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MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette: You don’t need to be a pro to buy this mixing palette

One thing for sure is that I get foundation or any other makeup on my dress every single morning. I kinda forget that I have it on the back of my hand. Foundation is one of the most stubborn stain to get rid of dress due to the fact that I don’t hard scrub my work dresses or it could be that my mum wasn’t paying attention to makeup stain on my dress? Long story cut short, I wanted to get a mixing palette badly. I kinda like MAKE UP FOR EVER one but knowing it’s MUFE, it means it will be expensive. I’m not going to spend a lot on a mixing palette. I knew Inglot had it too so the choices now is to either bite the bullet or don’t get it at all. One day I decided to email MAKE UP FOR EVER awesome PR and Marketing girl to enquire on the prices and let’s just say I literally dash over to MAKE UP FOR EVER Starhill boutique the next day and purchased it.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette Large Size
MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette comes in two sizes – a Small size 126mm x 75mm and a Large size 163mm x 106mm. The price differences is only RM5 apart so you bet I got the Large size for RM25. I have no idea why I was stressing myself thinking it would be expensive. It was surprisingly not. That explains the dashing to the store 😀

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How to apply pencil eyeliner in 3-different ways

I’ve never been a fan of any pencil eyeliner at all. I gave up on pencil eyeliner a few years ago after wasting money on countless brands that never fail to smudge on me. Ever since I started watching YouTube, I notice that quite a number of beauty guru prefer pencil eyeliner than liquid eyeliner. It is understandable due to skin type and weather differences. So why are you reading this if I’ve given up on pencil eyeliner, eh? The story goes like this. I went back to work not too long ago and since it’s a different office environment, I no longer have the privilege to do my makeup in the office. So I have to rush everything in the morning and doing a precise eyeliner using a liquid pen is too time consuming for me especially when I’m doing my makeup in a dark room.

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite pencil eyeliners, tips, tricks and three different application method that you can master too.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes
I have oily lid so kohl or normal pencil eyeliner will not work on my lid. The only two brands and type that I find doesn’t smudge on me are Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes. I bought these from their 2014 holiday collection but fret not, these are permanent so you can get it from Sephora anytime.

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December 2014 Favourites: It’s all about the eyeliner pencils

Soooo. I’ve totally missed October and November 2014 favourites. I went back to working life and I didn’t expect to be home that late and the need to work on weekend as well. For the past one month, I’ve totally missed all the usual blogging schedule. I’d be lying to you if I tell you I didn’t panic. I did. I tried adjusting my life back to blogging but I really couldn’t find the time. There was so much to do and catch up on weekend. I didn’t even have the time to take photo for the blog. It is a tough time for me so please bear with me for a little while more. I want to thank each and every one of you for the never ending support and love. You girls rocks! <3

Since I missed October and November 2014 favourites, I thought it only make sense for me to post up December 2014 Favourites sooner than expected otherwise I’d miss it again. This month is all about the eyeliner pencils. It really is. Until I started to dig out my other favourites to balance out the eyeliner pencil overload LOL.

December 2014 Favourites 1

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Third time’s a charm? Unfortunately not for MySale

Fiona, Fiona. You never learn from experience isn’t it? After my awful 2nd online shopping experience with MySale several months ago, I vowed not to spend a single dime at MySale anymore. Here’s the story. I have RM30 voucher which will be expiring pretty soon and I just want to let the voucher burn. Until I saw Christmas candle in the Home & Living section. I’m obsessing over candles for the past few months. All the YouTubers (my main influencers) are talking about Christmas candle or Pumpkin Spice and I desperately wanted a few. I couldn’t find any Christmas scent candle in KL and MySale had it. That was before I found out about Yankee Candle availability in Malaysia so you can save the nagging 😛 . And please no Diptique candle talk because it’s too expensive for me to burn my money with. I burn candle like no tomorrow so oh God no.

MySale Copenhagen Candle
As you can see from above photo, I only ordered two candle – Christmas Spice and Christmas Tree. Both is very Christmas-y, very huge and they came with three wick, which is always good for a big candle like this.

Holiday Collection 2014 Make Up For Ever

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: MAKE UP FOR EVER 2014 Holiday Kit

Inevitably, MAKE UP FOR EVER is one of my favourite brand. I find myself lusting over every single thing the brand came out with. I’ve tried quite a number of their products and so far, I have nothing but love for them. Major love crush 😛

Putting aside cuteness or uniqueness that other holiday collection have, MAKE UP FOR EVER 2014 Holiday Kit is worth to keep an eye on. They are simply elegant, classy and let’s face it. The quality is absolutely the toppest notch that you can ever get.

Make Up For Ever 2014 Holiday Kit
I like that MAKE UP FOR EVER only came out with four holiday kit internationally and a Sephora Malaysia exclusive set consisting of two Aqua Eyes in 2L Pearly Brown (if I’m not mistaken on the shade). Unfortunately I don’t have a photo with me and there’s no such set on Google search but you can find it at Sephora Starhill store. I’m sure other Sephora store have it too. I just happen to bump into the set at Sephora Starhill.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner: Intensely matte black liquid eyeliner with fast-drying, long-lasting formula and easy removal

The thing about me with eyeliner is that I’m so used to liquid pen liner and I’m almost handicap with the rest of the format available. I spend most of my makeup time on perfecting the eyeshadow look so by the time I reached the eye lining step, I’m too tired and lazy to spend even more time on the eyes. All I want to do is to just quickly finish off the eye-do and carry on with the rest of the face! Any eyeliner product that requires a brush or the messiest to work with is most likely the one that I reach out the least. So when I saw this newly launched MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner in my press kit, I doubted it for a second but you know me, I always like to try something new and anything that challenge me, excites me even more.

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner
For the Fall 2014 collection, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces three new Black Liners. These three new products namely Artist Liner; a kohl pencil liner, Ink Liner; an ink liner and Graphic Liner; a felt-tip pen liner carries three different professional styles of application with three different effects of blacker than ever. You can definitely find an eyeliner that is suitable for your preference, creating a look from the subtlest to the boldest. All three different style of liner are also high in pigment concentration and carbon black in color. Dany Sanz created these liners that is able to give an instant intense, deep, dark black result with the first stroke that stick to the skin once it dries.