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How to check if your Ecotools brush set is fake?

Disclaimer: This post will be a long post with lots of pictures. It may and will contain vulgar words. Do not read on if you feel offended.

I am so damn pissed off since yesterday night that I couldn’t sleep. I make sure I get off bed early today just to blog about this. From the post title you could have guessed that it has something to do with Ecotools brushes. This will be a long post because I need to condemn the idiot seller who self-proclaimed herself as someone who “studied law” (dear seller, do you even know who am I???), I need to show you the authentic vs fake Ecotools as well as my conversation with the stupid cum idiot seller who is trying to twist and turn things because she thought I’m stupid too! Good try stupid seller!

Exactly on Tuesday I ordered a 5-pc and 6-pc brush set from a seller in LYN who contacted me earlier in Dec’11 upon seeing my “what to find” forum post. This seller’s ID is sharon1604. She replied promptly but coldly and I made my payment immediately after confirming what there is needed to be confirmed. The next thing you know. She went poof. I pm-ed her again the next morning thinking my parcel is already packed, ready to be sent out but instead she replied she will send the next day. WTF?? So this is the 3rd warning alarm that this seller is not authentic. The next day she still haven’t pm me the delivery status and provide me my parcel tracking number so I pm-ed her again on the status. Still no reply I pm-ed her again. She didn’t bother to reply anything even. I could see her last online time and she did went online for a few times. She just didn’t bother to reply my message. Alright. This is the 4th warning alarm that there’s something not right about this seller. I told my mum to keep an eye on the PosLaju man and if there’s no parcel arriving, I’m gonna screw her upside down. As she have another selling thread, I post to that thread and she immediately she pm-ed me. Maybe that’s her “rice bowl” thread so she replied my pm-ed. Twice. My mum called me in the evening saying the parcel arrived. Okay. I have 2 concern at the beginning; is the seller a cheater, is the brush set authentic? By that time I have one less concern and I have one big concern on the authenticity.

When I reached home around 7.30pm I immediately went to my room and grabbed a knife and start ripping the box. Both brush set is face down. The moment of truth is just a hand away. I reached down, grabbed the brush set and turn it over. That’s it. IT’S FAKE!!!!! I sms-ed the seller and the short conversation is as below. When she didn’t reply at first, I went online and pm-ed her. This is her reply to my sms first.

Me: Sarah, the ecotools brushes is fake! It’s not authentic as you claimed! I will go to your shop for refund. I don’t use fake stuff. Fiona.
Seller: Ok you may show the original & fake to prove then. However postage will not be refunded if you have proven it is not real.

Shortly after that her pm reply is different.

Blardy hell! She said it’s not fake and it’s the same with the one selling in the shop aka Shins! Idiot!

I sent her a few website which did a fake vs authentic review, load of pictures which tells her WHAT IS AUTHENTIC ECOTOOLS and her stupid reply is this.

FYI the link she posted in her reply ( is before I buy from her. As she didn’t have any picture, I went to for a picture and asked if the brush set is something like that. She dug out that post and started to flame it back to me! Is she saying the products in Ecotools website is fake?? She said she will only refund to me if the package is not open and use. Is she really that stupid or what? Does she really think I will use it if I wanted to get a refund?? And the package is zip-lock type. Does she really really think I knew it’s fake if I didn’t open it up to check? Then she went on about buying authentic with cheap price. I will show you her reply when I asked if it’s authentic or not before purchase below.

In her second pm, she tried to cover up telling me this fake brush is also good quality bla bla bla. STUPID IDIOT REPLY! Here’s her reply back in Dec’11 when I asked her if her brush set is authentic from Ecotools.

Isn’t this proof enough that she told me it’s original?? Oh wait for the most funny part. She said she didn’t told me it’s authentic! See below for prove. Oh wow. First she insist hers is authentic ask me to prove that her brush set is fake, then she told me to accept using fake brush, then she said she never told me it’s authentic. I’m not that stupid until I can’t track your twisting story la b*tch!


See. She said she didn’t tell me it’s authentic. Asked me to copy & paste to her. I did (see above). Then she twist her story again. Told me to bring her to court cause she studied law?? She must really thought I know nuts about law??? How stupid is that reply?? If so why stand so firm saying it’s not fake and it’s authentic? Ask me to proof this and that? And her refund is also funny. I paid RM44. She said I paid RM41. She’s stupid I tell you. Someone kill me please.

Next. She kept going on and on about not refunding IF I opened the package. This is one of her tactic not to refund to me. I can smell her bad intention at the beginning. She think I’m stupid from start so I played along. She must really think I’m that stupid to realise that she doesn’t even want to refund right? HAHA.

She said if my package is opened, she cannot refund to me cause she can’t sell the opened package. I remembered she told me she didn’t sell these brushes. It’s free gift to her customers. Read below. I think she can’t remember her own lies.


Still hinting to me about opened package. This is an alarm confirming that she won’t refund. She will twist and turn if I met her for refund.


My question is…how to you determine if my package is opened or not?? It’s zip-lock package! For someone who studied law, she is really stupid.

This is my reply on the refund. I have second thought about going up her so-called “shop”. I don’t feel right going up alone. Her reply to me is making me sound as if I’m a beggar begging for money.

So I changed my mind and I decided to keep the brush set to blog about it. She didn’t get my sarcastic reply.

Still feeling unsatisfied, I pm-ed her another sarcastic reply.

But she still don’t get it. LOL. I certified her as a dumb bimbo.

Phew. What a longgg rambling. So how do we check if Ecotools brush set is authentic or fake? I found out how just 2 days ago. I didn’t have time to rush to Shins to purchase the authentic one so I’m linking some pictures from other bloggers (with credits of course) to show you.

Fake Ecotools label is thinner and look filmsy. The edges is not properly treated and look really cheapo.

Here’s my really fake brush set.

Even the label on the pouch is sooo wrong.

The Brushes Holder
Ecotools brushes holder is made from bamboo so the color should look uniform with “Ecotools” logo burnt-on each brush. The holder should also feel smooth holding.

Although mine looked uniform enough but the logo is only on the bigger brush which is the blusher brush.

The ferrules (metal thing) should looked facing in while the bamboo holder should face out.

Fake ones is the opposite. The ferrules will look stand out while the bamboo holder is hidden in.

Ecotools Logo
The logo should be burnt-on so the words is darker in colour.

Mine is not obviously.

Brush Trimming
The brush is not properly trimmed too.

And let’s not even talk about the 5-pc brush set. Other people’s brush set is like this.

And mine is like this.


1) Make up brushes buy from physical shop is recommended unless it’s ELF brush which is not available in Malaysia.
2) Always do research online on what is authentic and what is fake. This is because you’d need to check your purchase yourself. That include branded bags as well.
3) If the seller claimed it’s authentic but sell at a fraction of price, that means it’s fake.
4) If you found a good, friendly, honest seller just hang on to the seller for future purchases.
5) Prompt seller should always ship out your parcel at least the next day unless stated in the T&C or unless the seller informed you otherwise due to unforeseen circumstances.
6) Seller should keep you in the loop of your purchase progress i.e. payment received, parcel ship put date, parcel tracking number.

Wow. I compose this post from 8.20am till 11.15am. I felt a lot better spilling it off my chest. Credits goes to sugarmakeup, alkyie and thumblr.

Good news Street Lovers!

You can now get AUTHENTIC Ecotools products online at As you already know, Luxola is a trusted online store with the best of popular & niche beauty brands from all over the world and it is one of the top site for beauty shopping as recommended by me in my Top 3 Online Beauty Stores last year. Look no further, you know where to shop now for Ecotools.


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  • What a bimbo!Maybe she had a lot of hardships in life and cheating people is her only way of making a living. What i hate about online transactions is there really is not much law governing it!

  • It depends where you shop online. I can bring this seller to dispute thread in LYN but because she wanted to “refund”, I didn’t. Then on second thought I wanted to keep and blog about her evilness. Other places like eBay is even better. You can lodge reports to eBay and paypal if something happens. You’d get back your money though.

  • its a great review. I was about to order on line from a site called but i dont know something was fishy. check it out…. 5$ ecotools 5 piece set!

    Thanks for making us all aware of the dupes out there…. christina

  • Hi Christina,

    I’m glad to hear that my review helped!

    Ecotools is selling quite cheap in the United States. I think the price is about USD10 per set? I would suggest you to get them from authorized seller. For the list of places to get authentic Ecotools, you can refer to this website There’s a lot of reliable online store to get from 🙂

    I just posted another Ecotools review. Do check it out 🙂


  • waw thank you so much

  • Thanks for dropping by My Lovely Sister!

  • hey sweet! i googled if there are any fake eco tools brushes then i kinda knew it! Don’t be mad okay there are people like that abound ==

    i was thinking of buying from here

    but your review mentioned that the label on each brush should be dark, so now i am sceptical.

    haha maybe i should not buy any yet T3T

    it is a helpful review and i will keep reading your blog <3

  • Hi Elin,

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    The brush set from the link you provide looks authentic. Fake ones for 6-pc set doesn’t have logo on each brush holder. Yes the logo should be dark but I notice all the new batch is not as dark as previous. Every collection is different. I bought a set of Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone and the logo is printed on

    However the pouch is not the same as we seen nowadays. It should look like this

    The label on the outer packaging looks authentic though. I could be wrong :). It’s better to purchase from physical store.

    Let me know how it goes.


  • Hey there,

    oh dear what a quick reply. i was browsing your blog just to take a break from my project and i saw my name on the side column LOL thanks for replying

    hmm it could be authentic as it is quite a famous spree shop in Singapore (they would be dead if they sell imitations LOL) and I have been to their flea and the packaging looks professional (not flippy) in any case i will be going to their flea at Orchard and see the real thing again on Thursday :DD

    I stupidly bought ELF brushes (not studio line the one you bought in other post) from their flea *facepalm* I should have bought this Eco set XD


  • 🙂 Elin. All comments notification email is sent directly to my BB 😉

    I think the set should be no problem. Even the imitation bristles are good too. Just the authenticity is not there 🙂

    ELF brushes is not bad. I’m still using it. You’d need a bit of time to get use to the huge eyeshadow brush shape haha.

    Oh ya. The first sign of fake Ecotools is the label on the outer packaging ya. If the edges is all frizzy like mine, it’s fake.

    Hope it helps lol :). I’m excited!

  • 🙂 you are right! the brushes were huge! not to mention i bought ELF duo eyeshadow too it is extremely pigmented. I applied them with the brush for the first time this morning and seriously, my whole eyelid was full of colours (grey colour man i look like.. ecks.. err Clockwork Orange?) had to wash them off but apparently that duo eyeshadow was easy to wash off ==

    hmm, i am still playing around with the liner (orange tip) brush as i look like a clown after applying. Do you stretch your eyelid before using the orange tip liner brush?

    haha hmm… I kinda suspected the OPIs on their site (the link I provided) are fake.

  • LOL! A few weeks back I applied Paul & Joe eyeshadow and I looked goldie all over the lid. The funny part is I only notice it once I’m out. When I reached office my colleague said “Fiona your makeup today is a bit off”. So I took my Clinique powder, swipe and dab onto my lid and I looked neutral again with a dash of gold lol!!

    I have the liner brush. At first it’s okay as a liner brush for dark eyeshadow. Now the brush is worn out and doesn’t work as good as before :(. I do stretch my eyelid before applying (which is a bad habit). Can’t help it.

    OPI in Singapore is cheap! How do you know it’s fake ya? I’m still searching for a fake My Beauty Diary mask to do a “Authentic vs Fake” post LOL.

  • LOL! i shall try your method! hmm speaking about gold eyeshadow. I just bought Maybelline Hyper Diamond GD-1 it was fab in pretty shades but the second i walked out of home the glitters fell onto my cheeks (right up to my chin how awesome is that i dont need a face glitter anymore! saves money!) and i did apply ELF primer. I dont want to end up looking like a drag queen T.T

    Eh for OPI it is not cheap here i think Shins still sell them at 20 bucks (not so sure) but in Taiwan my sister bought at 10 bucks (converted to Sing dollars) only. Haha i brought my OPI to a manicurist before she examines it by opening a cap and looked into the cap (seriously i dont know what was she looking at..)

    The reason i suspected was mine has flakes in the bottle. weird.

    serious? there is even a fake for the masks? Oh dear what if all the items i have been buying thus far are all fake

  • Did you tap off the excess before applying onto your eyelids? Try doing that. It works for me.

    ELF Primer is so-so only. Give Etude House a try. So far it’s the best I ever used and it’s in par with Urban Decay Primer Potion.

    As for your OPI, I think she’s looking if yours is authentic.

    There’s lots of fake in the market. Just do your research well before purchasing if you plan to buy online 😉

  • haha hey there,

    may i say i am addicted to your blog XD and your profile pic looks really sweet

    hmm thanks for your advice, now i realise i always forget to tap off (i am a noob when it comes to eye make up)

    UDPP.. i am not willing to cut away my money like that… costs 32 bucks at Sephora. Bought ELF mineral primer at 8 bucks (heartache.. sorry a typical poor student) but yeah i heard great raves about Etude House primer. i just ordered their teardrop innocent glitter eyeliner!Etude House.. somewhat attracts me but the pricing could be ridiculously high sometimes (mehh)


  • LOL. Thanks. I don’t always look pretty on the camera though hahaha.

    Ahh it’s okay. I don’t start with UDPP as well. I started with ELF Primer then Etude and recently only decided to splurge on UDPP. Etude Proof 10 Primer is not that expensive from ELF. In Malaysia it’s retailing at RM20+ 🙂

  • Hi thanks for this post! Now i know how to compare. I just ordered from US, $10 for a 5pc brush set – let’s hope its not fake. There are many sellers selling on LYN, for the same set its only RM25. LOL.

  • Hi Jac,

    Thanks for your comment and dropping by! Hope my post helps =)

    99% seller in LYN are selling fake one which they were told it’s authentic by the wholesaler. So they’ll be arguing that it’s “authentic” as they’re told it is.

  • What a horrible experience! At least you have an avenue to air your grievances and let the world know not to buy from that conniving seller! As they say, when something’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Hi Bun Bun Makeup Tips,

    Horrible indeed! I needed to lash out in my lil blog as I was so angry. Yeap it’s too good to be true and I never regretted buying from the site as I learnt a lot from the experience.


  • wow…that’s horrible…
    you totally should ask for your money back!
    this kind of sellers are only into money and doesn’t care at all about reputation or integrity, the only way to teach them a lesson is to get the money out of their pocket.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      I did. She wanted me to go to her dodgy shoplot at 1st or 2nd floor at Uptown. That was too dangerous for me. What if I went up and she had a few friends of her attacking me? I wouldn’t take the risk so I said I’ll consider that I’ve donated the money to a “charity” that needed it LOL. Hope she gets my sarcastic message hahahaha

  • i saw groupon or mydeal sell the same kind of thing. just thinking wanna buy or not since it might be fake??

    • Hi yichian, a reader emailed me on this Groupon deal and she checked and confirmed it’s imitation. Better buy from a proper retailer.

  • Was tempted to buy via Groupon but finally I decided not to. I don’t want my virgin experience with brushes an epic fail. Lol

    • The imitation bristles are not bad. Just the feeling of holding fake brushes puts me off lol

  • Unfortunately I just read your blog.
    I purchased on StreetDeal and have now confirmed it’s fake. These sellers should be prosecuted for using someone else’s brand name to market their products. Just one highly-publicized example of strict action by law enforcement can tremendously reduce this bullsh!t.

    • So sorry to hear that Nina. How much you bought it? If it’s too cheap to believe, you need to beware. Nowadays when it comes to Ecotools I’d just walk in to Shins.

  • I bough 2 sets, one for me and one for my friend some more. Lesson learnt. Thanks for spreading the awareness x

    • It’s okay, I’ve learnt my lesson too. The imitation one are surprisingly good quality and soft.

  • I just purchased mine , saw it from a facebook page, then visited their store at TRINOMA ( mall here in the Philippines) ,I dont have any idea that there were fake ones since this is my first set of brushes . The bristles were so soft and really gentle to my skin and I was glad but not before I got alarmed when I heard from someone that there are fake ecotools, and that is when I tried to research about it and found your blog 🙁 and sad to know that mine was really fake T^T..anyway..thanks for this post …

    • Awww it’s okay. Although you bought a fake set but the quality is actually not bad. Still can be used…if you don’t mind the brand 🙂

  • Hi! I had notice that also Icing is selling something similar… I guess they do something like that.

    • Hi Desiree, yeap they do sadly.

  • Hi I also purchased this from and now discovered it is fake! Hope I can get my $$$ back. Thanks for your post, it really helped :).

    • Hi KKKK, I saw Ecotools before in Malaysia’s deal site. Found out it’s fake. In fact lots of stuff is fake. Like Naked palette, Benefit etc

  • Wow! That happens to me as well and yes I did blog about it too! Good job Fiona!

    • Wow you too? Yay to blogging about fake products!

  • i just buy 2 set from, they sell the fake ecotools also, really really disappointed!!! Some more they insist the ecotools they sell is real and refuse to refund.

    • Must be caution if it’s too cheap to be true.

    • oh my EXACTLY! I bought form Groupon too and they just made statements like I assure you that our items are authentic. I’m so pissed off with Groupon for selling these fake items and not owning up to it. I posted on FB. Maybe everyone can complain too and get this refund thing going!!

      • Hi Angie, gosh! So sorry to hear that! I have been told before that these fake brushes are from the same factory that produce Ecotools. Not sure how true is that but I refuse to believe it because all the brushes in 5-pc or 6-pc set should have Ecotools burn stamping. Like you, I personally had bought the authentic set for comparison.
        I think you should march in to Groupon office, show them your authentic brush set against the brush set that you bought from them.

        • Hey Fiona, yea I have half a mind to that right now man. So disappointed with Groupon. Thanks for your post thought! It really helped me to confirm my suspicions that they were fake! I just wished more people who bought from Groupon realize it too and not get cheated!

          • Most buyer did not or have not bought authentic set before therefore they have no idea which is authentic and which is fake. Luckily you have the authentic set on hand. Are they going to refund to you?

        • They said they will do an exchange but not refund. What’s the use… =( That’s why I’m hoping more people will protest… hahaha.

          • What?! Makes no difference unless they exchange the retail authentic set with it. I hope many people protest for you too dear!

        • Exactly. =( Thanks a lot for your encouragement!
          Hey just to share with you, there’s this USA website iherb that sells ecotools and also real techniques! the shipping is very cheap and worldwide. worth a look =) There’s a $10 off $40 for first time customers too!

          • Oh yes, I’m aware of iherb. I’m impatient so I prefer to shop at physical store if there’s any hahaha. Will definitely check it out since there’s a $10 off for $40 😀

            Thanks for the heads up! 😉

          • My first ecotools set was from a UK supermarket and from there will be 100% genuine, probably 3 years ago now, maybe more – 6 piece set and only the blush brush has ecotools burned on.
            At least the older brushes were not that consistent, so if everything else looks genuine they could be old stock.

          • Maybe because of that Ecotools is more consistent now 🙂

  • cant u find elf brushes anywhere at kuala lampur malaysia? seriously?

    • Elf brushes? Honey, this is Ecotools…not Elf!

  • Just found this by accident 🙂 I bought my first ecotools set at a large UK supermarket, definitely genuine and some of the ferrules aren’t very neat and on some the “ecotools” is darker than on others, they do seem to vary a fair bit anyway, I have an ebay set that the ferrules aren’t neat, but everything else looks 100% genuine.
    They also seem to have changed the brush shapes slightly, and now I see on the ecotools websites they have brassy coloured ferrules and have changes the brush colour too! Talk about confusing 🙁
    Didn’t even know anyone made fakes,I thought only MAC level had fakes!

    • Fake Ecotools maker is quite advance. The authentic Ecotools is not 100% perfect either. Some bamboo holder are lighter that what was originally made. I bought all my Ecotools from the only authorized distributer here in Malaysia and all my brushes are slightly different. But the ferrules, bristle, brand mark etc are intact and looking good 😀

      • Yep, I think that’s what makes real vs fake harder. Some have totally different labels (although there seems to be 2 or 3 genuine ones) or look a lot poorer quality bristles.
        But the actual ecotools ones vary so much it’s just awkward to say x is real and y is fake always.

        • It could be some still keep the old stock like you said. But the 2 set that I bought is really epic fail lol. The fake-ness of it shines through 😛

  • Dear
    I can totally understand coz something almost similar happened with me on ebay

    This reseller on global easy buy named i2cworld bought these brushes for me from some international seller I cant c his name
    I’ll give the details

    the item no. 221351221200

    And immediately I could tell after receiving the parcel that those were fake….There was NO BRANDING at all
    I wanted to send you pictures cos I have them here…..

    Ebay did not respond very well initially but only when I warned them of closing my account on ebay….did they decided to refund my money. …..

    The claim is resolved now but I felt bad…..

    • Hi Surabhi, actually Paypal could resolve the refund issue provided you lodge a dispute report and complain. The safest way is to buy Ecotools brushes from trusted retailer like the physical store. There is a lot of fake Ecotools out there. I gave up on online store now.

  • Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    • Hello Kathryn. I do have Twitter account but I’m not active there comparing to Facebook or Instagram 😀 . You can find all the social media links button on the top right sidebar.
      Thanks! I’m happy to hear you enjoy reading my little bloggie 😀

  • I bought a set of brushes just like your fake ones for Rm14.90. They are quite good and I love them for travel. No name printed as Ecotools but looks the same. I just lost them on my last trip to Japan. I also misplaced my Bobbi Brown REAL brushes or lost them together in packing haste! So sad. Next week I will be replacing all my brushes with the ones from Korea! Yay!

    • The fake ones are quite good in quality. I just hated being cheated off telling me its authentic. Ohhh what Korea brush is that? I’m into Real Techniques now. So affordably good 🙂

  • Hi Fiona,
    I recently bought Ecotools starter set (which is the newer version of brush set that you bought). Thanks God I read your article, I’m relief that I bought an authentic Ecotools products.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Izuu,
      Yay! I’m so glad to hear you bought the authentic one. Where did you get it?

  • I bought on eBay and was sent two fake sets as well. I tried them and they were okay surprisingly!!
    Now I’ve had them and used them every day for a few years! They have outlasted the real ones I bought in Australia… 😐 I wash them and the hairs never fall out. I have to say that they are better quality than my real ones…haha! I am cross that it said 100% authentic – but really everything saying that is FAKE! 😛

    • Yes, I did mentioned that the fake ones are quite well made. Rumours said that these unauthorised brushes came from Ecotools factory as well. Like under water stocks or something lol

  • Thanks for this article fiona. I want to buy a blush brush but i’m torn between real techniques & eco tools…any advice? Thanks in advance =)

    • Honestly speaking Real Techniques Blush Brush is quite huge so if you’re not looking for a huge blush brush, choose Ecotools 🙂

  • Thank you so much for writing this article. I bought my Ecotools on Lazada and it turned out to be fake! It sucks when it’s actually advertised as 100% original and it’s cheap, so you think you’ve hit the jackpot. I’m definitely returning mine and getting the real deal at the store. I didn’t even know they have fake ones till I came across your photo on google search. The fake set looks very convincing. This article is a true life saver!

    • Hi Siti. I’m glad the article helped. It is advertised as original as these brushes are from the same OEM factory as Ecotools. I have heard that the quality are equally good. I have personally touched them and I kinda agreed. So in the end it’s up to each individual how you feel on holding and using a fake brush. For me, I can’t.


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