Jazz was priced at RM104k. It has always been my dream car but it’s one overpriced hatchback car. Honda Jazz to me is a luxury hatchback car as it only comes in 2-variant – 1.4 or 1.5 either IDSI or VTEC. Now, all Honda Jazz comes in just one variant – 1.5 i-VTEC.


This is the first car in Honda Malaysia’s history that is priced below RM75,000, especially if it’s a Honda Jazz. Based on a projected 90% loan payable over a 9-year period, the monthly repayment for a Honda is as low as RM755. Honda Malaysia anticipates that the CKD Jazz Petrol can attract a much broader customer base including fresh graduates and young executives. Bad news for me cause every car on the road will be a Jazz! LOL.