EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone

Yesterday morning I drove all the way from Kajang to Mid Valley as I wanted to drop by Shins to check out their EcoTools® brushes and perhaps to buy a set or two.

All the time I’m working at Mid Valley and passed by Shins countless time but never stepped in and check out the products. I do however notice all the EcoTools® brushes as the display is facing the main entrance. You won’t miss it if you are passing by.


I’m glad I went to Shins! I had the best shopping experience compared with Sasa (not that I go Sasa that much) but Shins is far more better! I was entertained by Ben Lim and he is very friendly, chatty and well verse in what he do and the best part is he have the knowledge on brushes and on EcoTools®. If you hate BA that is quiet, non-suggestive and with black face then fret not. All Shins BA is opposite of that. I was flipping, touching and taking most of the EcoTools® brushes for closer look and Ben allows me to do that. He never once show me unhappy face. I really appreciate that freedom of browsing very much. Afterall EcoTools® is not cheap. I wanted to be sure of which set to get. But of course I make sure I put back everything at it’s original place.

My initial plan is to get the Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set which would cost me RM88 and I found out there’s a same set but it came with a bamboo cup (brush holder) which cost the same too. You know I can get pretty indecisive with multiple selection and Ben suggested to get the Limited Edition of EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone. After a quick consideration, I decided to jump on Ben’s suggestion. Why? Because most beauty blogger in Malaysia would be getting the usual 6 piece or 5 piece set so I wanted to be different. EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone is not something that everyone own!

Some fact on EcoTools®.
EcoTools®, a premier eco-conscious cosmetic brush collection stands for the three G’s, getting beautiful, going green and giving back. The brand is also a member of 1% For The Planet®, an alliance of businesses that gives back to our planet by pledging a 1% donation of EcoTools®’s annual revenue for noble environmental causes. These donations will proceed to EarthShare® and it is their mission to engage individuals and organizations to support a healthy and sustainable environment through education, awareness and charitable giving.

How does Alicia Silverstone got into EcoTools®?
American actress, author and former fashion model, Alicia Silverstone holds a strong belief in green initiatives. She is also a passionate environmental and animal-right activist and has supported EcoTools®’s cause with her own range, The EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set. The set is a 5 piece range that consists of a blush brush, finishing brush, angled eyeshadow brush, lash and brow groomer and a cosmetic bag.

As EcoTools® brushes are 100% cruelty-free and earth-friendly, I decided to take the pictures in my dad’s flower garden.

Here’s the gorgeous EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set. Everything included in the set is viewable from the clear plastic window of the box.


There’s a message from Alicia Silverstone herself on the back of the box and the cosmetic bag print is also viewable due to the die-cut box.


The cosmetic bag is made with natural hemp material. The floral design is also printed with non-toxic inks! And the beautiful box? It’s made from 30% post-consumer recycled content. Yes even the box is earth-friendly!

The design of the bag was inspired by some of Alicia’s favourite flowers.


The cosmetic bag is more of a brush holder bag. There’s a small compartment on the left side which could be used to store face powder, eyeshadow and blusher.


EcoTools® brushes handles are made from highly sustainable bamboo. The bristles are 100% cruelty-free made soft taklon. As for the ferrules, it’s made from recycled aluminium.


In my previous authentic vs fake EcoTools® post, I mentioned that the logos on authentic brushes resembles to a burnt-on technique. In this Alicia Silverstone series, the logos are printed on which is the opposite of the normal range.

Here’s the breakdown of the brushes included:

(1) Blush brush.


(2) Finishing brush aka skunk brush.


(3) Angled eyeshadow brush.


(4) Lash and brow groomer.


You can find all product price at Shins website Just so you didn’t know, Shins offer online shopping and it’s free shipping for RM100 purchase and above.

Below is the price list for EcoTools® available at Shins.

1) EcoTools® Alicia Silverstone 5 piece brush set – RM119
2) EcoTools® Alicia Silverstone Cosmetic Bag – RM69
3) EcoTools® Alicia Silverstone Overnight Bag – RM99
4) EcoTools® Angled Eyeliner Brush – RM22
5) EcoTools® Bamboo 2 nail files – RM18
6) EcoTools® Bamboo 2 Powder Puffs – RM13
7) EcoTools® Bamboo 5PC Brush Set – RM95
8) EcoTools® Bamboo 5pcs Brush Set with Bamboo Cup – RM88
9) EcoTools® Bamboo 6 Mini Brushes – RM29
10) EcoTools® Bamboo 6PCS Brush Set – RM88
11) EcoTools® Bamboo Blush Brush – RM45
12) EcoTools® Bamboo Foot File – RM20
13) EcoTools® Bamboo Foundation Brush – RM35
14) EcoTools® Bamboo Lash & Brow Groomer – RM18
15) EcoTools® Bamboo Powder Brush – RM50
16) EcoTools® Bamboo Sleep Mask – RM22
17) EcoTools® Eye Shadow Brush – RM22
18) EcoTools® Loofah & Cotton Body Buff – RM10
19) EcoTools® Ramie & Bamboo Bath & Shower mitt – RM16
20) EcoTools® Recycled Brow Grooming Set – RM59
21) EcoTools® Recycled Kabuki – RM65
22) EcoTools® Recycled Stainless Steel Nailcare Set – RM75
23) EcoTools® Recycled Steel Sapphire File – RM26
24) EcoTools® 6PC Eye Brush Set – RM70

P/S: No plant were harm in the process of taking picture.


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  • Ooh i love Alicia and i love your dad’s garden!

  • I love Alicia too. I think it’s great Ecotools partnered with her for a collection.

    My dad’s garden is too overwhelming. Drives us crazy sometimes.


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