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TNS Skin Lab Trilogy Perfect Pick-Me-Up Gift Set Instagram Giveaway

Trilogy Perfect Pick-Me-Up
A big thank you to all the dearest wonderful people at TNS Skin Lab, I am giving away not one, not two, not three but TEN Trilogy Perfect Pick-Me-Up Gift Set on my Instagram.

Trilogy Perfect Pick-Me-Up gift set is a Limited Edition set that contains two full size products – Rose Hand Cream and Hydrating Mist Toner.

  • Trilogy Rose Hand Cream 75ml – An intensive repair and conditioning with rosehip, marshmallow and rose.
  • Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner 100ml – A gentle, aromatic hydration mist to deliver instant moisture to thirsty skin or any type. This refreshing and uplifting mist toner completes any cleansing routine. Or spritz anytime to cool or uplift.

Here’s how you can join and stand a chance to be one out of the ten lucky winners:

Reply in the Instagram post your answers for these two questions below:
Question 1: Tell me one product from Trilogy which interests you most? And why?
Question 2: What is other natural personal care product that you would like to have in Malaysia? Why?

Fill in your details in this Google Form, and LIKE the following for a chance to win a Limited Edition Trilogy Perfect Pick-Me-Up Gift Set:
– TNS Skin Lab on Instagram (@tnsskinlab)
– TNS Skin Lab on Facebook (@tnsskinlabmal)
– Street Love on Instagram (@fionastreetlove)
– Street Love on Facebook (@streetlovemy)

– You may repost as many times as you want.
– Giveaway starts from 29th August (Tuesday) 9pm to 3rd September 2017 (Sunday).

Terms & Conditions (Please read carefully)
1) Open to Malaysia residents only.
2) Contest ends this Sunday, 3rd September 2017, 11:59 pm.
3) You are not allowed to sell it away in any platform at all. So if you do not want to try or need it, please give a chance to others who wanted to ya.
4) Winner will be notified by email and you will need to reply within 48 hours or else the prize will be forfeited and snow ball to the next winner.
5) Winners selection are final.
6) Prizes will be mail out by TNS Skin Lab directly. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.


Comments (8)

  • Ah….got to know this too late as I am only read the blog. Hence deleted my comment in Instagram.

    • Ahhh no wonder. You unfollowed me on Instagram for quite some time so when you refollowed me I sort of knew it’s the giveaway. Next one then!

  • I prefer reading blog than scrolling through Instagram because the review is much more detailed and organized. My Instagram is a mess because many followers adding me for fun and disappear when I obligated to follow back. So I clean up the list and record them one by one. Yes, I have a notebook for that. Yes, having giveaway also keeps your fans interested as well but we all would prefer a long-term followers. Yes, I knew you do giveaway from time to time but if the product is not known to me, like the Mary Kay brush beforehand, I wouldn’t try to enter the contest.

    • Yeah I rarely do giveaway after some awful experience previously, with contest warrior creating tens of accounts to join and then harassing me on why they didn’t win it and so on. And so my rare giveaway became even more rare lol.

  • Huh? The “commitment” that these contest warriors go to harass people.
    We all know it’s the prerogative of the organiser. Just try again in future.

    • You’ve no idea! It went on for the next giveaway as well. I think the Fitbit one was the last. Phew. Scary. And I’m the only blogger who get sh*t like this haha. Everyone agrees!

  • I tried the hydrating mist toner few days ago and I can instantly feel my face really soft the next day! Even though there is a scent that I dislike but I can tolerate with it. Now I use it everyday right after I bath and my face don’t feel so dry after face cleansing.
    The hand cream was superb! I gave my friend tried as well and she felt so amazing that the hand cream is not sticky or tacky at all. Love it!

    • Oh. Now I wonder what’s the scent hehe. I’ve heard that the hand cream are the best! Everyone keep telling me that 🙂


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