Make Up Tips – How To Apply Lipstick Without Having Lipstick Settling In The Lip Lines

How many of you have this problem? You applied your favorite lipstick on, you look amazing and you feel pretty. Then when you smile you saw vertical streaks of lipstick on the lower lips especially. Yikes! Ugly and embarrassing right? I believe most of us had this problem, especially if you have a fuller, thick lips that are dry, chapped and wrinkled. Like mine 🙁

In today’s make up tips edition I’m going to show you ONE simple step in achieving that smooth lipstick lips. That’s right. Just one. No lip scrub or lip balm will be used or involved in achieving this flawlessly smooth lips. I have read about what type of lipstick and lip color that will not settle into fine lines and so on. It is too troublesome to just buy certain type of lipstick. To prove that, I’m going to use a matte lipstick for this tutorial that most people will avoid. You will see an amazing result using the method that I used. This will be a short post too as picture paints a thousand words :).

Make Up Tips25

Ask yourself this question. How do you normally apply lipstick? Most people will just apply with their mouth slightly open up. This method is not wrong. But only suits those that have small, thin, smooth lips as they will achieve flawlessly smooth lips no matter how they apply their lipstick i.e. from lipstick bullet, with a brush, with fingers etc.

Make Up Tips27
Because I wasn’t born with supermodel lips (hehehe), I apply lipstick with a hugeeeee smile on my face. Why is it so? You see…my lips are dry, chapped and wrinkled. If I apply lipstick using above picture’s method – mouth slightly open up, I will have lipstick settling into all the lip lines. It is so ugly when it does. I felt so embarras whenever I’m talking to someone. I used to sneak a check on the lipstick when I’m talking to someone. Ever since I discovered this simple method, I don’t do that anymore 😀

By applying lipstick with a huge smile on the face, you will get a smooth application. When you smile the lips smoothen out so lipstick doesn’t settle into the lines. Not even with this matte lipstick! I have been avoiding matte lipstick for ages as my chapped lips will not appreciate the matte-ness of it. Since I started playing around with this application idea I risk it and went all out to purchase 2 matte lipstick from Burberry Beauty.

Make Up Tips28
Look at how smooth my lips is using this “smile application” method with matte lipstick. And automatically you will stop licking or press both lips to smoothen out the lipstick. Therefore lipstick will be more long lasting 🙂

Make Up Tips29
Lipstick used – Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Honey Suckle No.305

Hope you will find this little tips helpful to you as much as it does for me :D. Stay beautiful!


20 thoughts on “Make Up Tips – How To Apply Lipstick Without Having Lipstick Settling In The Lip Lines

  1. I love how Burberry lipstick texture & colour is awesome but seriously the scent is really awful.. SIGH, I hate when I accidentally taste/eating my lipstick…even when you eat it , the secnt is very strong that it felt as if I’m applying fragrance on lips 🙁 If only this is fragrance free I would purchase a few more colours seriously bcos it is quick moisturizing too!

    1. The scent is very lipstick I would say. Like those older era lipstick scent lol! Lip Velvet is better than Lip Cover. Lip Cover is more awful and smelly.

  2. Wow, what a difference both method does to your lips. Thankfully, I do not have dry or chapped lips but having said that, I avoid matte lipsticks because I just find them too dry. I already apply using the smile method but thanks for the information and pictures 🙂

    1. Yes. Proven method. Been using this method for quite some time now before I decided to post it up 🙂
      Do drop by Burberry. Their matte lipstick (Lip Velvet) is better than Chanel. Swear by Chanel user.

  3. Now I”m lusting over that Burberry lippie. Such a pretty color and great method to use! Will try it soon, have not tried this smile method but worth the shot judging from photos 🙂

  4. Great technique. I never thought of this. I’m going to do this everyday now even if I might feel silly with my big smile.
    I have a lip problem too – absolutely zero natural pink so I really, really need lipstick or I just look like a corpse.

    I really dislike scented lipsticks and lip glosses too especially those old school ones. Estee Lauder used to have these awful scented ones that reminded me of stale perfume.

    1. Haha you won’t feel silly cause it will be just you alone in front of the mirror 😛
      Estee Lauder one smells fruity nowadays. On fine days I’m okay. On menstrual days I feel nauseas 🙁

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