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August 2014 Favourites: Things that are not in the blog

Ahhh favourites of the month. I never do any of this favourites post before because I never find it interesting. Besides favourites, most people also do empties. I don’t do empties post but two years ago I gave it a twist and did something called “Newly Opened” because I’m rebellious like that 😀

The reason why I never find reading favourites of the month interesting is because most people either (1) repeat the same product from last month and they can like it for a few months in a row. Nothing’s wrong with it though, don’t get me wrong. (2) Most favourites product had been reviewed before. So if I’ve already read the review, there is no need for me to know if you like it or not for a second time. (3) Most favourites product is the product that was reviewed within the same month. So long story cut short, I was itching to do something different and I’ve decided to come out with favourites of the month post too BUT, it will be on things that are not in the blog.

With all the non-stop shopping, I do try loads of new products off camera and usually these are the things that either make it to the blog or it never come near at all. Here is my August 2014 Favourites.

August 2014 Favourites 1
Bioderma Sébium H20 Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution
I met up with the beautiful ladies of Bioderma two weeks ago and Datin Juli Azmi, Chief Marketing Officer even came out to meet me. It was such a privilege to be able to meet with the people behind the highly raved brand and they brought me gifts! Datin Juli said that if I like Sensibio H20, I would like Sébium H20 even more. And she was so right. After trying the cute 20ml Sébium H20, I can say that I would prefer it over Sensibio. It has a pleasant scent to it and it is not as oily as what I’ve heard.

Automotive Event Honda Lifestyle Sunday

Lifestyle Sunday: New CKD Honda Jazz 1.5 Petrol Launched At RM74,800 OTR With Insurance

The invite for the launch of Honda Malaysia’s latest addition of Completely Knocked-Down vehicle – Honda Jazz CKD Petrol came just one day ahead of it’s event, held at Eastin Hotel on a fine Thursday morning. I couldn’t resist not going since it’s related to Honda Jazz (my dream car turned current car) and the fact that the email title mentioned something about “breaking news announcement”.

So what was the breaking news exactly? Honda Malaysia set a new benchmark by launching the new Honda Jazz CKD 1.5L Petrol which is fully assembled locally at a very affordable on the road (OTR) with insurance price tag of RM74,800.00. I still remember 10 years ago where Honda Jazz was priced at RM104k. It has always been my dream car but it’s one overpriced hatchback car. Honda Jazz to me is a luxury hatchback car as it only comes in 2-variant – 1.4 or 1.5 either IDSI or VTEC. Now, all Honda Jazz comes in just one variant – 1.5 i-VTEC.


This is the first car in Honda Malaysia’s history that is priced below RM75,000, especially if it’s a Honda Jazz. Based on a projected 90% loan payable over a 9-year period, the monthly repayment for a Honda is as low as RM755. Honda Malaysia anticipates that the CKD Jazz Petrol can attract a much broader customer base including fresh graduates and young executives. Bad news for me cause every car on the road will be a Jazz! LOL.

Event Honda

Gifts from Honda Malaysia

Gotten these gifts from Honda Malaysia on 2 separate events. Thank you!

A Pop by Lomography lomo camera from Honda Jazz Hybrid launch and a Microsoft Arc Mouse from Honda Media Night.