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Lifestyle Sunday: Fiona Goes for Poké Hunt at Kurin NU Sentral

Kurin Nu Sentral 1
Two weeks ago I walked pass a poké place and I stopped to try after all the poké craze that I’ve been seeing on Instagram. I couldn’t understand the hype but then, after I tried it, oh my gosh, it changed my life. I’m serious! It was that good. Kinda like the type of food Fiona would eat because when I saw poké bowl in front of me for the first time, I said to myself that is so Fiona. Then me and a friend of mine has been commenting on my Instagram photo on which poké place to try next. And I told her Kurin just opened at NU Sentral and that she should try it out. She went to Kurin first as she worked nearby and I went last Sunday.

I brought my friend Bowie along as we had an event in the morning and we usually car pool. It was my turn to drive so she followed me. Bowie have never tried poké before and she has been wondering about it. We were at NU Sentral a few hours prior. We shopped around, had coffee and then we went to 5th floor where Kurin is at. I have a habit of googling before going to anywhere but this time I want to be surprised. First surprise was that I did not expect an outlet, second surprise was the outlet has a funky and cool yellow tiles all around it and the interior has the modern monochrome white and black. I love it already! According to Kurin, the splashes of yellow reflects the brands honesty, enthusiasm and positive nature.

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Lifestyle Sunday: Behind-The-Scenes Walk into IPC Shopping Centre Phase 2 & 3 Redevelopment and Reopening of Foodland at LG1

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 1
The fun part about what I do is to go behind-the-scenes of many things. The most recent one sounds unrelated to me, according to my friends. Behind-the-scenes walk into IPC Shopping Centre Phase 2 and 3 redevelopment, but I disagree. You see, I do have sentimental feelings towards IPC Shopping Centre. Why did I agree on this? (1) Many of you may not know that I used to look after Samsung Malaysia’s key outlet in IPC Shopping Centre, which was previously known as Ikano Power Centre, (2) It sounds hella fun putting on safety boots, hard hat and reflective safety vest like project managers do, (3) It’s not everyday an opportunity to go behind the scene of a shopping centre come by, so why not!

I personally frequent IPC Shopping Centre a lot and that includes Ikea which is just next door. Ask me about all the food at LG floor and I could name which is good and what not. However IPC Shopping Centre has been under going massive renovation since March 2017 as a next step mesure to strengthen its presence in the market. Phase One was done and recently launched and that is the LG1 and LG2 floors. The one I went for a peep is Phase Two and Three.

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Eat like a local in Penang

Eat Like A Local In Penang
You will agree with me, you cannot go wrong with the food in Penang. Malaysia is definitely the paradise for foodies all around the world and one place stood at the very top will be Penang! If you are looking for a slice of heaven, then let me assure you, you will want to take the stairway to Penang Island. This is the every foodie’s heaven. Penang has been voted more than once as the haven for street food. Sounds good? Just hop on the next bus to Penang already!

If you are still going to the regular eateries like Gurney Drive, you are not doing it right. Here are the top 8 eateries for you to eat like a local.

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Wake Up With Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit + A Fun-Filled Morning at Zespri SunGold Kiwifest

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit
Did you know that every year from May onwards, Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit will be made available in all supermarkets and fruit stores nationwide? I did not either! I am used to the green kiwifruit from Zespri and if I remember correctly, I have only tried SunGold Kiwifruit once. This time around I was down with nasty flu and cough so I need all the Vitamin C I need to recover faster. Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit contain over 3X the Vitamin C content found in an Orange for every 100g of edible flesh 😀

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OpenRice App: Upgraded With Better User Friendly Interface and Consolidated Restaurant Database Across Asia + 10X RM30 Starbucks Card GIVEAWAY

OpenRice App 1
Today’s topic is an exciting one. FOOD! But wait. Not edible food but an app that I have been trying out as I do cafe hop quite a bit for Modern Mavens. Okay. That is just an excuse. I cafe hop a lot because I love to be in a cafe.

Food is everybody’s favourite. I am personally not so much a foodie but I do LOVE to cafe hop and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Usually I find out about a good cafe or restaurant through word of mouth or recommendation from friends, not so much on googling and poof, off I go. No. It does not work that way for me. What happened when I ran out of place to hop? That is when Openrice App comes in, an app I recently used to search for ermm food deals 🙂

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Lifestyle Sunday: llaollao, the Spanish yogurt sensation, now in Malaysia to start a frozen yogurt culture

llaollao (pronounced as Yao Yao), the Spanish yogurt sensation that took global yogurt culture by storm recently across four continents, is now available in Malaysia. Its first outlet was launched at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur more than a month ago, and their second outlet is strategically located on the 3rd floor at Mid Valley Megamall.

llaollao 1
llaollao is Europe and Asia’s Number One frozen yogurt brand is here to encourage Malaysians to adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing a wholesome meal option which is low in calorie and fat but at the same time high in flavours with their specially imported sauces and crunches.