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Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Changed My Perception on Using Beauty Sponge for Base Makeup

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 1

I wasn’t supposed to have a post up today, but Breena Beauty’s last delivery is today and Breena Beauty Blending Pearl introduction price of RM30 is ending this 23rd June so I thought I better put this up before you girls kill me 😛
Breena Beauty, the brainchild of fellow beauty blogger friend Sabrina Tajudin need no introduction. Everybody know Breena Beauty and my friend over here 😀 .

Dupe Alert: Miniso Cosmetic Bag With 3 Brushes Set and Comparison With Real Techniques Brushes

Miniso Cosmetic Bag With 3 Brushes Set

A few months ago, I read the news about Miniso and how they are Japanese brand but strangely they had only four stores in Japan while having more than a thousand stores in China. What exactly is Miniso, you asked? Miniso is a Japanese lifestyle and fast fashion brand that sells merchandise such as homeware, bags and electronics at low prices. You know, something like Daiso? Strangely the store’s logo resembles Uniqlo. They even had the dupe for some Uniqlo products.

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush: For a faster, poreless, smooth, streak-free application

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 1

Ever since MAC came out with Masterclass brushes, I want one. And when Artis Brush came out with similar brushes, I want the whole set! What set me back was the price. The hefty price tag that does not justify the purchase at all especially when USD conversation is off the chart now. When I saw one at Etude House a few months ago, I was overjoy. But RM100+ for a brush still does not make sense to me. Not when I have so many new brushes yet to be used at home.

Breena Beauty B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush and B216 Brow Definer Brush First Impression

Breena Beauty Eye Makeup Brushes

You know how every product review of mine comes with a story? This one is not exceptional either. It has a bitter and sweet story behind it. Which explains why I took so long to get into these Breena Beauty B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush and B216 Brow Definer Brush.

When Sabrina from Breena Beauty emailed me on the delivery of these brushes, I was excited and eager to try the new brushes. I think no girl will have enough of makeup brushes.

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush: Foundation routine done in just 1 minute and 16 seconds, or less!

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

I don’t know about you but I am very particular with my makeup brushes. I have several different type, size and shape brushes for one section of my face. That is because I go through phases with makeup brushes just like how I go through phases with makeup products. One day I may like flat foundation brush, the next week I’m feeling flat top kabuki, the following week duo fibre brush and so on. Lately I’m on a beauty shopping diet.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette: You don’t need to be a pro to buy this mixing palette

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette Large Size

One thing for sure is that I get foundation or any other makeup on my dress every single morning. I kinda forget that I have it on the back of my hand. Foundation is one of the most stubborn stain to get rid of dress due to the fact that I don’t hard scrub my work dresses or it could be that my mum wasn’t paying attention to makeup stain on my dress? Long story cut short, I wanted to get a mixing palette badly.