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Make Up Tips – How To Draw A Perfect Eyebrow

Ever since I started beauty blogging seriously last year (it used to be just a diary for self ya know) and posting my not-so-pretty picture in the blog I received quite a few compliments on my eyebrow. Emmy of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia complimented on my eyebrow too during the Benefit Raising Eyebrows Book Launch & Brow-Shaping Masterclass event. Last month I was asked to do a post on how I draw my eyebrow so here I am now. This post is meant to be up a few weeks ago but I’ve forgotten about it lol.

First thing first…disclaimer. I must stress again that this is just my own method on how I draw my eyebrow. I am no makeup guru. This post is meant as a sharing only. Before I start you ought to know that I had eyebrow embroidery nearly 10 years ago. It was the best thing that happen to me. I guess my brow stylist is quite good that my brow looked natural and people actually thought I drew them myself. I “recolor” my brow twice after that. The last time I did that was 6 years ago. How time flies. I haven’t want to recolor my brow now because I cannot stay away from human being for 1 week. Why 1 week? Well the embroidery is done thicker than the actual brow size itself. After it is done the brow will look exactly like Crayon Shin-Chan. The skin will drop off naturally in 1 week time. For me it’s 2 weeks. The color of my current embroidery has faded and gone thinner. So I’ve been drawing and shaping myself all this while. And now people actually thought I just had brow embroidery! Totally the opposite lol.

I never follow any guide or diagram before until I attended Benefit Brow-Shaping Masterclass only I learnt that there’s 3 important step that I should know. Nonetheless even without following the 3-steps all these while I still managed to draw a perfect eyebrow as per what the steps should be. I’ll prove to you later.


If you are a newbie, get ready an eyebrow pencil and a ruler or a satay stick like what I had.

3-Step Brow Mapping
(1) The starting of the inner brow should be in-line with the inner corner of the nose.
(2) The arch of eyebrow should be in-line with outer corner of the nose and outer corner of the eye pupil.
(3) The ending of the eyebrow tip should be in-line with outer corner of the nose and outer corner of the eye.

Place a small dot on each step and fill in the blanks with eyebrow pencil. I’ve read that the outer corner brow should be lighter color and the inner corner brow should be darker. That doesn’t work for me. If outer corner is lighter color then my brow could look short from far because the end tip is not visible! Plus I don’t like to have dark and thick inner brow.

Here is how I do it on my way. I skip all the dotting on my brow as I’m going to do it free hand!

(1) Get ready an automatic eyebrow pencil. I’m using Kanebo Coffret D’or W Styling Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown.

(2) Start light handed from the inner corner / starting of the brow and fill in as you go. Do not worry about the color on the starting part as I will fix it at the last step. Please ignore the droopy eyes. I have no idea what happen LOL!

(3) Fill in all the way to the end. As for the arch you just need to follow the “dot” that you have draw on earlier. For me I knew where is my arch just like that. Maybe because I have been doing it for so long so I sort of knew when to arch it as I draw. Once you get to the ending tip, turn the eyebrow pencil to the other way where it’s sharper. Use that sharp tip to draw a finer line for the ending. If you feel that it’s too thick just use a cosmetic cotton bud to wipe off the excess. Notice how I drew slightly higher than where my brow hair is? That’s because my right eyebrow is lower than my left.

(4) Take a brow groomer. I’m using Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone. Brush the inner corner brow to fill in some color AND at the same time the brushing makes the overall look more natural. If you find that the color is not sufficient to be brush over just fill in more with your eyebrow pencil and continue brushing. When you are done you will find that it is more nicer looking comparing with Step (2) and (3).


Now that I’m done. Let’s do a brow mapping check to see if I did it right shall we?

Looks like my free hand style is just as if I did brow mapping in advance *phew*.

Now here is the Before and After comparison. As Michelle Phan said it…eyebrow is like sisters, not twins. It shouldn’t look identical. They are meant to be different. So don’t get freak out if both your eyebrow is not the same. Mine is never the same too.

Hope you enjoy this simple sharing plus tutorial on brow mapping and shaping. If you can’t get it the first time don’t worry. Practice makes perfect. I’ve been drawing my own eyebrow for many years already. I’ve never been to any groomer before. It’s all done by my own.

Do try the brow mapping. The end result will be totally different from what you used to do but that’s how eyebrow should look like. Be ready to be different!


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  • How long do you think before we can master the technique and stop dotting the brow?

    • Wow hard for me to say Linda. It also depends on how fast learner you are. The more you do it the better it gets.

  • Applaud applaud! So beautifully and neatly done. I’m really bad in eyebrow and eyeliner. But agree, practice makes perfect. Thanks for sharing!

    • LOL. Thank you thank you. I’m still learning too. I do my eye makeup in the office nowadays, I train myself to close eyes to draw eyeliner and not pull the outer corner skin to draw a line haha. I’m getting better. Trials and error here and there.

  • I’m not good with eyebrow shaping. You listen to your readers request and you do it. Good job.

    • I remember Angelina requested for it last time. Another reader request will be full filled tomorrow 😉

      • Yes I did. I am happy as a bird. Now I have to find an eyebrow pencil before I start to learn how to draw my eyebrow. I used to have one but no idea where I kept it. Haha.

        • Hope the brow mapping guide helps :). I started all this eyebrow mumbo jumbo with Maybelline eyebrow pencil. It’s in red and comes in a duo pack for less than RM20. Love that until Maybelline decided to discon the product! Get a drugstore as a start. ZA one is not bad.

          • I find that, most brands tend to discontinue some of their best selling products. I lost count of the products that I like and have been discontinued. The only choice, buy it online or overseas.

          • Provided oversea or online still have it. Otherwise it’s the same.

  • i like this post!! cant live without eyebrow LOLL

    • Thanks! I can’t live without drawing my eyebrow too hahaha


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