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5 Simple Online Shopping Tips: Breeze Through Online Shopping Easily and Smartly

5 Simple Online Shopping Tips
With everything sort of digitalized these days, you will be surprised that there are a majority of us who do not fully utilize the convenience. And I am talking about online shopping. I realized this when I constantly received emails or comments left in my blog that they do not know how to shop online. That got me thinking. Online shopping is as easy as (1) pick the item you want, (2) add into ‘shopping cart’, (3) make payment, (4) wait for the parcel to arrive. Yes it may seems as simple as what I just mentioned for people who have done online shopping before but not to those who have yet to try it.

About Me In The Media Special Feature Feature – We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

Sometime end of January, I was approached by, a financial comparison website in Malaysia on contributing my thoughts to their upcoming Valentine’s Day article. Now, usually I do not do this but this time round I agreed with no promises as I wanted to see the questions in advance. You know, just in case I have agreed and I was not able to answer the questions properly? lol

So the article was out a few days ago 🙂

We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

Fashion News Shopping Special Feature The Chic Initiative

The Chic Initiative: Premier online retailer for clutches, evening bags and minaudières

As you know I am a huge hugeeee fan of beauty box subscription. I still remember my very first beauty box. It was Fabulous Finds. Fabulous Finds left a fond memory to me as they are the first beauty box in Malaysia and who can forget the ever so bubbly, inspiring CEO and Founder, Hui Ling. I can remember how sad we were when Hui Ling decided to discontinue Fabulous Finds due to health reasons. Throughout the past years I do bump into Hui Ling and we kept in touch through Whatsapp. But can you imagine how happy I was when Hui Ling called last month? The good news is, Hui Ling now has a new venture called The Chic Initiative. It’s an online retailer of women’s dinner clutches and evening bags, with pieces curated from abroad. We met up for coffee and the rest is history!

The Chic Initiative 1
Why dinner clutches, evening bags, and minaudières (mee-nor-dee-yers)? Hui Ling said that it is hard to find the right evening clutch. I could not agree more! Yes there are some shops that has clutches but it s never the right one. Personally, I find it hard to find even one single clutch when I needed the most. And there is also lack of online retailer selling evening clutches. Since Hui Ling are very much into fashion, she thought why not she do this as a passion project to fill the market gap? I say that is a brilliant idea! 😀

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Buy Beauty Products Online At Cheaper Rates

‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ is a popular saying. But, hardly people believe on this proverb these days and try out most of the beauty products that rule the market. A lot of brands are popping out each day with new and new products that promises to make you look beautiful and glowing. Truly speaking, a lot of these products are highly expensive as they are of high quality. But, people hesitate even to try them once due to the high price.

Now, you can buy them at cheaper rates! Wow! That sounds really cool isn’t it? Purchase your favorite beauty products online and that too at much discounted price. There are many online stores in Malaysia that sells high quality beauty and makeup products and that too from top notch brands at the lowest possible rates. Have a look at these top Malaysian online beauty stores from where you can get your products at the best rates.


Luxola beauty
Luxola is one of the best online stores in Malaysia that caters to the various beauty needs of the people. It is one of the most well rated beauty stores online. Order your favorite product just with a few clicks and get them delivered at your doorstep. Shop at this online store using Luxola Coupons and ensure that you get your beauty products at the cheapest rates.

Info Special Feature VoucherCodes

VoucherCodes: A must-visit top deals affiliate website for more savings and great deals

I still remember roughy 15 years ago, I started online shopping where everyone else was skeptical about buying anything online. Now, the buying trend has changed from footsteps to the physical store to online shopping site. More and more brands and companies are venturing into having their own e-commerce site. The competition has become so huge that various discounts, offers and deals are being offered to shoppers. Hey, I have no complain with that but how do you keep track with all the deals from all your favourite shopping website in order to shop, save and benefit? The answer is


VoucherCodes is one of the top deals affiliate website around and it is a part of Right Click Media (TM), a brainchild of e-commerce evangelists, offers pay for performance e-commerce marketing services to merchants, agencies, and publisher worldwide. With 700,000 online merchant sites live worldwide and it’s global e-commerce sales are projected to cross $ 1.5 Trillion in 2014, this deal site has begun to play a significant role in growth of organised retail. Now, you may find this info unnecessary but with such a high sales volume coming from this site alone, it could mean one thing to me. More and more merchant will sign on to VoucherCodes and we, the consumers will benefit and save more from shopping!

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Top 5 Favourite Perfumes: My pick of the lot and why I love it

One of the question I get a lot is what is my favourite perfume. If you ask me out of the sudden right in front of my face, I would have problem answering you there and then. The reason is I have quite a number of perfume that I rotate on day to day basis so it is inevitably that I have a few personal favourites.

Top 5 Favourite Perfumes 1
There’s a lot happening on my vanity table at the moment but my absolute favourite area is none other than the perfume tray that I bought not long ago. It fits almost all of my perfume with the exception of maybe 2-3 bottles that I don’t reach out at all. This is my Top 5 Favourites Perfumes of all time 😀