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OpenRice App: Upgraded With Better User Friendly Interface and Consolidated Restaurant Database Across Asia + 10X RM30 Starbucks Card GIVEAWAY

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Today’s topic is an exciting one. FOOD! But wait. Not edible food but an app that I have been trying out as I do cafe hop quite a bit for Modern Mavens. Okay. That is just an excuse. I cafe hop a lot because I love to be in a cafe.

Food is everybody’s favourite. I am personally not so much a foodie but I do LOVE to cafe hop and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Usually I find out about a good cafe or restaurant through word of mouth or recommendation from friends, not so much on googling and poof, off I go. No. It does not work that way for me. What happened when I ran out of place to hop? That is when Openrice App comes in, an app I recently used to search for ermm food deals 🙂

If you are on iOS, you can download OpenRice App here and here for Android users. Once you have the app on your phone, you will be directed to the Homepage which looks like this. I love the fact that OpenRice have the district and cuisine type at the top of the main page. I can just click on those to find ALL the restaurants and cafes at that area.
That is not all. Scroll down and you will discover more such as Restaurant Chart and Articles.

OpenRice App 2 OpenRice App 3


Let’s talk about the upgraded key feature of OpenRice App. The Search feature. I had to test out the Search bar. I don’t know why but this is the one thing I always test out first to see if the search really works efficiently haha. I typed out “Mini Mini”, not even the full cafe name and the result appears on the screen. I didn’t even need to type of the full name! When I clicked on it, it brought me to Mini Mini Cafe’s page. As you can see, the app’s interface is really very easy to use. You see everything at one glance. Every link is clearly stated at the bottom of the page.

OpenRice App 4 OpenRice App 5


Another upgraded feature for OpenRice App is the Invite feature. This is VERY useful. Whenever you are at a specific restaurant’s page, the first button on the bottom right is the Invite button. What this does is that you can invite your friends to dine at the restaurant at your preferred date and time. You can even name your event, which is pretty cool.

OpenRice App 6
OpenRice App is also jam packed with News and infos on the latest opening or latest food craze that you need to try out. Being a blogger myself, I actually spend a lot of time reading the news from the app. Some of the articles are in Chinese but do click around and you will find other interesting articles to read too 🙂 Otherwise the photos will do its justice. Food photo always do!

OpenRice App 17
Now comes my favourite part. DEALS. Yeap. This bargain hunter queen is on it again. Even with food. On the front page itself you can already see Featured Coupons such as Buy 1 Free 1. Say what? You heard me. BUY 1 FREE 1. Click onto the “More” link and you will be directed to a page full with deals.

OpenRice App 16 OpenRice App 10


With this app, I can easily bookmark the offer for later use or I can simply share it out on any social media platform, message or even on Whatsapp.

OpenRice App 13
Whatever that you have bookmarked will be kept for your reference. The best thing about the bookmarking is that the app separate it into two – restaurants and offers. So whichever cafe or restaurant and offers which I have bookmarked earlier is kept separately so that one does not get confuse.

OpenRice App 11 OpenRice App 12


Another new feature from the upgrade is that OpenRice app now goes across Asia. The Travel feature. You can easily switch from Malaysia to any Asia country you want such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand and of course Singapore. It is so detail that you can even choose your city from the country selected. Whoa!

OpenRice App 14 OpenRice App 15


For a beginner user, I find that this OpenRice App is very straight forward and easy to use. Everything is in place clearly so you would not missed anything for sure. I like that the app is user-friendly and it makes simple gesture such as bookmarking, invitation, and sharing easy and efficient. I am someone impatience so I use the Search bar very often. If you like reading like I do, you would like to read from OpenRice Editor’s recommendation and review on restaurants and cafes. You know what? This makes me searching for new and interesting cafe to hop SO MUCH EASIER. No more asking friends “eh, what good cafe that I can go to for review?”.


Want to Starbucks Card from OpenRice worth RM30? Here is how. There will be 10 cards to giveaway.

  1. Like OpenRice Facebook, my Instagram, and my Facebook
  2. Download OpenRice App to your phone.
  3. Screenshot your favourite feature of the app, post on your Facebook and comment in this post together with your photo link. Make sure the photo is not set to Private. YOU MAY SUBMIT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.


Terms & Conditions (Please read carefully)
1) Open to Malaysia residents only.
2) Contest starts from Wednesday, 30th March 2016 and ends next Sunday, 10th April 2016, 11:59 pm.
4) Winners will be chosen by OpenRice Malaysia and I will announce in this post. Winners selection will be purely on OpenRice and Street Love discretion.
5) Vouchers will be sent / given to winners from OpenRice Malaysia.
6) You are not allowed to sell the Starbucks card away in any platform at all. So if you do not want to try or need it, please give a chance to others who wanted to ya.
7) Winner will be notified by email and you will need to reply within 48 hours or else the prize will be forfeited and snow ball to the next winner.

Good luck and do spread the word’s around 😉 . Happy humpday!

Winner Announcement! (19th April 2016)

  1. Samantha
  2. Carrie Anne Long
  3. Kelly
  4. Han
  5. Mandy Love
  6. Yan May
  7. Alicia Yeoh
  8. Delvise
  9. Edazz Lucinda
  10. Fatin Nabilah Ghazali


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